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Some people say that a women bag is a small world for a lady. The bag represents the romance and tenderness in a woman’s heart, and also contains thinking, pursuit and interest. Today, the bag is no longer just a function of placing small things, but more often a symbol of women’s taste, the key to measuring the index of women’s elegance. So you finally decided to get yourself some designer leather handbags. However, what size, shape, style, price and color make up the perfect leather handbag? Are you looking for branded designer leather handbags? With a wide variety of designs and styles to choose from, how do you choose the one that goes perfectly with your outfit? The difference between looking chic and chic can be as simple as having the right handbag. In this article, I will explain how to choose the best leather handbags for women.

1. How do I choose a leather handbag – bag size

The size of a leather handbag plays a crucial role in how it will look on you and how convenient it is. Note that a small leather bag will make a short lady look chubby, while a large bag will make her look disproportionate. Likewise, a bag that’s too small won’t be enough to store your belongings, and a bag that’s too large can make it difficult to organize things in it. So moderation is key. Make sure you choose carefully the bag that suits you in terms of function and appearance.

  • If the height is more than 165 cm, try to choose a handbag with a total length of about 60 cm, which can be placed vertically into a magazine-sized handbag;

  • If the height is less than 158 cm, you should choose a handbag with a total length of about 50 cm, which can be put into a magazine-sized handbag, so that the body proportion can be adjusted.

  • If you are tall and thin: you can choose any style of fashionable women’s bags. However, larger handbags and shoulder bags work best for you. But if you really like small bags, just make sure it fits snugly over your shoulders.

  • Relatively plump women: It is best to choose a bag with a more curved arc, because this bag can emphasize your curvaceous beauty. Shoulder straps should not be too long, just above the mid-waist. Be sure to avoid small bags, which will make you look larger, and recommend that you use a medium fashion bag.

2.How do I choose a leather handbag – the structure of the bag

A quality leather handbag should be composed of good materials. Make sure you consider a bag that can easily support its weight. Also check the overall structure of the seam, inner thread and pattern stitching, etc. It should be made carefully and not break after you use it for a while.

Material: genuine leather is the best. Now most bags are made of PU leather, that is, a layer of PU is glued on the already thin layer of genuine leather; the lining is now mostly chemical fiber and canvas, and the most important thing is not to be too soft.

Style: General brand bag production companies have specialized design teams, and styles can always cater to contemporary trends, which is one of the reasons why bags are expensive, while non-brand bag manufacturers do not have specialized designers.

Workmanship: For example, whether there is any excess beyond the wrapping, especially the inside of the bag, whether the sewing of the hand strap is twisted, the lining should be close to the fabric, and the internal space is clear at a glance.

Accessories: The hardware accessories on the bag with better quality are very bright! Touch it with your hand, the moisture left on it will gradually disappear, and then return to light. Other decorations, such as diamond knots, are not strong and the color is not correct.

Weight: Generally, the hardware of a good bag is brass or copper, so the weight should be similar. In general, the leather and hardware of low-end bags are much lighter than genuine or genuine imitation bags. Of course, it is The feeling of carrying the air.

Packaging: You only need to look at the dust bag. Generally, the quality of the dust bag is good. You can basically know the grade by looking at the dust bag before unpacking.

Pattern: Observe the pattern of arcs, sharp corners, flips, symmetrical parts, and three-dimensional parts. In addition, observe the coordination between these parts of the bag and the entire bag. The better the overall feeling, the better the pattern.

Smell: inferior leather will have a pungent and unpleasant PU leather smell. In addition, a lot of glue is used in the production process of bags. Good manufacturers use imported non-polluting glue, which is generally not pungent. the taste of.

3.How do I choose a leather handbag – authenticity of the bag

When you want to buy a leather handbag, the authenticity of the bag is probably the most important thing. There are tons of fake handbags flooding the market under the guise of the real thing. This is because more and more people can’t afford original brand leather handbags, but want something affordable and similar in appearance to the original brand. Therefore, you need to be familiar with the signs that distinguish genuine women’s leather handbags from imitations. This way, you will know the real leather handbag when you buy it. Of course, it is more important to know how to identify whether the bag is made of genuine leather.

Touch by hand: touch the surface of the leather by hand, if it feels smooth, soft, plump and elastic, it is genuine leather; while the general artificial synthetic leather surface is astringent and has poor softness.

Seeing: the real leather surface has clearer hairs and patterns, yellow leather has well-proportioned pores, yak leather has thicker and sparser pores, and goat leather has fish-scale pores.

Smell: all genuine leather has the smell of leather; and artificial leather has a strong pungent plastic smell.

Ignite: tear off a little fiber from the back of real leather and artificial leather. After ignition, if it emits a pungent smell and forms lumps, it is artificial leather; if it smells of hair, it is genuine leather.

  • Cow leather: Cow leather has fine surface and high strength, which is the most suitable for making leather shoes. The pores on the surface of the cattle leather are round, and extend straight into the leather. The pores on the surface of buffalo leather are larger than that of yellow buffalo leather, the number of pores is less than that of yellow buffalo leather, and the leather quality is looser, not as fine and plump as yellow water leather.
  • Pig leather: Pig leather has good air permeability and water vapor permeability. The pores on the surface of pig leather are round and thick, and the pores are inclined into the leather. The pores are arranged in groups of three, and the leather surface presents a pattern of many small triangles.
  • Horse leather: The hair on the surface of horse leather is also oval, and the pores are slightly larger than that of cattle leather, and the arrangement is more regular.
  • Sheep leather: Sheep leather is light, thin and soft. It is an ideal fabric for leather clothing. The pores on the leather surface are flat and round, and the pores are clear.

 4.How do I choose a leather handbag – design and style

What occasions do you need a handbag? What would you like to carry your bag with? The overall look is also crucial for any classy fashionista before you choose any leather handbag. The uniqueness of style and design makes it stand out.

5.How do I choose a leather handbag – on a budget

This is another key factor to consider as it determines the quality of the bag you can get. If you want to buy any famous designer handbag, be prepared to spend thousands of dollars. However, if you’re on a tight budget but still crave a designer leather bag, you should probably opt for a bag without a designer label or a low-end designer bag. In order to avoid being deceived by imitations, I suggest that you pay more attention to the quality of leather, and what qualities should a brand leather bag have.

Final Thoughts

A great choice of leather handbags can be a fantastic accessory for women. But there are plenty of options to consider, and you need to understand that there are tons of online stores whose sole purpose is to scam customers out of their hard-earned money. Of course, there are still reputable online stores that sell quality bags, and AULOVELY is one of them. They are reliable and offer a wide range of authentic items at affordable prices No matter what type of women’s designer leather handbag you are looking for, you are sure to find it here.


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