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Laptop Bag Large Capacity Handbag Shoulder Tote Bag

(32 reviews)


Shoulder Tote Bag ▶ PREMIUM AND PROFESSIONAL◀ - We choose durable microfiber leather for durability, because we know you need a more durable laptop tote work bag. The tote bag with its particular... read more


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32 reviews for Laptop Bag Large Capacity Handbag Shoulder Tote Bag

  1. Lisa

    Best gift to a college senior

    It is a very beautiful bag. It is darker brown than I expected (almost a black shade) but it is a shade that you grow to appreciate almost immediately. The darker shades makes it even more applicable in both professional and casual settings. I love the material of the bag as well. It is very soft. The bag is a perfect size for bunches of papers, and a laptop as well as laptop accessories. The faux buckles make the bag look great while being easy to open and close (look closely at the area beneath the buckle, you can see the metal place where the strap slides/clicks into place).

    I gave this as a gift and the reciever looves it. He uses it every day now. Considering the price, it is a wonderful purchase and I absolutely recommend it. The user has had no problems with it and he has been using it every day for 2 months now.

  2. Wei S

    Fantastic bag!

    I was mixed over a few models of bags between Samsonite and Kenneth Cole, but I think the 300 over 5 starred reviews by fellow buyers was a major selling point for this briefcase.

    I bought this as a business bag for travelling (zips and latches to keep the slippery hands away from my documents and belongings) and as a replacement for my other bag which is a lot less functional than this.

    Pros :

    1. Bag is not too heavy and I have managed to stuff all my accessories and laptop in without an issue.Plenty of compartments to keep things in order.

    2. Functional easy-to-use clips hidden straps.

    3. Able to fit all necessities for work (less the occasional lunch box)

    Cons :

    1. Strap is a little too short. I have it at the maximum and wish it could extend a little longer.

    2. Bag is new but it looks like it has been in the warehouse for a good period of time. Leather looked a little dry, but I took care of that with some leather maintenance fluids. You need to take care when using leather products and a small $20 investment (leather moisturizers/cleaners) can go a long way in up-keeping your leather products.

    3. Update 12 Aug 2014 – Bag is a little cumbersome on board a crowded peak hour train even when it is unslung.

    4. Update 12 Aug 2014 – Dye bleeds when I cleaned it with leather moisturizer, worrying.

    5. Update 11 Dec 2014 – Around 10mm of the rear document zip has broken out of the fabric. I do not overload the bag so I’m quite disappointed. Bag still holding well and I’m still loving it despite a few small flaws.

  3. Alex

    Quality-Professional Looking Bag that Adds Style

    Professional looking bag that I commute with every day. I’ll list everything I love about this case:

    – Appearance: It looks like the pictures! A nice leather bag with a quality look.

    – Accessible: I thought I would be having to unclamp the buckles every time I needed to throw another folder or document in. One nice feature this bag has, is a big velcro pocket on the outside for quick accessibility – Letting me throw any last minute items in quickly.

    – Spacious: I have been able to fit 2 laptops, multiple thick paper documents, calculator, business cards, and pens / highlighters into this bag all at once. You will not be hurting for room with all the pockets and space this thing has.

    – Protection: I like that when I get home from work that I can throw this bag across the room (in a fit of post-work rage) onto the floor without damaging my laptop. The padding in this bag protects whats inside.

    The only feature I can think of as a negative for people would be the buckles in front of the bag. You have to individually unbuckle these, then unzip your bag to get inside. I find that I actually like this; and it gives me a feeling the contents inside are more secure.

  4. Robin Landry

    Gorgeous bag

    I bought this bag for my husband for Christmas to replace his 10 year old leather computer case. This bag is not only gorgeous, it weighs about a fourth of what his previous bag weighs. It looks like it costs far more that the sale price of just over a hundred dollars that I paid for it. The leather is soft and supple and the color is rich and warm.

    There are lots of pockets inside and when you lift the flap up, there are outside pockets which my husband requested for quick and easy access. I can’t get over what a classy bag this is for the money. I would have paid far more, and in fact I’ve seen bags up to 900 dollars that didn’t look any better. I can’t say yet how this bag will wear, but I’m very happy with it now. I can’t wait to give it for Christmas.

  5. NJP

    Great Quality at an Affordable Price!

    First off, the price alone probably led you here to start inquiring about reviews of quality. Fear not, you get a lot more bag than the price suggests. Right out of the box, soft leather without much of that leather smell. Medium brown color is classic and goes with plenty of styles. Overall, well made and provides a lot of space for storage on your travels.

    I’ve noticed that the leather scent starts to increase with wear, which is quite pleasant. The feel remains soft and durability seems to be quite good.

    Overall, great bag for the price considering you are getting a leather bag, from a known solid brand name, all for under $100.00.

    The single only negative I have found with this bag is the latches used to open and close the bag. They look nice and do their job, however they are a bit cheap and aren’t exactly quick and easy to use. They click into place just fine, but opening them is a fumbling challenge as they do not have much give in the spring used to release the clip. I’ve gotten use to it, but don’t expect to quickly grab a business card at a moments notice as you’ll be standing there till tomorrow fumbling with the darn clip. A bit of an exaggeration that will change from user to user, but nonetheless something worth mentioning.

    Don’t over think this purchase. If you have the budget for a $500.00 bag, then by all means keep searching as I do believe in getting what you pay for. However, the manufacture retail price is $300, so you won’t be scraping the bottom of the barrel. Grab this one while you can!

  6. Paul P.

    Absolute great buy

    I use it as a laptop carry case. I have received several compliments. It looks and feels like a really expensive bag. The color is absolutely superb.. not like the common black.. and not like the common brown, but a rich reddish brown. I gave it 5 stars but would have given it 4.5 if possible, due to some minor things 1. the pockets inside could have had a better layout and some flaps to the pockets to keep items more secure 2. the underside of the handle had some excess leather ( not properly trimmed, to be expected at this price).. and it was annoying when using the handle.. but fortunately I was able to cut it with a pair of scissors, 3. the underside of the leather piece on the shoulder strap has a rubber backing to keep it from sliding if you just put it on the shoulder without going around the neck, but the rubber is a bit hard, and so does not have the proper grip, so it tends to slide a bit. Also being good leather.. it will shows scuff marks and scratches.. but that is to be expected. But all in all I would buy it again, and quite likely will do even as a present for someone.

  7. Ian

    Would recommend to anyone.

    Just got it in, it looks great, smelled great, and it’s so roomy.
    I was slightly worried since this is the first time I’ve ever bought a laptop bag (I recently received a Macbook Air 2015 for my birthday, so I wanted to spend some money on getting a nice bag for it), it took me a week before I finally bought this one, after all the positive reviews. It’s very roomy, and I have no doubt that the guy who put two textbooks in it was telling the truth, it could 100% fit a textbook, along with the laptop.
    It’s a very nice size, and it came double boxed so that the box wouldn’t split and damage the bag. The shipping only took two days, and that was with the free shipping! It’s a nice, nice dark brown, which I really like, and it looks good while wearing it. It’s genuine leather, and the bucks you see at the front are only for show, as they have little clip devices to close it, most of it zippers shut. The shoulder pad is extremely comfort, with a very nice leather pad on it, and it just feels great to wear and such.
    Overall, I could not be happier with this bag, I would recommend this to anyone who was looking for a bag.

  8. Daniel M.

    Great bag for a great price

    Cheap, classy, and roomy. This bag is a perfect starter “work bag” for anyone just graduated and entering the business world. The dark brown color goes with almost anything, and is appropriate across a range of professions and settings. The pictures make it look eggplant, but it’s actually a rich dark brown in person. The laptop compartment is well padded, and the other pockets and details of the bag are thoughtful and functional. You’ll be surprised how much can fit in this thing.

    The only (minor) drawback is the latches — the buckles are non-functional, and the real mechanism is beneath them. It’s a pretty simple clasp, but it’s not always easy to get them to open and close (particularly one-handed). Doesn’t add more than a second or two of irritation, but it could be improved.

    Overall, definitely worth the money.

  9. Pimpernel Sandybanks

    After 7 years of daily use, all the hardware works like new, and the bag looks 85% as good as new

    Update I’ve now had this for 7 years, there has been essentially no change to the looks or usefulness of this bag after the first 3 years. It does not look as good as new, it looks used, but it functions as good as new. I would 100% buy this again.
    OLD REVIEW I’ve now had this bag for 4 years, and used it daily. I might replace it, but not because anything is broken, because it’s scuffed up and it looks like the leather could fail, it looks 85% as good as new. For what was an $80 bag it’s done remarkably well. Samsonite did a great job with the stitching and hardware that hold this bag together.

    Now after 6 years: it’s still holding up mechanically very well, but the leather is discoloring in spots (75% as good as new). All the zippers, straps, clasps etc all work well. I have few every day wear items left from 2013. I wish my wallet was holding up as well.

  10. K B

    Looks great, smells great.

    Looks great, sounds great (yes, sounds), smells great. Lots of space for multiple binders and files, compartments for organized storage, and great padding for protection of electronics. Don’t know what the complaints about weight are all about – are there really people out there for whom a weight of maybe 1.5 or 2 lbs for strong, quality material including metal pieces and abundant padding for electronics that might cost hundreds of dollars is “too much” weight??? I will say that I see where some of the metal related to the shoulder strap is starting to wear, per some of the other reviews on here. I will be contacting Samsonite to see if they have any solutions and updating this review.
    UPDATE: Since the initial review, I use this bag almost daily, and have taken it on several trips of long distance and duration. The bag is still holding up well and looks even better with a little “character” worn and scratched into it.

  11. EQP MD

    It is the best thingI have ever bought because of price

    I bought this for only $86. 00 more than a year ago and have Used if every day. It is the best thingI have ever bought because of price , quality and durability. I am not a careful caregiver to by things and it has held its shape, quality and is distinguished in its aging. It is respectable in Law offices commanding breathing fees and equally at home in the Smokey Mountains at the cabin. It is roomy, safe for paper,holds two Surfaces comfortably with drives, DVD and accessories and always (even if a little worn and lovedI have ever bought because of price , quality and durability. I am not a careful caregiver to by things and it has held its shape, quality and is distinguished in its aging. It is respectable in Law offices commanding breathing fees and equally at home in the Smokey Mountains at the cabin. It is roomy, safe for paper,holds two Surfaces comfortably with drives, DVD and accessories and always (even if a little worn and loved), those who recognize quality that is patrician can always appreciate it. It is a trusted and constant companion.

    I recommend it without reservation.

  12. Anthony

    This item punches way above its weight!

    I love, love, love this bag. It smacks with quality. I have tried several others recently in search of a high-quality, functional, and not too expensive bag and this one is it!

    The exterior of this bag just look good and speaks to quality and workmanship. The interior pockets are perfect for my needs. I usually carry my iPad Pro 12.9″ inside along with several of my gadgets needed to use it. I typically have two books in the other main compartment at the back of the bag. Plenty of room for what I want.

    I’m having a hard time finding something to point to as a negative for this bag, but as soon as I come up with something I will update this review and my rating.

  13. lenn w

    This is a great case, especially for the price!!

    I thought I would never buy a briefcase. You see, my family owned, at one time, the best briefcase company in the USA. I woin’t mention the name, but we were in Roebling NJ. That was 30 some years ago. I looked hard for a case, and finally settled on this Samsonite. I have to tell you the leather is beautiful and very high quality. One of my major things is to count the number os stitches per inch. This has an amazing 8 stitches per inch and they are all perfect. All of the compartments are spacious, and well thought out. The hardware is solid and the zippers are also excellent. The handle is also very strong and comfortable.
    All in all, you could pay hundreds of dollars more, but this quality is hard to beat at any price.

  14. Greg Thomas

    Very Good quality

    Decent leather products have become hard to find and very expensive for a poor country boy like me. This was quite affordable and the leather quality is great! The hardware seems very sturdy. Haven’t done any long trips yet but around town, it works great and looks awesome. I have seen bags for twice the price that didn’t look as clean and nice. I recommend putting leather oil on all new leather goods. They will look better and wear much more slowly. Repeat yearly if used much.

  15. CGaver

    Really nice bag

    I was looking for a bag to use when I travel. I wanted a messenger style bag for the added security with the flap. This bag is very nice. The laptop compartment is padded and has a velcro tab. Pockets for business cards and pens on the outside and some extra inside pockets for a phone charger or ear buds or other small/medium sized things. You can certainly overfil this bag! The shoulder strap is thick so it doesn’t bit into your shoulder and handle is padded so if you choose to carry it that way its comfortable too. Really nice, quality bag.

  16. L. Wong

    Nice bag

    I only used this a few times. I had a business trip and flew with this. I like the design, as it allows you to pick the bag up by the handle without fastening the flap, which is good for traveling. I found the compartments to be well laid-out and useful. I would have liked the strap to be leather as well (it’s just canvas and is really thick so it stands out). I had some people comment on how nice it was. Recommended!

  17. Devin

    Sturdy, large, and great quality

    This bag is amazing!!! I have been searching so long for a bag that fits all my school belongings as well as my personal items. This bag does it. I can fit my laptop, books, wallet, and all the other items I carry. It’s divided into multiple pockets. There is a technology pocket that holds my headphones, laptop, keyboard, and iPad. There’s truly enough room for everything. What’s even better is the bag does not sag. It sits upright and can stand alone one the chair or table. I LOVE this bag, and it’s super affordable. It’s sturdy, efficient, and I highly recommend it for everyone.

  18. WriterReader

    Everything I needed, plus SO many compliments!

    Love this bag! I needed a nice bag for work with sections in it so I could keep file folders nice plus my laptop plus all my other work stuff. I don’t have a desk so I needed something to basically work out of. This bag not only did the trick but I’ve gotten so many compliments on it! I also needed it to be sturdy and stay standing up when I put it down. It stands up perfectly and holds all my stuff neatly. I feel more organized and definitely recommend this bag. Super professional and functional, so glad I ordered it.

  19. Baltimore

    Beautiful Bag

    I was not expecting this bag to be so gorgeous. It’s large enough to put a 17 inch laptop in the bag. It has lots of room inside the bag, as well as, numerous compartments to hold stuff. This is a great bag for your laptop. The bag is very sturdy and stylish. I love that it has the four studs on the bottom, the extra straps to carry the bag and it’s lightweight. Also, the price of the bag is just right. I also got it a day earlier. I would suggest the only thing it might need is an outside pocket, but this is the perfect bag.

  20. Jeanine McGrory

    Perfectly compartmentalized

    Disclaimer: I did NOT receive a discount for my review. This is my honest feedback, and I hope that readers find this helpful.

    If I could give 10 stars, I would!! Although this is labeled as a laptop/electronics bag, I use it as a purse/tote. I LOVE the lavender color.

    This bag has perfectly sized compartments…to hold my cell phone, pens, etc.

    Also comes with two ways to carry…the double straps (adjustable) and a single strap (adjustable). Both the double and single strap(s) can be removed. I personally like the single strap, so I appreciate that the double straps can be removed.

    Lastly the bag is sturdy enough to stand upright on its own. I hate the bags that easily topple over…not this one.

  21. SC_777

    Awesome purchase

    Sooo freakn roomy!! I love that it stands up, it’s sturdy, lots of pockets, and classy. For the price it was worth it! My planner is not longer poking out of my purse. I can very easily fit a laptop in there if I wanted to and still have plenty of room for other things. Love love love!

    Edit: I’ve had it now since October/November of 2020 and it’s still my favorite. Nothing has snagged or ripped. The rubber around edges and handles are still in tact. Looking to purchase another in different size if available. 10/10 would recommend

  22. Daniela

    Can hold a lot!

    Love this bag! I am currently in grad school online and had to travel quite a bit this past semester. I was looking for a bag that would act as my personal item on a flight, so it needed to be able to hold all my necessities (wallet, face masks, hand sanitizer, phone, phone charger, lotion, and mints) plus my MacBook, charger, headphones, notebook, planner, paperwork, and textbook. This delivers and feels sturdy despite the weight of that text book. On the flight, it fit perfectly under the seat Plus I have gotten so many compliments!

  23. Arie

    Very good quality!

    This bag arrived and was much better quality than I expected! I’ve been using the bag for about a month now and it is holding up well to carrying a 15inch laptop, 10.5inch ipad pro, two notebooks, laptop charger, 6ft ipad charger, and all the other billion things I carry in my purse. This bag took me from being the bag lady with a purse and a laptop/ipad bag to just one stylish bag! My only complaint is that now that I’ve been using it daily for a month, when the laptop isn’t in it, the bag starts to sag and buckle a little bit on the bottom corners but for the price I really don’t mind! I would purchase this again in other colors!

  24. Carrie

    If you travel for work, this bag is for you!

    I’ve had this bag for a year and I couldn’t rave more about it. I travel OFTEN for work and always on an airplane. I wanted a bag with a zipper so I wouldn’t have to worry about TSA and items spilling out of my purse. This bag gave me that and so much more! There is a place for everything with so many compartment areas. I don’t remember any smell like the other reviews mentioned. Either way, give it a little wipe down and you’ll be good. I’ll be coming back for another color when I’m ready to switch it up!

  25. R. Chartoff

    Great for laptops and craft projects

    I bought this bag because I went back to work two days a week this fall, and needed a bag that would accommodate a 15-inch MacBook Pro and other items. I love this bag.

    The green color is rich and goes well with the gold hardware. The material is made to look like leather, but it’s clearly not – and I’m ok with that. The top closes with a zipper, with is necessary in case of rain or snow when walking to my car. Inside there are two main areas of the bag – one with the padded laptop pocket and the other space that has a big open area and also two small pouches on the side to hold a wallet and/or phone, along with 2 pens. I use the pen pockets and these pouches to keep my phone and keys separated to avoid any scratches.

    In the center, there is a third zippered pocket that is the width and height of the bag, which I use for personal items like lipsticks and tissues. It’s large for that, and it’s sometimes difficult to fish small items out of such a large space. But I can get a small toiletries pouch to remedy that.

    The laptop space has a short, stretchy elastic that closes over the laptop with a Velcro fastener. It’s handy for keeping your laptop upright against the side of the bag, or securing folders and papers. My favorite pocket is right outside the laptop section. It perfectly accommodates my 8.5 x 5.5 notebooks, which I use for work and craft projects.

    Speaking of craft projects – I often take knitting with me, and this bag accommodates both a laptop and a knitting project. Not just a small project either – I’ve packed an in-progress sweater and two balls of yarn in with the laptop. Just be careful about the side of the bag with the Velcro tab – that’s death to any yarn project. Keep your yarn on the other side. I hope that when I retire and stop lugging a laptop around, this will make an excellent knitting bag.

  26. Amber W

    Perfect for work

    This is a great and convenient size – I use it for a work bag because it’s fancy enough for court yet has tons of pockets and convenience for just every day commuting to work. It has a laptop section, pen holders, spot for my business cards, files, etc. Tons of dividers and pockets. My only complaint is the smaller straps on the sides get stuck over the top of the bag, so it can be difficult if your hands are full trying to get your laptop into or out of the bag if you can’t easily move the straps out of the way since they don’t stay down.

  27. Tarana Afrin

    Deserves 1000 stars. Best work bag ever

    I recently got a job which is a good commute form my house so I needed a bag that can carry my essentials like laptops, snacks, water bottle etc this bag has so many compartments for all the managing you need. Most of the time, I cannot find few items due to lack of space or organization but with this nah you can keep everything separated and organized. I bought evergreen color which is such a stunning color. I’m so happy with my purchase. And it’s also very very lightweight yet very strong.

  28. Mellyn Costello

    Best work bag I have ever had

    I don’t remember when I originally bought this bag, so I have had it for a long time and it still works great. I am a person that carries my whole life in my bag, I even sometimes carry a small bag within it to run into a store or when I don’t actually need a lot. I 100% overfill this bag to the point that I am pretty sure it could weigh over 20 pounds. I have done this for years and none of the straps have even started to rip which has never happen to me before (I have over weighted my bags and ripped the straps on most of them). I am going to purchase a new one because it is starting to loose it’s shape but honestly I could defiantly keep using this bag I might just get a different color as an excuse to get a new one. Also I keep a water bottle and ice coffee bottle in it and because the structure is good and I have stuff in between them I have never really had a problem. The inside flaps very much protect each section especially the computer pocket. I did once have a broken water bottle in there and didn’t notice right away and the laptop didn’t get wet. Then take the price in consideration and it’s a no brainer defiantly the best bag.

  29. Victoria Schroeder

    Has become my everyday work bag and holds its own

    I used to carry a backpack back and forth from work everyday, but needed something a bit more professional. This bag has held its own and out preformed the backpack. I am about to carry my laptop, tablet, notebooks, and folders with ease. The bag also looks very professional when you walk into a meeting not only on the outside, but also when you can show up very organized.

  30. A. Selcuk Ozdemir

    Absolutely Great!

    It’s been over 5 years since I bought this bag and it still holds up with all the aesthetics and structure without being baggy. I have also not been very kind to the bag and have filled it with a lot of written material at times! Would I buy it again? Definitely YES! Because the bag is not only strong but also very fine. Many thanks to Samsonite! Unfortunately, the import fees in our country are extremely high for quite some time and that’s the only reason why I’m waiting until these so to speak forced means to disappear from my country! Then I’ll buy two of them right away.

  31. Tim Robson

    Fits everything I need

    I’m using this with a 14″ Vaio laptop instead of the expected 15.6″ laptop for high volume business travel- planes, trains and automobiles. This case fits the laptop, my charger (an Innergy aftermarket charger), my Nook tablet, external hard drive, MiFi, wireless mouse, and a power strip in the main compartment with some room to spare. There is still room in the other pockets for my other on-the-road accessories (business cards, CAT-5 cable, etc). I’ve taken a couple paperback books on flights in it, but it starts to feel a little overloaded and bulges a bit at that point.

    Also fits nicely into overhead luggage racks on planes when placed sideways, taking up a very small footprint while guaranteeing I’ll have access to it during the flight.

    Based on comparing with a few coworkers, it seems identical to a bag offered by other manufacturers, leading me to think that it was designed by a third party and licensed by each company. Regardless, all three feel rugged and reliable while still looking good. I expect to get many years of use from this bag.

  32. F. Chan

    Beautiful luxurious bag. I wish I could make a house out of this.

    If I could build my house out of this sumptuous leather that this bag is made out of I would. I would then quickly regret it as leather is not waterproof nor is it a good insulator against the cold. Hopefully, you are not buying this bag to live in. If you are, you will be disappointed.

    But if you are looking for a handsome piece of luggage to match your beautiful visage, this piece will match your appearance perfectly. It will also be great if you’re homely like me because everyone will be staring at the bag and not your face.

    I can fit two 13 inch MacBook Airs, plus their chargers. The bag can definitely fit a 15-17 inch laptop. The construction is very sturdy (which is why I considered building my house out of these); the front flap clicks shut with an assurance of fine workmanship spoken in the beautiful language of Samsonite. Seriously, everything about this bag says: “Quality”. It’s quite annoying if you’re not into quality.

    The only thing that might surprise you is that the bag doesn’t give you hair on your chestor put a bullwhip in your hand with a matching fedora on your head.

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Shoulder Tote Bag

▶ PREMIUM AND PROFESSIONAL◀ – We choose durable microfiber leather for durability, because we know you need a more durable laptop tote work bag. The tote bag with its particularly smooth lines makes it an elegant and timeless bag.

▶ Spacious Design and Lightweight◀ – Laptop shoulder Tote Bag for Women measures 16″L x 8″W x 14″H. With detachable adjustable handle and shoulder strap (9.8″-12.9″) to help you carry more comfortably. Very light and only 2.3 lbs, you can use it as a briefcase tote, shoulder bag or crossbody bag for convenience and comfort.

▶Keep things organized◀ – Professionally designed to effectively protect your laptop from accidental bumps and scratches. Roomy enough with 3 compartments to store all your daily essentials. The largest compartment in the middle can hold your laptop and other important things, and the other two side compartments can hold power banks, mobile phones, folders, passports, cosmetics, etc.

▶Stylish look makes a difference◀ – This attractive and stylish laptop handbag shoulder tote bag is perfect for everyday use, casual use and professional use, you can take it anywhere, more suitable for school, office, cafe, shopping, party, travel or doing anything Things you want to start with with this laptop handbag.

▶Compatible with 13-15.6″ Notebooks◀ – Includes notebook pads to protect 13-13.3″, 14″, 15″ and up to 15.6″. Aunicer provides a 12-month warranty with each package. We guarantee the quality of our products with exceptional customer service and a satisfaction guarantee. Risk-free purchase, place your order now with confidence!

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16"L x 8"W x 14"H



Shoulder Tote Bag

Laptop Bag Large Capacity Handbag Shoulder Tote Bag