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Leather Crossbody Shoulder Bag

(97 reviews)


Crossbody Shoulder Bag HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: This brown women's one-shoulder messenger bag has an adjustable shoulder strap, the bag is designed with luxurious high-quality PU leather, which makes y... read more


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97 reviews for Leather Crossbody Shoulder Bag

  1. Jason McClain

    Stylish, Classy Bag with Just the Right Amount of Rigidity

    I was looking for a new computer bag for my 15″ MacBook Pro. Or really, just an additional one that was more versatile than my InCase backpak style bag.

    A couple weeks ago I purchased the Kenneth Cole Risky Business Messenger Bag. It was around $100. When it arrived, I realized it was a mistake. It lacked rigidity or any protection beyond the leather outer layer. Hardly any cushion, and no laptop pocket or sleeve.

    So I returned it, clenched my teeth, and plopped down the extra cash for this one.

    I am delighted by it. The leather is very high quality and is much thicker. It has both an iPad/Tablet sleeve as well as a laptop sleeve that has a velcro strap to keep them in place. It is well padded without being overly heavy or bulky, it has leather flaps that fold in to keep anything from falling out of the sides on the top where the cover flap folds over, it is rigid enough to satisfy me [more than a messenger bag, but not as rigid or bulky as a brief case style bag] and the style goes very well with jeans or a good quality suit. I have gotten several compliments on it, and two of those were from other men I was in business meetings with.

    It’s a little more than a basic messenger bag, but is really excellent quality even for this price.

    It also fits my 15″ MacBook Pro like a glove.

  2. Robert Bye

    Great satchel for an amazing price

    I tested a lot of satchels before I found this one. It works perfectly for my use. I have a spinal injury from a skiing accident so my hands are weak. The magnetic clasp on this satchel allows me to easily open and close it. It is easy to reach all the compartments. I have to use a larger case for my iPad, and it fits, even if it isn’t in the Velcro area intended for the iPad. Even though I live in the Midwest, I get tons of compliments on the satchel. The leather is supple and the stitching looks really good. The price is amazing for such a high-quality bag. The MSRP is $220, and I think it is worth that.

  3. Michael Leung

    Pretty Good

    I just bought this bag last week. I previously owned a Kenneth Cole Expandable Computer Bag, which was nice but not very fashionable. I have to say that I am very satisfied with my order. It came on time and I got what I wanted.


    Color is great
    Material is great
    Various pockets for pretty much almost anything
    Decent space on the inside ( I can fit my 13 In” macbook in there pretty easily)


    The leather pad (not sure what it’s called) that is on the strap that is supposed to be on the shoulder is somewhat awkwardly placed so it doesn’t reach my shoulder. This might honestly be because of my own preferences of how I like my bag to be.

    These are obviously my own preferences but I am thoroughly satisfied with my choice in the bag. The only real thing that I wish I could change is if it had a little big more space but all in all, great bag.

  4. AO

    Great bag

    Good quality purchase – what I consider to be an expensive bag and was packaged accordingly. Leather was protected from the elements without overdoing it. Two boxes which fit right into one another, and solid enough plastic bag around the product to make sure it arrived safely.
    Product was as advertised – inside material didn’t turn out to be horrible and plastic (as I often fear with “nice” bags). All compartments well-sewn and general appearance very good. Receiver (this was purchased as a gift) was happy with the elegance and utility of their new bag. Size perfect for their current needs (average-sized laptop and tablet both fit comfortably, as well as chargers and adapters, etc.)

  5. Aikobabe

    Great-Looking Bag

    I purchased this bag for my husband as a replacement for the model he has bought several times from another vendor. That bag was synthetic and needed replacement every six months because the strap would shred very quickly.

    This bag is much better-looking, and the strap and attachment appears to be much more durable. He finds the size to be perfect for holding his electronics and other “man stuff,” and the look is much nicer than his previous bags. I think the price is very reasonable considering it’s only a little more than the other bags, and the quality is infinitely higher.

    His only complaint is the inside top flaps which he thinks might wear out early because they can get in the way when sliding the tablet in and out, but so far, so good. I would definitely purchase again if it’s still available when this one wears out… but I don’t think it will be soon.

  6. Erin

    Functional, High Quality, and Beautiful

    This is a gorgeous, quality leather messenger bag. I have a 17-inch 2008 Macbook Pro, and I searched everywhere for a bag that my laptop would fit in. It’s a snug fit, but the laptop does fit, and there is still room in the bag for other things, like an iPad, cell phone, power cords, etc. I am so pleased with this purchase – I can’t even bear to store the bag away; it’s on display as decoration when not in use!

  7. Sir Walter Raleigh

    great item, worth the price

    Very cool and nice bag. Seems like it’s made from good quality leather. the ipad pouch is great and sized well. there’s also a nice zipper pocket on the interior which I didn’t discover until months after owning. the arm strap is strong and I don’t worry about it breaking or ripping threads even carrying around 7-9lb’s of computers, paper, ipad, etc. some leather conditioner or saddle soap goes a long way in protecting the leather and ensuring you’ll enjoy this messenger bag for years.

  8. Steve H.

    Great Bag

    I was looking for a laptop bag in this style and this one suited my needs perfectly. It’s a replacement for my standard backpack-style laptop bag that I use when going to a client meeting or into an office setting. Classy, good looking and well constructed. I’ve been using it for a few months now, and it’s quickly become my favorite over-the-shoulder laptop case.

  9. Kevin Rutan

    Great bag, wish the strap was a little longer

    Overall great bag, nice construction. Good stitching . I like the leather. I am a big and tall guy, I was hoping I could sling this across my body. No go. The strap isn’t long enough. Now I am sure when I lose weight it will be fine. Also, the phone pocket is designed for an iPhone 5S or older.

    After having the bag a few months, I must say I love it. The dark brown has turned into almost an oxblood, the way it ages is just graceful. I beat this bag up. I am on call 24-7 and I need to be able to switch into work mode at any time. I also live in the city, and recently, have taken to walking instead of driving. I find it very enjoying. At any rate, this bag is comfortable, stylish and can hold everything I need. I have carried this bag on a 5 mile walk and say that I am not chaffed anywhere from it.

    I have noise canceling headphones, Ipad, Wallet, and phone plus the few emergency supplies. It works great, stitched well, and I get lots of compliments on it. Everyone loves it.

  10. cdzero

    Holding strong after one year of abuse

    After one year of daily use I have to say that this is one of the best purchases I have ever made. The quality is such that as it ages, this bag looks better. Older, yet with added character, as it goes losing the color of the leather. If it wasn’t for the wearing off of the color of the leather, this bag would still look brand new. The lining inside is holding strong and the strap is very well designed and very heavy duty too. From time to time I think about buying another one to have it as replacement in the future (I am the kind of person that once I find something I like, I end up buying several to avoid running out); but the quality is so good that I doubt it will be necessary to buy a replacement, at least not in the next few years.

  11. T. Crisman

    My favorite laptop bag ever

    My favorite laptop bag ever, all my other gear looked really unprofessional with a suit. I’ve gone through a lot of means to carry a laptop over the years, and this one has been through a lot in the short time I’ve owned it. The padding isn’t extremely heavy but it gets the job done. I have a 4.2 lb, 13-inch laptop just for comparison’s sake. I’m fairly sure it would fit a larger one, but much heavier than mine and I wouldn’t recommend it if you carry it everywhere and have to walk to and from your parking spot an extended distance like I do. Would definitely buy it again, and would buy a second if they made it with a strap that stretches like some of my other gear, that seems to be less difficult on the back.

  12. K. Trevino

    I searched for hours and hours for the perfect bag. I chose this one because I liked ...

    I searched for hours and hours for the perfect bag. I chose this one because I liked the look of it and when it arrived I knew I’d made the right choice. It feels like really good quality leather. This is a gift for my brother & whether he’s just casual or dressy this bag will not steer him wrong! It was bigger than I believed which is a plus! The interior is super nice too. He is going to love it and use it for years and years to come!

  13. Marlene


    I bought this bag to replace a bag I paid $200.00 for, which was regularly $450.00 It was lost by my boyfriend the first week he had it. I hunted to replace it and could not find one, that was a reasonable price. I found this one, which I will give him for Christmas. The quality is very good. Almost the same as the other one. He wanted wide straps as the other one cut into his shoulder. So, this will be perfect. On trips it will hold the I pad.

  14. S. Yellin

    Perfect size for a day out sketching

    I was tired of carrying a larger bag around when I went on “sketching outings”, and was hoping to find something small enough to suit my needs, but not look cheap in the process.

    My usual contents are a 8.5 x 11″ drawing pad, a smaller maybe ~5 x 8 pad, my leather pen/pencil holder (which is about an inch thick and similar in size to the smaller drawing pad, and various daily stuff like gum, maybe a magazine or comic tucked into the rear compartment, headphones etc. Anymore than that and it would be overstuffed, but again, this fits my requirements perfectly and looks pretty stylish if I do say so myself.

  15. Shawn Ramirez

    I should have bought this sooner. It's perfect.

    This is a beautiful bag. It fits so much stuff!
    I carry a lot of shhtuff cause I’m paranoid.
    My Every Day Carry fits in this bag with no bulge.
    Here is whats in my bag:
    CATS Tourniquet and Soft-T Tourniquet
    Leica IIIc w/ 5cm 3.5 Elmar
    28mm 2.8 Industar Lens
    Leatherman Skeletool
    5 1/2 x 3 1/2 sketch book
    5×3 note book
    8×5 sketchbook
    8×5 book
    Keys (Maglight Mini, glass breaker, whistle)
    Write Dudes Mechanical pencil
    Uniball Onyx pen
    Sheaffer Fountain pen
    6 Wysi Wipe in 35mm film canister
    6 Propel water enhancers
    Small Case Logic camera bag with the following contents:
    (15 feet Para-cord, Lip balm, Mini Bic lighter, Mini Clear eye contact solution, 6ft of electric tape, Benadryl tabs, Amoxicillin tabs, Tylenol tabs, 6 band aids, 2 burn gels, alcohol pad)

    I was still able to fit my Ipad Air 2 and another camera in there. That’s when it hit its limits.

  16. Memer

    Must have

    Wonderful purse. Love the zippers for organizing. Holds phone, keys, glasses. Small and light weight!

  17. Lori R.

    Love this!

    This crossover bag is fabulous!! It’s really so much nicer than I thought it would be. I purchased it for a trip I will be taking next month but I’m sure I’m going to carry it all the time now. I bought it in the gray but I want to order another one in a darker color for fall and winter too! It’s a great quality for the price! I would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking about purchasing it!!

  18. g.

    Perfect Purse

    Perfect small size purse. Can fit small wallet, small bottle of water, pair of glasses, lip stick and car keys. Nice leather and the grey is a lovely color. So happy that I bought this!

  19. Colin

    Awesome Bag

    As others mention, this bag is very high-quality. I had been looking around for the past year and when this item became discounted 33% on Prime Day, I had to order it. The leather looks great, the feel is quality, and inside there are plenty of compartments. I would assume this bag was $150+ if I didn’t know the price paid.

  20. Jennifer Eazor

    Good quality!

    Love my new bag. Very nice quality! I can still fit my wallet, phone, makeup, and a few other things easily.

  21. Jayne

    Very sleek

    Perfect for a billfold and check book, inside pocket fits my Samsung well with extra room. I don’t carry alot in my purse so it’s just the right size

  22. Wine Maven

    Great bag

    I wanted a messenger bag for my husband that was large enough for him to carry a tablet or small laptop inside, but small enough not to overpower his GQ look. The leather is soft and supple, and the size is just perfect. He uses the bag on a daily basis, and it’s traveled with him to a dozen or so countries. It looks more expensive than it was and is holding up nicely. Great investment!

  23. Marco A Olivera

    Basically indestructible

    It has been my daily messenger bag for almost 4 years and still looks and feels great! The cushioning of the shoulder band is reaching the end of its life but even without it, the bag will continue to look great. You can carry a tablet or small computer safely in the padded pocket and has place for thumb drives, business cards, pens, notebooks, wallet and personal items. Very satisfied.

  24. Vickie Rue

    A wide strap is comfortable on my shoulder

    love this purse I would buy it again

  25. Vintage Geek

    Better than others I've tried and soft leather

    I tried to replace this with something smaller but I’ve come back to using it and find it to be more useful than anything else I’ve tried. I use the outside pocket for travel documents keeping them within easy reach. Inside goes a tablet with charging cord, magazines, a pen, sunglasses, business cards and misc. The leather stays soft and the strap is long and adjustable.

  26. Mary Jane Campana

    Great size.

    Just the right size. Not to big or to small.

  27. Cathy Craig

    Good cross-body design & size.

    This bag is just what I wanted. Good leather. Plenty of space for wallet, phone, keys, pen, lipstick, comb & sunglasses. Adjustable strap allows the bag to be carried cross-body or on a shoulder.

    I would recommend this to anyone who wants to travel lighter & take to weight off shoulders.

  28. ErrandH8tR

    Very sleek/modern & useful!

    Very well made and modern bag for the professional! Not too much and very practical! Would definitely recommend and buy another whenever this one shows too much wear (wheneber that is!).

  29. Kevin Alford, Sr.

    Here's what to watch out for with an otherwise very solid bag:

    I bought this bag because of the sleek design, the price, and the claim to full grain leather. Here are my thoughts on the bag,

    Price: Not expensive but not cheap. Matches the quality of the bag.

    Leather: The description claims “Full Grain Cowhide leather” for the exterior. This is only partially correct. When you receive the bag, you’ll be greeted with the Genuine leather tag on the side. This was very disappointing as they used the description to trick buyers. The bag does have pieces of full grain leather (which is how they can get away with their claim) but, the majority of the bag is made of low grade genuine leather.

    Strap: The strap is not thick enough to prevent twisting and the clip is even worse. You’ll constantly have to untwist the strap so that the shoulder pad isn’t upside down. The clip seems oversized for the strap as well. The strap constantly slips and becomes loose.

    Inside: As you can see from my picture, the back snap caused a hole on the inside of the bag. This is due to cheap/thin material they’ve used.

    In summary, the bag has served its purpose. It last as longer than I expected for low grade genuine leather. This is by far the best design I’ve come across and I would pay top dollar for a full grain leather bag that looked like this.

  30. olivelover

    nice color

    I love this purse. nice color. would recommend buying this purse.

  31. T Chatman

    The perfect size

    It’s the perfect size. I like that I can dress it up or down.

  32. Wendy Moran

    Really comfortable fit on one’s body!

    The bag is great. Fits very comfortably against one’s torso. It is a bit smaller than my last purse but I made it work with a smaller wallet. It is fairly narrow.

  33. Stephanie Wiles


    It’s even better in person than online. I also expected this bag to be smaller but was pleasantly surprised by how large and roomy it is. The leather and gold detailing are beautiful. Definitely recommend.

  34. Nicole Kelly

    Great bag

    Love this bag. Feels and looks like a high end bag.

  35. ruzicka

    Smart, modern, timeless, unisex bag

    I am very happy with this tablet bag. Delivered to me in perfect condition. Gorgeous dark brown leather with dark blue nylon liner. PERFECT size for me. Not too big, not too small with room to spare with all of my stuff in it!! I love the wide, cloth, adjustable length strap that offers an uncommonly long max length that reaches my lower hip and the shoulder pad slider. These are some the main factors I chose this bag.
    Easy to carry. Not heavy despite the thick leather. Could have more card slots in the built in wallet but I’m managing with the 4. One zipper pocket is perfect for loose change and paper money.
    I couldn’t be happier and I’m picky!! Seems to be very well made. Not sure about durabiltiy because I just started using it one day ago, but I’m not rough on my things. It should last many years considering how I take excellent care of my belongings.
    I hate purses! I’ve tried Baggolini, Fossil and other cross body bags but they never fit my needs. Straps are too short, too narrow, too many tiny compartments and too small, wrong shape, too cutsy, etc etc. I’m not crazy about shoulder bags in general – they get in my way and give me sore shoulders, but this one is comfortable and actually enjoyable to wear. It’s great looking and I think the size and shape create a weight balance that helps eliminate a combersome, weighty carry bag. I can’t believe I paid under $100 for it!

  36. Stephanie Chole

    Fab bag

    Beautiful bag. Good size but not heavy. It will be a staple in my purse wardrobe.

  37. Jessica

    Clean and stylish messenger bag - just click “Add To Cart” already!!!

    Motivation: Got this because I couldn’t find a sling that was big enough for an 11” iPad Pro, but not much bigger.

    Look and feel: If you have a hang up about “purse-like” messenger bags, go find yourself a Timbuk2 or a sense of security. With that out of the way, the leather feels great to me, and overall the bag looks pretty premium inside and out. Taking off a star for the durability score, because the inner liner feels like it wouldn’t take as much abuse as an all nylon bag, and I’m terrified that I’ll mess up the smooth leather exterior. It’s the perfect for day trips or EDC. The strap and shoulder cushion thing are comfortable enough. You can tell that it is best worn on your right shoulder/left side, because of how the strap adjustment works out at certain lengths.

    Storage: This bag is extremely versatile for its size. There’s enough bigger compartments with a decent amount of interior organization. The Velcro pocket in the front section is great for my wallet (I think it’s even RFID blocking). The zip pocket in the main section is perfect for a facemask (funny that this is now a feature to look for). The magnetic closures work well unless you stuff it to the point that they can’t connect. The top flap does an ok job keeping things in if you’re in a pinch.

    Final tip: If you carry a bunch of small items in a single pocket (especially the back compartment), combine similar or lesser used items in ziplock baggies to keep everything from trying to pool at the bottom.

  38. Beverley Hill


    Really nice bag luv it

  39. Nicole B

    Great bag & very beautiful with most outfits

    It has a unique design & quality make

  40. Bored

    Kate Spade

    Great purchase, one of my favorite purses.

  41. Heather Duke

    beautiful, soft leather

    I love this purse. I can throw everything in there and find it because I am not having to dig through multiple pockets. The hidden pocket is wonderful for quick access to my phone or mask when I am going into shops.

  42. Vivi B

    Love it

    Buying more blue and black

  43. Irene

    beautiful quality

    large and well made crossbody purse. love it!

  44. Shelby

    Great Bag, Perfect Size

    I was worried from a few other reviews that this would wind up being really large, but it’s the perfect size. I dislike crossbody, so I don’t use the longer strap, but the shoulder strap is long enough to wear over shoulder and fits fine under the arm. Material is great – soft black leather – and the interior is high quality fabric (though I really wish it had the stripes vs. just black, because it is so much easier to things in the bag against the stripes.) The metal chain accents are a lighter gold than I’d expected, and the logo on the outside of the bag is just applied to the leather, not a metal plaque secured to it, so I’m a little worried it will wear off over time.

    Plenty big to hold a full size wallet, small umbrella, sunglasses, etc.

    Overall, great bag and will likely be ordering a back-up, since the price is actually reasonable.

  45. Oma

    Absolutely the perfect handbag

    I have been carrying the Hobo crossbody for several years and now this is a larger sized that I really needed. I can put a Mini iPad in it, and everything I need. It’s high quality and nice looking. I highly recommend.

  46. Heather

    Love it

    Gorgeous bag. Absolutely perfect

  47. Jerri Hall


    Large purses are too big and cumbersome to carry around. Small purses never seem to fit everything I need on a daily basis. This is the perfect size! Easy to carry, literally everywhere and it fits what I need. Plus, the hidden pocket on the outside is big enough to hold a large iPhone or extra koozies for going out! I also don’t like purses with two straps because one always falls off the shoulder and there’s a constant battle. The short strap stays put! And the long strap makes it convenient to put across the body. The long strap it comes with kind of digs into your shoulder. So I replaced mine with a wider guitar strap, and it’s way more comfortable! I also love that the inside lining is made out of a thick material, so it’s easy to use the pockets on the inside (no slouching). Very well made and worth the money!

  48. CH


    Larger than it seems. Great leather bag.

  49. Vicky

    Spacious & beautiful bag

    This bag is huge & spacious. Really love the beautiful lilac colour. Can be worn crossbody or carry on the shoulder. So convenient . Great as an everyday bag, weekend bag as well as for travelling. The leather is so soft & good quality too. Love it!!

  50. Alicia Laxson

    Love it!

    High quality. Well made, a great size. Very versatile. I live that it is a crossover bag too.

  51. patsch

    great bag

    This is the perfect everyday bag. Not too big,not to small, the dark brown leather goes with everything. I do wish it came in black.

  52. William Wissinger

    Nice Purse

    Quick shipping. Well made. My wife loves it.

  53. pa’s.wifey

    All around purse

    The size is perfect, sturdy and stylish! Worth the buy.

  54. elva valdez

    Excelente, tamaño perfecto y es muy elegante!

    Me encantó todo, diseño, calidad de la terminación y tamaño muy adecuado.

  55. SBB

    Top Notch

    Wife loved it!

  56. JMpls


    This purse is roomier than I thought it would be, yet not big and bulky. It fits my wallet, checkbook, datebook, phone, Kleenex, pens, etc,, without being too full. I get compliments on it. It’s well made.

  57. Christine

    love fossil.

    great size and quality. the tassel was a fun touch!

  58. JB

    Nice purse

    It’s a nice size, nicely done purse.

  59. Renee

    Beautiful purse!!! I would buy it again

    Color, size is great!!

  60. DSG99

    Absolutely perfect!!

    This bag is incredible! Not too big and not too small. Classy, elegant and sturdy! Very versatile and gorgeous! Buy it and do something nice for yourself!!

  61. Elizabeth Marks

    Great value!

    Purse is awesome! Very spacious and comfortable on the shoulder. Very nice purchase.

  62. Kathy Brodeur

    High quality leather, plenty of room and beautiful workmanship!!

    Daily use. It’s really the best bag ever!

  63. CT

    Very Nice Purse

    My purse arrived faster than estimated.It is good quality and it is not heavy.I am very pleased.

  64. TWillig

    Daughter-in-law loves it!

    Exactly as the photo indicated. Beautiful bag. Given as a gift and daughter-in-law just loved it!

  65. Mary Lane

    Large Hobo

    This is a beautiful and well made SAC hobo bag. All SAC bags are excellent. I only returned this one as it was much larger than I can use. You could slip in an I-pad or laptop and anything else you might need for the day. The pink braided strip in the front was so unique and pretty.

  66. Marigel

    Buen tamaño

    La bolsa es muy bonita, cabe todo lo necesario y más, trae la correa para usarla cruzada o puedes cargarla sobre tu hombro, vale muchísimo la pena

  67. L. S. Vakas

    Exactly what I was looking for!

    Really nice bag. The color is beautiful and the size is perfect for me. I double the strap as I am short and it’s just right. Its soft and has plenty of pockets and holds plenty. No bad smell either!

  68. Mommafoot

    Been using since I received it. Works well

    Work well Dr or me

  69. Sandra Martinez

    Perfect size!

    This is my work purse. It’s not too big and not too small; it fits everything that I need (water bottle, lunch, scarf, wallet, etc). I love that I can add the long strap or use the shorter one. The little hidden pocket is perfect for my phone. I love, love, love this purse! I hope to use it for many years.

  70. Marsha

    Classic and Classy

    Purchase this in navy blue is the right color navy And exactly what I wanted

  71. Edward Doc Mcintosh

    5 times

    I bought this bag 5 times. I got 1 for myself 4 for friends and family. When I decided to start carrying a bag I wanted a messenger bag that was roomy and stylish. I didn’t miss on this bag. The older the bag gets the softer the leather becomes. I just can’t explain how much I love this bag. I carry this bag everywhere. The Leather is durable, easy to maintain and automatically upgrades a look. With the regular care, a leather messenger bag can last for a long time

  72. liz

    Superb quality, didn't pay attention to size and returned for smaller. VERY NICE

    Really good quality, just a bit large for me to carry.

  73. Karen Adkins-Fleener

    Love the blue!

    Very nice real leather with cool webbing.

  74. JB


    My wife loves her new bag. Holds more than she thought.

  75. Latisha

    Beautiful 😍

    I love it! Will buy again

  76. Jennifer Jedy


    It was bigger than I thought, but I love it and love the color. It’s so soft and has wonderful pockets and great cross body strap with a nice shoulder strap.

  77. Sharon

    Not worth the money

    Only had it 2 months and the strap broke. Can’t buy again knowing it won’t last. Not worth the money that I spent, if it’s not going to last no better than that!

  78. Acyl

    Excellent bag

    This bag is very well made. Sturdy. The compartments on the inside are perfect: one padded laptop section, on small tablet pouch also padded, and another section for folders and notebooks, plus little pockets for pens n little things. The only “flaw” (not really) in this bag is the handle I suppose, it definitely is awkward to use. However, I think this is done because if the handle were on the very top of the bag on the cover, the magnets might split if the bag were heavy enough since the weight would be directed onto the cover. Overall great bag and very comfortable to wear across your back.

  79. Anne16

    Beautiful!!!!! Graduation gift.

    So pleased with this bag. Bought it for my daughter’s fiancé for upcoming graduation. His was worn out and made of canvas. He will be attending grad school and he wanted something professional looking.
    It has all of the necessary pockets with a padded area for a laptop and a separate area for a tablet. The leather is absolutely beautiful and looks like it will wear with character over the years.
    He was speechless when he opened it!!!!

  80. R. Reece Cheramie

    Great Bag!

    I received my bag yesterday evening, and immediately after opening the box, I was in Love with it! It looks amazing, the leather is almost a distressed brown and the magnetic closures are perfect. Inside there is plenty of room for my Kindle Fire HD 8.9″, my cell phone, wallets, pens, and so much more.

    The inside of the bag has a separate “Tablet” pocket with a strap Velcro closure to keep you tablet secure and is large enough, I believe for a full sized iPad. There is a large interior section that will hold my full size Bible, along with a zippered pocket for change and small items. The front pocket has the built in pockets for a cell phone, pens/stylus’, and slots for ID or credit cards. There is also room in that section for wallets, etc. There is also a back pocket with magnetic snap for papers or a magazine.
    When the flap is opened there are two small flaps that keep it from slinging all the way back and also hides the inside contents and stops anything from spilling out if it is flipped.

    The only “con” that I can think of with this bag is that the strap is not detachable, that would have been nice if it had a small handle on top to carry without the strap. The strap itself is very nice and the shoulder “comfort” piece is perfect.

    I would have paid a lot more for a bag of this quality and hope that this one will still be around if I ever need another one!

  81. Jordan Mikena

    15 months later

    I purchased this for my husband November 6, 2012. It’s roughly 15 months later which seems like a good time to review this purchase.

    My husband carries this back and forth to work every day and it still looks as good as the day he got it. It’s not only durable though, it’s beautiful. The leather is smooth and soft. The lining inside is securely stitched with no fraying or discoloration. A very, very well-made item that we both highly recommend.

  82. Mr. Black

    Leather thats soft as butter yet well constructed and durable...Under $100? Its true...

    The Columbian leather is amazingly smooth yet I can tell it will be durable as well!! I’m very excited to use this quite a bit starting tomorrow as I’m returning to school to take a few classes for the first time in over 20 years, so this will get a good workout in the near future. I’ll update in time but at this point, I’m really happy with it (and the amazing price!).

  83. RyRaf

    What a great looking and durable bag

    Excellent value and durability for the money.

  84. Phi

    Quality Messenger Bag for iPad

    I’ve been looking for a messenger bag to carry my ipad in for some time now. Most messenger bags are overly complex in design and lack ease of use. What I like about this messenger bag is the quality material used, simple design and magnetic latches. Nothing worse than having a Velcro latch, they are noisy, become fuzzy over time and eventually lose their effectiveness. Very glad this bag uses magnetic latches rather than a tedious buckle. From a design standpoint, the Kenneth Cole bag has this understated appearance, yet when you open it you’ll find various compartments and pockets for your phone, pens and cards. The size is just right for the ipad as well, no need to lug around a full sized backpack or brief case, this is much more casual, yet elegant looking. I’m very happy with my purchase and I highly recommend this bag.

  85. Sam

    Quality Craftsmanship

    Great purchase! Leather is supple and easy to care for. Plenty of room for tablet and other necessities.

  86. A Mo

    Very nice!

    Great bag! Perfect size and shape. Soft leather. Simple and classic. They really shouldn’t use a black lining though because you can’t see anything in there! Oh well

  87. Claudette T Murphy


    Too large for me

  88. Renee M Bolden

    Nice quantity, with lots of room

    The bag is good quality leather with no defects. Nice color and goes across my body. It is also lightweight.

  89. Leslie Slack Mac Harg

    Very nice


  90. Nancy W

    Great Cross body bag

    Love color, size, quality, value

  91. Minion

    This is the ONE!!!

    The PERFECT low key purse. Very high quality without feeling like your just another designer bag junkie. This is quality, worth every penny.

  92. Jessica Breno

    Awesome and beautiful

    I absolutely love this bag!

  93. Ted Green

    Love it!!

    My hubby bought this for my Christmas gift. It’s so roomy, soft leather and carries nice..

  94. Carolyn Taylor


    Perfect size. Pockets inside hold cell phone. Zipper pocket good size.

  95. Molly

    Great size cross-body purse with a lovely hidden outer pocket

    This has been a great purse and appears it will hold up well. It is a medium to large cross body that holds a lot! Crossbody strap is long enough for all heights (not always the case with a lot of high end name brands).
    I love the magnetic outer hidden pocket for keys and quick grab items.

  96. ChichenItza70

    My new favorite bag

    I just want to share what an amazing bag this is. I have always been a Fossil fan: watches and bags in particular. And for a while I was looking for a black leather bag for every day use that feels substantial and luxurious. Everything in the market is either too expensive (read Coach) or too showy (read MK) or just plain underwhelming (read J Crew). When I saw this bag, it struck me by its simplicity and sheer elegance. I was also happy to see that it is lined. A genuine leather bag without a lining doesn’t cut it for me, I am afraid. I was a bit worried about the shininess of the leather in the picture but took a chance and didn’t regret it. The bag is understated but classy and elegant. I loved the design so much I bought it in the burgundy color too and it’s a winner. What I’m trying to say, folks, is that this a wonderful bag that comes with all the trappings of quality: beautiful genuine leather, muted hardware and a nice lining. It doesn’t came with a protective cloth bag though, but I inspected it from all sides and it’s spotless. Thank you, Fossil, for always delivering on quality!

  97. Aracely

    Su suavidad


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Crossbody Shoulder Bag

HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: This brown women’s one-shoulder messenger bag has an adjustable shoulder strap, the bag is designed with luxurious high-quality PU leather, which makes you feel soft and comfortable. It features classic gold hardware and a twist-lock closure for a more secure lock.

Dimensions: L 8.7 x H 5.9 x W 3.5″ (22 cm x 15 cm x 9 cm) Weight: 0.45 kg/1.0 lbs. This shoulder fashion bag has enough space for your essentials like wallet, iphone, sunglasses, umbrella, makeup and more, practical and stylish.

Stylish Design: Our designs are inspired by little bees. The design of the crossbody purse is very stylish and unique, it is shaped like an envelope, and it suits the needs of women of all ages.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL DESIGN: Crossbody bag with adjustable shoulder strap and top handle is suitable for shoulder or crossbody bag or handbag. Whichever you take with you, it makes you very stylish and convenient.

Versatile: Our small leather messenger bag is suitable for young girls and women. Perfect for casual use/work/date/party/wedding/travel/business, and also a great gift for women’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, wedding anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

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Weight N/A
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L 8.7 x H 5.9 x W 3.5"



Crossbody Shoulder Bag

Leather Crossbody Shoulder Bag