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Handbag Tote Pures Shoulder Bucket Bag

(58 reviews)


Shoulder Bucket Bag Leather, imitation leather. Fabric lining. MATERIALS: This women's designer bucket crossbody bag is crafted from premium water-resistant, scratch-resistant faux leather with... read more


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58 reviews for Handbag Tote Pures Shoulder Bucket Bag

  1. Dedewil

    Not your daughter's Backpack!

    I am very pleased with this backpack. I was looking for a sturdy pack that didn’t look or feel cheap. This pack is not your daughter’s backpack. Plenty of compartments and not bulky. Holds plenty and looks stylish.

  2. Consumer

    LOVE IT!

    I love this bag! It gives me three options to carry it… I just wish the shoulder strap was longer in length (and adjustible) to make it a cross body bag as well!

  3. Tracy R.

    Who needs a purse

    I absolutely love this backpack. The leather is quality. It’s roomy enough and doesn’t look bulky. It has places for everything, all the while being extremely fashionable. Not to mention you can’t beat the price.

  4. SG

    I would buy again

    I initially wanted to give this 5 stars as the bag is a good size and looks very cute. Only thing is I wish the back opening was more convenient and larger to allow my Surface Pro 6 to slide in easily. As it is, I have to practically empty the bag to fit the device into the bag. Also the inner pockets don’t hang straight. The design is such that they are sideways and things can easily slip out. If the pockets were higher up, this would be less of an issue. That being said, I like it better than my much smaller Levenger backpack purse due to it’s functionality and looks. Also love the multiple handles that allow me to carry it different ways.

    Update: I changed my review to 5 stars. The company contacted me after reading my initial review and offered me a discount off the original, refunding part of my purchase price. Awfully nice since I liked the bag enough to keep it despite the issues. I took the bag to Disneyland and it was large enough to hold a water bottle, light jacket and small umbrella in addition to my phone, sunscreen and other small items. Plus, it was a great looking bag/backpack. Hope this helps those on the fence about this purchase!

  5. HJMill

    Great everyday purse-backpack

    Soft and flexible: straps are comfortable and look like they are part of the back, neck carry strap is sturdy and I love the additional long strap. Nice how you can only access contents from the back and yet it has the two small pockets on the other side for tissues, phone. This a great every day purse-backpack! Fits my rather large wallet, size able day book, reading book, makeup pouch and small pencil case. With a bit more room to spare

  6. Sharon R

    Great anti-theft purse

    This purse is a wonderful option if you are interested in an anti-theft backpack style purse. It holds more than you expect and I can fit all my essentials plus a Kindle for reading. I love that the main zipper is in the back of the bag and it is so comfortable to wear with the weight distributed evenly on both shoulders. The bag seems to be built well and sturdy ( I did purchase leather conditioner and waterproofing spray as suggested by the manufacturer). I love the look and am looking forward to using it!

  7. stiggy

    My favorite travel and daily use bag!

    This bag is great!! I bought it several months ago before going overseas on a multi-city vacation, and I wanted something I could use everyday that would fit everything – my water bottle, a book (always a necessity), my camera – all of it – without worrying about theft. This bag is IT, you guys. Took on rain, daily abuse, public transit, you name it – no problems. When I got home, I just kept using it every day because it was convenient. I also get compliments on it all the time, and it’s great for weekend road trips. The only negative is that I recently broke the clip on the shoulder strap (it was my own fault, I pulled the clip back too far) but it is convenient for museums and areas that don’t allow backpacks – you just switch over to the shoulder strap and no one cares. Hopefully the manufacturer sells a replacement.

  8. Kelly

    Great for vacation and mall

    I purchased the pink leather backpack to take on a trip so I wasn’t carrying a purse over my shoulder while walking around which always makes my shoulders and neck hurt.

    This is the first time I’ve used a purse backpack and have no idea why it took me so long to try one! Talk about relief. No painful shoulders or arms! It does have an additional strap I attached so you can just throw over shoulder.

    This backpack is smaller than I thought however it holds a lot of stuff! It even has 2 small zipper compartments on the side toward the front which was nice, I put mints and gum in one and travel umbrella in the other. There is also a small pocket on side for a water bottle which I also used and the bottle never fell out all day..yay!

    Since it’s anti-theft, the main zipper sits against your back so no one can get in it, it’s ideal for taking on a vacation or to the mall.

    The material is very nice pebble leather and soft. The pink color is a blush pink.

    I was also in areas where I got wet and everything in my backpack stayed dry. As hard as I was on the backpack for a couple days, I had no problems with anything!

    It’s definitely worth the money and I’m sure will last a very long time.

  9. CJ

    I Love this Bag!!!

    I recently moved to a new state where it’s cold and rainy, a lot! I wanted a good quality leather backpack and S-ZONE did not disappoint. I have several of their bags and love adding to my collection. I use this as a combined purse and work bag during the week. It holds just enough and protects my values in rainy and snowy weather. The tight stitching insures no tearing.

    I have gotten compliments at work and when I am out. I was concerned about being a woman in my 30’s and wearing a backpack, but this one is so sleek & modern, I have no worries. It’s waterproof, has an antitheft feature and can also be worn as a shoulder bag. I highly recommend this bag for anyone looking for a leather backpack that’s stylish enough for adults. The S-ZONE brand is hands down one of the best in the market!!!!!!

  10. ARW

    Love this bag!

    Nice bag! Love the deep pockets and it looks great.

  11. Faith Rothlisberger

    Best Handbag!

    Beautiful and classic. Lightweight and durable. The extra slim case was a pleasant surprise. The rich leather colors blend with all outfits. The red is a beautiful color and muted enough to make it classic and transitional from work to evening.

  12. huslin5

    Looks nice

    I bought this for an overseas tour after having shoulder pain when traveling with a heavy. It holds what I want but really it’s just like a large purse with a back strap. I like that it looks nice, appears well built and the straps are comfortable and adjustable lengths that stay in place. Ive taken it on one trip so I’m getting use to it as it’s my first back pack. So far I like it a lot. I esp like that it opens in the back so a safety feature and I’m noticing that most dont have that. Seems like S zone has a nice product. Wish there was some way to tuck the back straps in when I go places that do t allow backpacks. And maybe safety latches for the zippers but anyone that was trying to quickly grab something would find it hard to pull anything out as I put my billfold in the back and it’s not easily accessible.

  13. Mariah Wathen

    Love this backpack!

    I usually don’t skimp on my bags. I but all leather, and spend extra money to get a good quality bag/purse. I bought this as the reviews were good and I needed something I could use on vacation walking around Graceland. Wow was I happy I made this purchase! It is very well made. When you put it on your back, the zipper opening goes against your back for security. It fits me perfect, and has plenty of room. Color was exactly what it looked like in the picture. Even the staff at the museum complemented me on the bag and asked where I got it! If you are on the fence, just take the plunge and buy it, you won’t regret it!

  14. Inezzee in Yakima


    I love the color and appearance of my new bag, with my items in it,,,,,,,its pretty heavy tho.

  15. Linda Marsh

    High Value Beautiful Pink Purse

    This purse is a really good value for the price. It is really well made with high quality leather, not fake leather. It is beautifully designed and made, and I have had many compliments when I wear it.

  16. Victoria K


    Such an awesome backpack/purse! Every detail of it is quality and the wine color leather was breathtaking. The fit and feel as a backpack was amazing. It feels like it was made for me. It lays nice and flat down my back and the straps are very comfortable and secure feeling. If worn like a shoulder bag, the bag lays nice and flat to my side. The bag holds much and the inside is beautiful.
    Soooooo pleased. I’ll get another color and recommend to all!!!

  17. K. Mellott

    Great Birthday Gift!

    I bought this for my daughter for her birthday. She abosultely loves it and says it is really nice quality and just what she wanted. Having just had a baby, this will be very convenient for her to carry while her hands are tied up holding her baby or hands on the stroller, cart , etc. *It was also nice that it shipped right to her rather than coming to me and then paying to mail it to her.

  18. Christy A Kasten

    Beautiful, just beautiful and practical.

    Beautiful color, very well made, great size and stylish. I LOVE THIS BAG!!!!!

  19. M. M. Green

    Great Versatile Bag!

    I carry this convertible backpack everywhere. I carry daily to work and when I travel. It looks stylish and sleek no matter what I wear. It is very comfortable to carry around whether on your back, your arm, your hand, or on your shoulder. The quality is exquisite! I was surprised because I have owned so many high end leather bags that have proved disappointing in some ways. This bag has it all!

  20. SZ


    as described

  21. Andrea Betty

    Get it!

    I get a lot of compliments on this purse. Totally worth the money. I love how thick the strap is and I no longer suffer from shoulder pain.

  22. GMR

    Very well received gift

    Purchased for my wife for combo birthday/mothers day….my gifts are usually not appreciated unless diamonds or gold…lol
    Both my wife and daughter were overjoyed with my selection…great bag

  23. booklover3200

    Real leather really well done

    I seldom review my purchases but this is too good to pass up. The features are versatile and I have used them all. The leather is heavy (not weight) and has a nice pebbled finish. Super durable. The size is large enough to carry quite a lot. Straps are very rugged. All straps are the perfect length and comfortable for different uses. Front pockets are surprisingly large and zip and unzip easily. Back zipper is also very good functioning but less unexpected and seems like very secure. I love that it unzips all the way to the bottom so it is easy to find things and put larger items inside. I choose grey and I like the color.

  24. Donna

    Colorful bucket of necessities

    I get compliments on my yellow purse often and am asked where did you get this . I love it – a perfect way to have necessities at hand .

  25. Ande


    I love this bag. Miss my compartmented purses some, but the quality here really shines

  26. CXK


    Honestly, it’s perfect.
    The front zipper pockets hold enough to put my keys and work badge in one, phone (Pixel 4a 5g) and a couple of other things in the other. Side pockets safely hold my earbuds pod. The inner zipper is large enough to put my full sized wallet, and my bullet journal + other items.
    The material is soft. Zippers move smoothly. I highly recommend this bag.
    Additional positive: the bottom is flat and stands up no matter whats in the bag.

  27. Amy Lansky

    Great as my main purse and good for travel

    I bought this purse to replace an old backpack purse. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to find something online, since I like to handle my purse and see if it works. This has been great for me. I like that the main opening is facing your body and it’s very large inside — can fit everything. There are hardly any other pouches of substance facing outward. THis is good for travel. Anyway, I’m very happy with it. At first I thought the bottom (which is pretty large and more rigid than I thought it would be) would be uncomfortable against my back, but it softens up and not a problem. I’m even thinking of getting a second one because the price is super reasonable for the quality and it’s very hard to find purses like this.

  28. Blackbird

    Stylish, versatile, great traveling companion

    I could go on and on about this bag. It’s soft and flexible. Very comfortable to wear all day long. The zippers glide smoothly, making it easy to get items in and out. I love the front zippered pockets for ease of access and the open side pockets are deep enough so objects don’t fall out. I bought this for a three-week trip abroad. It fit every occasion, was great as an accessory on the plane, asked looked good the whole time. It is deceptively roomy without ever feeling bulky. The interior pockets are helpful for organizing smaller items. I wear it as a backpack, which is great with my sensitive back. I didn’t use the shoulder strap because I didn’t need it, but it’s nice to know it’s there in case I need it down the line. It’s been a month since our trip (sniff!), and I’m still using it every day for work.

  29. Dawn

    Great backpack purse

    I was looking specifically for a backpack purse that no one could open from behind when I have it on my back. The opening rests against your back making it virtually impossible for someone to get to the contents of the purse. Has a strap included in case you want to use as a conventional shoulder purse, and I often carry it by the handle on top. So 3 different ways to carry it. I got the navy color and I love it. Very well made, it will last me for years. Great travel purse too.

  30. Patricia Adamek

    Beautiful Leather Backpack‼️

    This medium gray leather backpack is the perfect size for travel as well as everyday use. All my items fit perfectly in the main area or in one of the zippered or open pockets. No worries concerning theft with the main zippered opening being flush to your body. Great purchase for the price!

  31. MissMJ


    Looks sleek and stylish, not touristy and frumpy like so many other “security” bags. Great quality, high-end feel. I did have the zipper issue with the front pockets others complained about, but I steamed them and shoved cardboard inside to flatten out the linings. Soaped the zipper teeth as well to help them glide.
    My experience: Traveled to Istanbul and carried this the entire time, never felt anything but LOvE for it! The silky nylon straps are great bc they won’t cause pilling of clothing(other packs have done this—-the worst) and feels good on your shoulders all day. The included shoulder/crossbody strap is wonderful. Looks great and attaches easily. Pack holds a ton of stuff. Open top flank pockets are fab for your umbrella and water bottle too!

  32. tamera tawney

    I love this bag!

    This bag looks like it cost a lot more. It is eye catching and has held up well to daily use.

  33. Fannie

    Perfect bag

    A very stylish bag. Plenty of room.

  34. Avelina Zur

    Beautiful Handbag

    Bought at the holiday to gift it. Love the handbag and color so much, I bought one for myself.

  35. CiesCC

    Can fit more than I thought!

    I love this tote. It always stands up and never falls over. The size is perfect for binders, books, or computers. It is a beautiful color. I saw a bunch of reviews that said it is garbage, but mine is great quality, sturdy, and exactly the look I wanted.

  36. Tiffany A

    High quality

    I loved this bag so much I ended up buying one in tan and one in black. I love the zipper on the back. Yes for security but it’s a high quality zipper and glides easily. The leather is nice and holds its shape without being too stiff. The pockets inside are nice to keep track of small items. The main compartment is roomier than you think. I love everything about this bag. The quality far surpassed my expectations for this price. I’ve had the first one for 6 months and it still looks new.

  37. Debbie A

    Nice bag for hanging on wheelchair handles

    Nice bag for hanging on wheelchair handles For a day trip it works for what you might need but not quite big enough as a carryon for the airplane. Good quality material and construction,especially of straps and handles.

  38. Alison A

    Best safe and fashionable backpack

    I took this backpack on a 2 week trip through Italy. I felt like it was secure and very comfortable. The side pockets are great for a water bottle. Since the main compartment opened to my back I knew no one could pick pocket me. It was a little small for travel on the airplane, but great for the daily use.

  39. Jackie20

    Beautiful Backpack

    This backpack exceeded my expectations. It’s very well made, attractive, and sturdy. It’s the perfect size for someone like me who carries just about everything with them wherever they go (just to be on the safe side). And the medium brown color goes well with anything. Great purchase.

  40. Leticia Perez

    Me encanta

    Es muy fuerte y comododa. La use para viajar en avión y muy cómoda para todo lo que lleve

  41. Book Addict

    Perfect bag

    I ordered this bag yesterday in the light blue and it was delivered today!! The leather is extra soft and seems to be great quality. I like the size of it and the fact it also fits my 11″ iPad. Looking forward to using this on a daily basis. Hopefully it holds up.

  42. Maria McTaggart


    I loved it unfortunately, I had to return it because it doesn’t hold all my things. It’s too narrow.

  43. Contentlife

    A Nice Surprise

    Just received my bag today and really surprise about the quality of the leather – very soft cowhide leather.
    Also really rooming inside. I think I can easily get my 12″ ipad on in the inside – not small at all.
    Side pockets are great for a water bottle or set of keys Front pockets are deep enough for my iphone.

    The color is the same as pictured. I kind of wished I had gotten the black on now instead of the brown. Feel like I will get more wear with it.
    If you are on the fence about the purchase as I was, get it. You will be especially surprised.

  44. crosseyedcat

    Love, love,love !

    I love this bag ! Nice weight , great shoulder support , dosent pull or fall off. Brilliant color , great hardware. Will buy a 2nd bag for spring . Ha, most likely other colors just to have , LOL.

  45. Barbara

    After 2 returns. I FINALLY-FINALLY got the right bag and I LIVE IT!

    Money well spent! Genuine leather should look like genuine leather and it does. Has a subtle classy look. I plan to buy the same in yellow.

  46. Ruth Fonda

    Good Quality Bag

    The bag was really a quality for the price. However, I returned it because it was much bigger than I’m used to carrying. Nothing to do with the quality of it.

  47. Annabella

    Pockets not deep or wide enough for bottle water

    Nice material. Outside pockets not wide at the bottom to sit bottle water down.

  48. Mary W. Studious

    Great bag

    Good quality leather

  49. gwen leimkuhler

    Great, great purse!!

    I loved this purse!! It has so much room, it’s very easy to find items, take them out, and pockets all around the exterior at the bottom!! Not to mention a beautiful color!

  50. SB

    Absolutely LOVE this bag!!!

    This bag is awesome! I’ve been looking at black leather backpacks for probably 5 months. Almost pulled the trigger on a couple that were cute but then I saw this one! And I have to say it is rapidly becoming my favourite go to bag!

    As a transgendered woman, who is just really beginning her transition, this bag moves flawlessly from gender to gender and doesn’t make me feel odd carrying an actual purse. While it IS feminine, I do think most cis males would feel uncomfortable with this bag.

    The materials are incredible, the leather, the satin lining and the straps are all on point. It’s actually a very comfortable bag because you can sling it over your shoulder or use both straps or you can use the shoulder strap that comes with it.

    The security features are also very inventive as when I have it on my back I don’t feel concern about the opening being exposed to other people wherever I may be.

    Plenty of space inside for my clutch, makeup bag, lotions, keys, phone(s) etc. I don’t know that I would try to carry my laptop in this bag, but it seems like it might be a little difficult to get a standard sized laptop into the bag.

    All in all, this bag is amazing! I’ve only had it for about 3 weeks, and have already gotten 4 compliments on it!

  51. Hannah Brooks

    Functional and good looking

    This bag is very sturdy, a little heavy due to being genuine leather but that’s a good thing. It’s a LITTLE inconvenient having to take it off to access the inside but that’s another good thing. It provides an extra layer of security so that nothing can be easily pick pocketed from you. I keep my wallet keys phone and other vitals in there, and keep my mask and hand sanitizer in the outer pockets. There’s a lot of room inside, more than I need and it allows me to throw in a couple diapers and a pack of wipes if I don’t feel like taking my diaper bag with me

  52. Mary Ann

    Great at Disney and the office and shopping!

    I loved the red color, the richness of the leather, the versatility. I had a little trouble finding an insulated water because of narrow opening. But I found one that held 16 oz. that worked perfectly. I used this all over Disney for 4 days (6-7 miles a day). It held all of my personal items, and a visor hat, zip up hoodie, waterproof poncho, and my cell phone. I use it at work too and received many compliments. It’s great when you go to the mall and want both hands to browse with. I really love this bag. I never had a back pack style before.

  53. Cynstrends

    Love, Love, Love it!!!

    I had neck surgery last year and now am unable to lift more than 20 lbs. Carrying any type of purse on my shoulders, big, small, cross body, etc. didn’t matter, by the time I got home I was in pain. This has been my life saver. It is light weight for starters, very roomy, multiple pockets and it sits on the curve of my shoulders instead of up around my neck. The weight is very evenly distributed. I love that I can shop or do whatever I need to without having to put it down. I carry it to work every day and it will also fit my small planner. I would recommend this to anyone that is on the go all the time! It is of very high quality, looks very nice and neat and I hope it never wears out!!

  54. Jessica K.

    Well made

    I love this bag! I got a cute mom backpack from target for nearly the same price that broke in a month. This one I can tell is going to last a whole. I love how handy all the zipper pockets are and the side pockets for my phone and EarPods. Great job to whoever made this bag. Feels very quality.

  55. eli g

    Just received today and it looks and feels amazing!!!

    Very soft leather, I luv the combo material straps cuz others that have all “leather” really have PU and because of the wear, end up deteriorating quickly. All my junk fit in nicely, and zippers work well (no sticking)! Only reasons for the 4 stars are on security and traveling, it would have been cool to have the rfid protection and footpads on the bottom of the bag. Otherwise, excellent product for the affordable price!! THANK YOU for the quality and letting me look stylish on the cheap!

  56. RS

    Antitheft pocket

    I bought the backpack for traveling and also to carry my camera case in.
    It is very functional for both.
    The quality of the leather is very durable and looks like it will hold up for many years.
    It’s got reassuring antitheft zipper that are against your body when you are carrying it on your back and two side easy access zippers that are in compartments of its own. I found that these are great for items that are needed quickly such as keys or DL. I would not put anything of much value in the two side pockets as for they are NOT antitheft like the large one is.
    Over all, this was a great purchase that was reasonably priced.

  57. Antares

    It's the right backpack for me!

    There is nothing to dislike. The leather is good quality and the inside is very nicely made. I really like way is zips from the inner side (against your back). I was not sure if I would find it convenient but I do. It’s easy to find all my belongings. I spent a few weeks looking for the right backpack and you know, it’s tricky on line but this was the right one for me. The price is good. I did not want a less expensive one; I wanted to “up grade” and, again, this one is really nice.

  58. hannah copeland

    Great purchase, real leather, fits all our stuff

    I absolutely LOVE my back pack! It’s nice enough to carry and not feel like a typical backpack but it’s casual enough to carry every day. It’s extremely well made and has strong zippers.
    I have had several people ask were I got it from.
    It’s also actual leather so it’s held up to all the rough and tumble of being a boy mom!

    It’s large enough to fit all my stuff as well as a small bag with diapers, wipes and even a cup.
    The only problem is the side pockets don’t hold many sizes of water bottles so you have to find one that fits.

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Shoulder Bucket Bag

Leather, imitation leather.

Fabric lining.

MATERIALS: This women’s designer bucket crossbody bag is crafted from premium water-resistant, scratch-resistant faux leather with a fabric-lined interior with custom gold-tone hardware. Features a magnetic top closure and an extended, adjustable shoulder strap for a custom fit carry and a laid-back feel. Plus 1 key strap for easy access to keys from your bucket bag!

FEATURED DESIGN: Embellished with silver metal studs extending from the sides and bottom, great to carry with patterned shirts and pastel trousers to channel the brand’s mood; additionally, the handles and shoulder straps are detachable or fastened Together, it can be carried as a shoulder bag, tote bag, bucket bag or crossbody bag, wherever you want!

CAPACITY AND POCKETS: This women’s shoulder bucket bag has 1 interior zip pocket + 1 main compartment + 2 slip pockets, functional compartments can hold your wallet, phone, books, makeup tools, sunglasses (in the box), and many more hands-free items.

Dimensions: 7.87″(L) x 4.73″(W) x 7.87″(H)” (please check size information before purchasing), suitable for crossbody bag size, lightweight, suitable for everyday casual use, slim fit to the body! Handle measures 10.2″ high, plus 22.5″ – 25.7″ long adjustable crossbody strap.

AUNICER BRAND: We attach great importance to the quality of our handbags, through multiple inspections to ensure durability. All handbags are wrapped in good packaging!

Additional information

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7.87"(L) x 4.73"(W) x 7.87"(H)"



Shoulder Bucket Bag

Handbag Tote Pures Shoulder Bucket Bag