AULOVELY Work Handbag I Designed Solves My Troubles

<strong>AULOVELY Work Handbag I Designed Solves My Troubles</strong>

A year ago, when I was an advertising executive in New York, the biggest wardrobe challenge was to find a work handbag that would hold all the essentials I needed from leaving the house at 8am to coming home at 8pm, and do not weigh more than one pound.

Sometimes one bag just can’t hold my essentials and I have to carry 2 bags on my daily commute, especially if I plan to hit the gym during my lunch break, or go out for drinks after get off work. Many handbags in my closet are made of nice leather, but the hardware is heavy, the straps are uncomfortable, and pressing on my shoulders occasionally hurts. At the end of the day, I would feel depressed and miserable.

My ideas for designing work handbag

So when I designed the AULOVELY handbag, my goal was to create the ideal work tote bag. I wanted it to be stylish and functional, but also well-structured and affordable. A work handbag should have a crossbody strap option as well as a top handle. Also holds my water glass and umbrella, and the handle is great for grabbing the bag quickly. Weight is also important to me, so I needed to swap the bag’s interior pockets for bonded suede linings for a super lightweight experience. Meanwhile, a matching zippered leather pouch was designed to store my small items like lipstick, keys, credit cards and more.

For anti-theft design, this work handbag has a top zipper. Safety concerns aside, zippers are really the best way to keep your belongings from spilling out or getting stuck between car seats during your commute. This has happened to me countless times! Another key factor is the size of the bag. I wanted a bag that would hold my daily essentials, but not big enough to look like I was carrying my belongings on a trip.

So, without further ado, I would like to introduce you to the AULOVELY, my ideal work tote bag and to show you what fits inside, comfortable and realistic.

  • Detachable and adjustable shoulder straps.

  • Matching shoulder straps.

  • Orange suede interior.

work handbag

I love this brown leather because it looks modern yet classic. It’s also super light, so it doesn’t feel like you’re carrying a 10-pound bucket even after you put anything on it. It doesn’t scratch or smudge easily, and it has a nice bonded suede lining that I love. It’s sleek, stylish and functional, which is exactly what I came up with when looking for the perfect everyday leather.

The AULOVELY handbag is the ultimate everyday work bag because of its capacity, versatility and beauty. Like all of my bags, it is carefully handcrafted by a team of skilled artisans who have been working with leather since 2002. From the initial prototype, to the materials used, to final production, I oversee the manufacturing process.

The interior of work handbag is spacious enough to hold your makeup bag, favorite book, 13 or 15 inch laptop or tablet, and a spare pair of heels for your dinner date or an extra pair of flats like mine New Balance shoes for running to work! There’s a detachable leather pouch to keep all your valuables safe, and a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap for easy access on the go. The shoulder straps are adjustable for a 100cm/40″ drop, so you can comfortably carry this bag over your shoulder even if you’re wearing a coat or crossbody in winter.

Dimensions of the work handbag:

  • Height 12.5″/31 cm

  • Width: 16″/41cm

  • Depth: 6″/15cm

  • Weight (empty bag): 700g/22oz/a little more than a Venti cup from Starbucks!

What can you pack in your AULOVELY handbag?

  • Time Magazine.One of my favorite magazines – I love the combination of fashion, smart editing and beautiful photography.

  • Notebook – Last summer, I visited my alma mater, NYU, in New York. I used to buy notebooks in different colors for each subject in college because I was still an avid note-taker. Even though I have been working for many years now, I still record my thoughts and thoughts, and of course the most important thing is the work plan and results.

  • Makeup Bag– Used to store my pens, makeup and other daily essentials that I don’t want to scatter on the bottom of the bag.

  • I bought the frames in 3 different colors because I think they fit my face shape and are super light which means I don’t have a headache wearing them and their polarized lenses are great.

  • iPhone – my faithful personal assistant!

  • Light Pink 330ml Metal Water Bottle – My family and I are trying to reduce the plastic waste in our home and the first thing we give up is plastic bottles. I love the color of the bottle and it doesn’t have that weird metallic smell that some water bottles have.

  • 13-inch Macbook. I’ve always been an apple girl, and it’s my favorite must-have tool, of course after my phone.


Precisely because I love handbags so much, since 2020, I have set up my own studio and created my own brand AULOVELY. If you have any questions, you can contact me, and you are always welcome to exchange ideas for designing women’s handbags online.

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