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Leather Waterproof Backpack Shoulder Satchel Bag

(83 reviews)


Leather Waterproof Backpack 【Material】The outer material of this small mini brown women's Leather Waterproof Backpack Shoulder Satchel Bag is soft high quality waterproof faux leather, decorative... read more


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83 reviews for Leather Waterproof Backpack Shoulder Satchel Bag

  1. Jenna W

    Simple, Stylish and roomy

    I purchased this bag so that I could have something stylish, carry all the things I need on a daily basis, but that was also a little bigger than my regular purse. I needed a summer color and this pink is perfect, not too bright or barbie-like. I am surprised how much I don’t mind any major names on the bag as well. It has straps to wear on the back as well as 1 detachable strap to wear on one shoulder depending on how you want to wear it. It has a ton of room inside, a small zippered pocket on the inside as well as convenient side pockets where I can store my water bottle while on the go. This bag is exactly what I was looking for ! It’s a great item and would definitely recommend this to others.

  2. Kimmy P

    My Everyday Purse

    Love this backpack, I use it every day but believe it or not the over the shoulder strap is my favorite part because some times you are just running to and from and you can just throw it on your shoulder or if you are going to be walking around more throw it on your back. Super soft leather and seems to be holding up well. Great value.

  3. Stephanie M

    Lovely little bag! Very versatile!

    I wanted a bag that I could carry to a “business dress” event with my children, (think, straw cup, diapers, snacks, etc) without looking like I was carrying a diaper bag. This fit the bill for the entire week of events. From “family day” wearing jeans, to “business casual” dress, to the day of suits and ties. It complemented each style of dress nicely, and didn’t scream “DIAPER BAG”. I carry it now to work. I can shove my wallet and all daily necessities (snacks, anyone?) inside without an issue. I don’t use the top removable strap, only the backpack straps. It’s holding up nicely so far. I like the front zipper pocket and the two side pockets for things needed frequently that are smallish. My Samsung Galaxy S9 fits in either side pocket snug enough that it won’t fall out, but not tightly. At the fullest, I carried two 6oz straw cups, a full size package of wipes, about 15 diapers in a gallon sized ziplock bag, a nursing cover, two cans of little crunchies, hair brush, large cell phone, chap sticks, medium sized wallet, two bananas, a package of yogurt bites, and still had room for a few other things.. It’s safe to say I’ll continue to carry this bag, and will likely order in another color. The grey is a true grey. Not bluish, or greenish, but a very pretty grey.

  4. MsGina926


    UPDATE 7/26/2020: I have been using this purse NONSTOP for two years straight! It still looks great! Sturdy! I’m amazed. This has to be one of the best purchases I’ve EVER made. The quality is great. Ive wiped it since we’ve been in the pandemic and it’s still fine. GET THIS BSG ASAP IF IT’S STILL AVAILABLE!!!

    I ordered this bag in three colors for vacation and beyond. I carried the black bag starting this past April when I went on my cruise. It’s the only bag I used on my entire cruise abs it’s the only bag I’ve used since and this is SEPTEMBER! I LOVE THIS BAG!! It’s CUTE and FUNCTIONAL and STURDY. BAM!!! Ilove how the main zipper/opening is on the inside facing my back instead of facing our to the public. That’s the MAIN reason I chose this bag over all the others. It’s roomy and I can ALL of my belongings in there including two wallets, umbrella, mail, lotion, makeup, etc, etc, etc. My only small negative is I wish the pocket on the inside compartment was able to be zipped or closed in some way but that’s a small thing compared to my absolute DELIGHT using this bag. Just buy it!

  5. jcain

    Smaller than expected, but overall pleased.

    I’ll have to say I was disappointed at first, thinking it opened from the front and back. It is also a lot smaller than I anticipated. All of this being said however, I am pleased with the overall purchase. It is very attractive in style and works as a smaller backpack. I originally purchased as a work bag. I’m a charge nurse that takes call, so I keep literally everything from wallet and planners to pens, dry shampoo and random medical items I empty from my pockets. I will say, if you traveled, this would be perfect because of the security zipper in the back, which again, is the only zipper, other than the smaller one on the front, which is big enough for maybe a phone charger and feminine products. I plan on updating after a few months. I highly doubt I use this as my main work bag.

  6. Bear

    No spilling out!

    Disclaimer: I have a lot of stuff in a typical “Woman Preparing for the Apocalypse” purse. Sorry not sorry! So, I needed something that would contain alllllllllll my stuff in my purse and took a chance on this. Ironically, I can find stuff easier AND store more in this purse/backpack combo than any of my purses. I guess b/c everything sinks to the bottom helps me cram whatever extra I need at the very top lol, thanks gravity. Previously, I’d have all kinds of items slip out of my purse. My phone would clatter to the concrete in my work parking lot too many times, get left in my car on the seat, etc. with other purses and I was sick of it. I love the single strap or backpack option and the color goes with anything. (I got the Oil Wax Khaki) I really like all the pockets this purse features and how the zipper is in the back. I wouldn’t keep anything valuable in the side pockets, but I like how nothing has spilled out of these pockets. Great features for a great backpack/purse combo!

  7. Abby T


    I recently purchased this item in black for our daughter. I was amazed at the quality, size and comfort of this backpack so much that I order one for myself in the two tone brown color. At first I was skeptical of the ease to access the main compartment because of the anti-theft feature, the compartment access being in the back and not at the top or front. I actually found that its very easy to access. I guess it was just the concept of the compartment being backwards lol. Also I recently asked a question about how much weight this backpack could hold and some of the answers were hilarious. One answer was 1 lbs 2 oz. Another one was, anything you could fit into the backpack. Hmmm, honestly I could easily fit 4 stacked bricks into this bag but I’m sure it couldn’t handle the weight. Currently I have a small bag that holds loose objects such as medication, nail file, bandages, hair twisties etc, an essential oils bag that holds 10 bottles, a wallet, a passport book, keys, lip gloss and a few other items. I truly can’t believe how much room I have. There’s still room!!! Sunglasses are in a side pocket with the other side pocket still free. My bag is pretty heavy, at least thats what the kids say, and its holding up very well. I chose not to carry the back pack as a purse. So the extra strap that came with it was useless, until I had an idea. I actually cut the hooks off of both ends, attached a key ring to one of them and my hand sanitizer to the other end and hooked it onto the ring where the strap was supposed to go. Now I can access the sanitizer without digging around in the bag and spreading germs. MOMS, I’m a mother of 3 and would have loved to have owned this bag and used it as a diaper bag. Seriously, I absolutely LOVE this backpack and I’ve owned tons of purses and backpacks including Vera Bradley and The Sak purses. Hands down this is the best backpack out there. If this review helped you, great!!! Click like. If you’re still not sure, remember you can always return it for free. Buy one or 3. You’ll love it too.

  8. cynthia s kennedy


    Love the colors and style of this back pack purse

  9. Louis Moreno

    Security and durability

    Love this backpack. Holds a lot and it has the opening by your back for security purposes so people can’t try and each into your purse when your back is turned.The leather is high quality and thick and durable. I recommend this

  10. Michele H


    Awesome well made and I love that the zipper faces my back so nothing is stolen.

  11. Maria E Esparza

    Look and texture.

    Love it!!! So much space. Fashionable and it is absolutely gorgeous. I need one in each color!!

  12. Pickens

    Extremely well-made bag

    Wow. I was honestly fearing a cheaply-made bag and I was pleasantly surprised! This thing is such good quality and extremely well made. The size is perfect and has room for everything (and more).

  13. Sameer

    Love this backpack!!

    Love this backpack!! I love that the zippers are hidden. It really adds to the aesthetic. The bow detail is perfect! It’s a pretty small backpack but once you unzip it the space inside great! It’ll fit plenty of stuff! I got the pink color and it looks so beautiful. It also comes with a cute zip attachment where you can put him, lipstick, etc. overall would definitely recommend this backpack! So so cute!!

  14. Vickie Scarlett

    Great Purchase!!!!!

    I LOVE this purse and receive compliments on all the time! I love that it only has one opening and it is on the side that faces your back, so no one can steal anything, while you aren’t looking. Also, for those awesome ladies like me who carry, the side zipper pocket is PERFECT for your gun!

  15. Angela

    Love this bag!

    I love the color and the comfort of this bag. I also really like the fact the security of knowing my contents are safe as bag’s opening lies flat against my back when worn like a backpack. I also love that I don’t have to make any special strap adjustments if I decide to carry the bag like a handbag, wear as a purse, or use a a backpack – all the options are always available to me.

  16. Cbu

    Very roomy!

    This has so much room and hits on my shoulders every possible way! Love it and the bow gives it a cuteness!

  17. CK1

    More than I expected

    I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and construction of this bag. It is very durable and very well put together. The zippers and hardware are nice heavy metal. The colors are spot on. The inside is very roomie. It’s the perfect size and shape for me, as is the shoulder strap. The backpack straps are very sturdy and durable as well, although I’m strongly considering using a razor blade to very carefully remove them. The accent bow and logo are very cute and classy. It even came with a dust cover which was totally unexpected. I would 100% recommend. I look forward to buying another color in the future.

  18. Amanda Carson

    Very well made, very cute!

    I was nervous about buying a purse without being to physically look at it first, but the security feature really sold me on this. As far as quality, I have been pleasantly surprised! The quality is GREAT and holds up well! I can be pretty rough on stuff, but for the past 4 months, this backpack purse has not disappointed! I have taken it on multiple camping trips, boating and fishing trips, to work every day and to the store, and so far NO signs of wear and tear yet! I will never go back to another style of purse. The backpack style is where it’s at! Plus I get compliments on it all the time! As a mom, it’s nice to have a backpack that looks like a purse to keep my hands free.

  19. Shaun D. Friday

    My Perfect Solution!

    I had been searching and searching for a backpack purse to replace the perfect one I had that had finally worn out, but nothing worked as well as my old one. I needed something with pockets that would allow me to have a place for everything and everything in its place. I also needed something that wasn’t floppy and formless. I had very specific features I was looking for, and until I found this one, I had been sorely disappointed. I absolutely LOVE this purse, and it truly has given me everything I need in a purse, plus the bonus feature of being anti-theft. It is well-made, looks great, and meets or exceeds all my desires for keeping my things organized and easy to find!

  20. MEDINA

    Cute & functional

    Super cute and plenty big. Perfect size and I love that the zipper is not on the front of the bag for added security.

  21. Karen

    Really nice back back and attractive too!

    Love the plaid and colors. Everything fits in there and has a place,

  22. Kindle Customer

    Worth the money

    I used this bag to carry items for clinical rotations. It’s stylish and comfortable. I can hold my coffee and water bottle with the two side pockets and anything else I need. I’ve also received compliments. Definitely worth the money

  23. Tabitha K Cornell

    Better than expected.

    This cute purse is well made and very comfortable to wear. It’s just the right size and I love the safety feature of the back zipper feature. I’ve tried 4 other similar styles elsewhere and prefer this one best.

  24. SunnyDaze

    Beautiful bag.

    Beautiful bag. Very sturdy, lots of room inside. There are even side compartments that zip to load things in. Very stylish, highly recommend.

  25. QCApricot

    Cute with Excellent Utility

    This backpack has a very large main compartment to allow for great carrying capacity. There are two outside, side zip pockets that also provide great storage space. The slot pockets on each side are handy for putting a small water bottle or cell phone. My iPad fits very easily inside the main compartment. I am very pleased with this backpack.

  26. Tkeep


    I bought this for my daughter who is starting college and she loves it. It is very well made and fits all she needs. Would definitely buy again.

  27. Maureen Johnson

    Go for what you want and Amazon has it all

    No video taken n no bad comments about it

  28. Bree

    More than expected

    I love how sturdy the bag is. It has much more space than I originally thought. Would definitely recommend this bag to anyone looking for a good daily purse/bag!

  29. Terra

    Amazing hidden pockets!

    There are so many pockets on this backpack/purse! The two hidden on the sides can hold so much in them! This backpack is very sturdy and has relieved so much of my shoulder pain due to purses. Very happy with this purchase. Got one for my mom and sister and they are very happy as well! :)

  30. Melissa Koller

    Beautiful and comfortable to carry

    The purse is beautiful and has plenty of pockets and room inside. I was pleasantly surprised to find out there are 2 pockets in the front.

  31. Kris Sunseri

    Above and Beyond Expectations

    OMG!!! This is so above what I was expecting!!! I absolutely love this backpack type purse!! It’s the perfect size for all you need and want in your for big wallet and everything else!! Best of all is you don’t have to empty everything to find anything!! It has a big double zipper opening in the back that reveals everything in the main compartment but doesn’t empty it all out..2 side medium side compartments hold folded shopping bags sunglasses full size perfume bottles or snacks!! The straps are so well placed and completely functional and sturdy!! The backpack straps are comfy and the single over the shoulder strap is absolutely perfect in length comfort and placement…My Advice DO NOT HESITATE OR LOOK ANY FURTHER THIS IS THE BACKPACK PURSE YOU ARE LOOKING FOR!!!

  32. Dotti Underwood

    Better than expected

    Very nice, very well made. Will buy their products again.

  33. Sarah Horn

    I have multiple colors and regret nothing.

    I might be addicted to this bag. Is it a purse? Is it a backpack? The short answer is yes. I travel a lot and am vigilant about pickpocketing, I like to go about life using both hands, and I want a healthy spine. This has solved all 3 concerns! This bag is theft-proof for everyday pick-pocketers because the main compartment is facing your back when you wear it as a backpack or is facing your body if you choose the shoulder strap. The shoulder strap is super handy for those occasional annoying signs in some stores that say “no backpacks.” With the shoulder strap, POOF it’s no longer a backpack. When you wear a traditional purse, the weight is on one shoulder which can lead to spinal alignment issues or shoulder tightening to keep the strap on your shoulder. And if you have a traditional crossbody bag, it’s still prime for pickpocketers because of the zipper/opening. With this bag, I wear it as a backpack when I’m out and about and use the shoulder strap to briefly flip it around and get into the main pouch when I need to get something out. It also has two exposed side pockets where I tend to store a water bottle and my facemask. The small outer zipper is great for my chapstick and lip gloss. It’s perfect for theme parks and this bag is all I will ever take to Disneyland. I currently have a light pink one of these that I’ve almost completely worn out after using it every day for far too long and I decided to get a bag color that goes better with autumn and went for the houndstooth pattern. I will be buying more of these bags because there are other color options and I’m borderline obsessed. I’m less sad that not all my dresses have pockets and that women’s pants pockets are comically small because I have no storage concerns with this bag. It’s surprisingly roomy inside. I regularly carry my wallet, sunglasses, Covid vaccination card, mobile phone charger, and a zippered pouch full of miscellaneous things including a hairbrush and there’s still room for snacks! Who needs pockets when you have this bag? Not me. If you’re still reading, just get it. #TreatYourself

  34. Amanda

    Love this purse but access isn't quick

    I really like this purse and would definitely recommend it to others!

    The first day I wore it I had set it down at a family gathering. I walked back in the room later to a conversation between several ladies trying to figure out who that cute purse belonged to – it was mine!

    I’ve had it for about 2-3 months now and it’s holding up well to daily use.

    It did take some getting use to. The zipper access to the main part of the purse is in the back, underneath the backpack straps. So, it takes a second to get in there and it’s even harder when you’re in somewhat of a rush. (think checkout at the grocery store) However, I have gotten used to that. I guess it just goes to show that the security features are really there! It’s nice to know that someone can’t walk up behind me and access my bag.

    Again, I really like this purse. I was actually thinking about looking at getting another one in a different color for variety.


    limited spacing

    Pretty bag, matched every item of clothing.
    Bag strap easily wearable. No muscle fatigue after wearing it for hours.
    Side zippers catches on in cloth and sometimes drags when closing area.

  36. James Hobgood

    Well made travel backpack.

    This backpack qualified as free carry on. Very well made. Has lots of zippered pockets. The main opening is up against your back so no thief can easily get into it. I would have liked a zipper a crossed the top for access to tablet.

  37. Anita Alice Pogue


    Love this backpack purse, it is so roomy and the red color is gorgeous.

  38. Kyndl Preston

    I love this

    I have one and I take it everywhere. I also bought my daughter one. These are not only cute but they have so many different designs. I am in the process of buying two more.

  39. Donna

    Very nice just a little heavier then I would of liked. Over all great backpack

    The product is well made. Very pretty and lots of space.

  40. Lala B

    Backpack purse

    Very nice bag with plenty of storage. Great color for any season.

  41. Legacy

    Love it

    It is beautiful, but a little bit heavy.

  42. Kindle Customer

    Happy with this purse

    Plenty of room, compartments are ample, straps are comfortable do not cut into shoulders. Good purchase.

  43. peggy in Jersey

    Really cute

    I love it: purchased the white for the summer and can’t wait to use it. Has just the right amount of room

  44. Claudette

    Super cute

    I love this bag! I’ve been using it for several months with no issues! I carry it everywhere and get lots of compliments. Highly recommend!

  45. Nana

    Worth the money. Not to big, not to small

    I bought it for every day use. It’s waterproof. I walk a long distance from parking lot to hospital every day for work. Purse doesn’t get wet, just rolls off.

  46. alicia fisher

    Very nice

    I bought this because I like the backpack style and I love that the main pocket can only be accessed from behind the bag so no one can really get your belongings and it’s a bit bigger then I thought. There is also two small zippered pockets in front for small items. I keep my work keys and other smaller items in there

  47. Angela Latham

    Nice purse!

    This purse is good quality and I am happy with the price. It’s bigger than I expected but feels surprisingly perfect when I use as a backpack. Not too big for the shoulder strap either so ergonomic if that’s possible in a purse. Love the compartments. It doesn’t look stuffed and I have room for a scarf or shoulder throw if needed on a cool night.

  48. Mary Norvell

    It is a little larger than I expected

    It’s a pretty bag! But, too large for me.

  49. T E Buckman

    Holds a lot! Not easy to access in backpack function which is good.

    The shoulder strap is short enough not to be a problem in backpack function, but long enough to be useful.

  50. Pennie

    The best backpack I've bought

    This bag has alot of compartments it very sturdy and soft. I like the color it’s a nice brown. I do recommend this bag.

  51. D. W.

    Great quality

    Great quality. Would recommend

  52. SjkM

    Well made

    This backpack purse is high quality and soft, with three ways to carry removable straps—pockets, two side pockets, and an attached ( removable) wallet. It will be perfect for pretty much every outfit. I purchased the Blue-gray.

  53. Sheryl Taskey

    Very cute, versatile, lightweight, and many storage areas

    Very cute well-made quality purse I like the fact that you can carry it like a purse or a backpack many compartments to put different things in easy access for your keys your phone and your sunglasses.

  54. J. Smith

    Awesome backpack!

    Great purse! Perfect size and made of good material. I was worried it would be too big but it isn’t at all. Lots of compartments and storage and the color is really nice! Love it!

  55. Karamsb

    Just love this backpack.

    I really love this backpack. It is very cute and colors are just right to blend into most outfits.

  56. Tara

    Beautiful bag

    I’m absolutely pleased with it. Exactly as pictured. Its so soft and seems to be pretty sturdy.

  57. ccovey

    Great purse

    It’s a great purse, exactly as described.

  58. Linda

    AWESOME HANDBAG/backpack!!

    The only thing I would change, is adding more outside & inside Zippered compartments. Otherwise I love this backpack handbag!

  59. Laura

    Love the bag.

    I am please so far with my bag. Like the zipper part is to your back and not in open while on your back. Love the colors I chose as well

  60. Adrian Pazo


    It’s great and very comfortable and strong

  61. T. Rush

    Better than expected

    I was concerned bout the texture, that it might be too “plastic-y”. It looks and feels like soft leather! It holds its shape but isn’t stiff (hence the question in the Q&A about “will it stand up by itself?”- no, it won’t.) it hangs nicely when on though. It has a slight pebble texture and is very soft to the touch. It isn’t that easy to access (lots of zippers in odd places), but I like that because I’m using it for travel and concerned about pickpockets. I love this!

  62. Terry DeShane


    It’s worked just as I wanted it to for my trip

  63. Mary Jo Sherman

    Love it

    It was perfect for traveling and I felt fashionable wearing it.

  64. Tina Christy

    Fashionable and convenient

    New favorite bag. 3 carry handed makes it wonderful for how you need it for the task at hand. Plenty of pockets that are non accessible to anyone else but you as the wearer. Adorable!

  65. Nichole Salter

    compartments on point

    works for business or personal, literally my favorite backpack purse purchase and there have been LOTS of unhappy purchases until I found this gem

  66. A.T.

    Love this high quality women's backpack purse!

    This backpack purse material is high quality and durable. The price was great too! The stitching is very good with many different compartments to organize and carry your personal items. It is a bag to keep!

  67. Merinda J.

    Very soft

    I love it! It’s just what I needed and I love the way it’s made! The leather is so soft! I love how the zippers are placed on the side without the bow and the 2 hidden zippers on each side! I just LOVE it!!!

  68. Greta

    Love it!

    Very pretty! Lot’s of room in the main pouch. Love the 2 side zippered pockets for extra storage, has that extra strap if you want to put it over your shoulder. Most of all it’s secured because the zipper to the main pouch is covered by your back .

  69. Lori Frohmann

    Best backpack. Holds so much

    Liked everything about this bag. Good quality. Looks great. Holds so much

  70. NotKevin

    Wonderful purse

    I’ve used backpack-style purses for years, and this one does not disappoint. I actually prefer it over my WAY more expensive Dooney & Burke backpack purse. It has more compartments, is more comfortable to wear, and hasn’t bunched or faded or anything. I’ve had it for about 6 months now and it’s held up exceedingly well and still looks new.

    One of the features I cannot recommend highly enough is the fact that the main compartment is zippered on the BACK of the purse, which means when I wear it on, you know, my back/shoulders, I never have to worry about sticky fingers in crowded places.

    Cannot find a single flaw with this purse at all. It’s very stylish and I’ve received many compliments. I did purchase an insert for it to help me stay better organized. The 7x4x6 HOVOFO insert fits perfectly.

  71. Trish

    Great backpack purse

    The size is perfect and it has many places to store items. It is perfect for casual or traveling. I highly recommend it.

  72. joyce wright


    Product is room for everything including a book for travel.

  73. Terrie

    Cute Back Pack

    I bought this for my daughter, she loves it! Perfect size for an adult and nice color.
    This item arrived to her house fast and in perfect condition.

  74. K

    Excellent backpack purse with plenty of storage

    Great purse–has separate compartments and is just the right size (not large/bulky). Great looking.

  75. Noemi Gonzalez

    Love it!!

    I was skeptical about purchasing but I’m so glad I did!! I love it. Perfect size. Has sections inside to organize all your stuff. Most backpack purses are one big compartment. I’m getting additional colors!

  76. donna k ramos

    Butter soft!! And handy.

    This is made very well. So soft! The many pockets make it a wonderful purse/backpack, helps me keep my purse organized.

  77. jacqueline


    I wanted a purse/ backpack not too big and good quality.
    This is perfect, you can use both ways, very comfortable and good quality, not too big but with a lot of room. Highly recommend it

  78. Misty Flota

    White small backpack/purse

    Cute small backpack. What I like is that the zippers and pockets aren’t as easily visible so people can easily sneak open a pocket on the subway. Love the color options but went with white as I didn’t have any. Definitely small but perfect for small outings.

  79. Rhiannon

    Best gift to myself.

    I love this bag I get so many compliments on it I also love how it has two zipper pockets on the outside and it also has a hanging little clutch for my cigarettes lighters and the inside I love how there is more pockets a material of this bag is just awesome I am so happy with my purchase

  80. Jill

    Cute and well made.

    So roomy and functional on top of being adorable. Loved it so much that I bought one for my daughter in another color. Considering a second for myself.

  81. Karen


    I love this bag. Safe for travel. Has many small bags. Rooommmmy!
    This bag is beautiful, girly, I got a lot compliments.

  82. Tammy Elliott

    Love this bag so much I’ve ordered 2 different colors!

    Love the durability of this bag and it’s so stylish!

  83. Mangoche

    Great purse for everything...

    Nothing disliked
    It is really nice purse

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Leather Waterproof Backpack

【Material】The outer material of this small mini brown women’s Leather Waterproof Backpack Shoulder Satchel Bag is soft high quality waterproof faux leather, decorative silver hardware and high quality nylon striped lining.

【Three Ways of Carrying】Three different ways of carrying are suitable for various occasions. You can simply use it as a casual backpack, stylish handbag or special shoulder bag.

【Convenient Design】Women’s backpack purse with multiple storage pockets to store your essentials. Two front zipped pockets allow easy access to your phone, wallet and umbrella. Two side pockets store your water or other small items.

【Waterproof and Anti-theft】The back zipper design of the designer women’s leather backpack has anti-theft function, making your shopping more comfortable and safer.

【Backpack Size】 24x12x24cm/9.5×4.7×9.5in(HxWxD); Weight: 0.64kg/1.4lb; Shoulder Strap Length: 48cm/18.89in, Width: 1.37in/3.5cm; Removable Handle Drop: 2.36in/ 6cm.

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Leather Waterproof Backpack

Leather Waterproof Backpack Shoulder Satchel Bag