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Leather Designer Bucket Shouder Bag

(58 reviews)


Bucket Shouder Bag The leather designer bucket brown shoulder bag is equipped with a single shoulder, a flowing comb and light-colored hardware. It has a built-in zipper and can be used as a shoulder... read more


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58 reviews for Leather Designer Bucket Shouder Bag

  1. Dee

    Love this bag!

    This was everything I was hoping for…the light blue is a really pretty color and it’s the perfect bucket bag. Very roomy…I can fit my laptop and all the other stuff I carry. The outside pockets are also nice for those smaller items I reach for all the time. Will be getting another in a different color.

  2. DebbieL.


    This is the most elegant purse I have ever owned. Love the color (really dove grey and smooth leather, not pebbled) I just cant say enough other than this is a lovely, simple and elegant purse. There are no inside pockets or zipper compartment but instead, a zippered bag that contains 2 slip pockets and 1 zippered compartment, BUT I dont use it. The purse has 4 outside pockets and I only need one to carry my cell phone. Wallet and glasses case just get dumped into the bag. Did I say this is sooooo elegant in design, no beads/bangles just beautiful leather. I’m going to buy one in red in 2018.

  3. Thaase

    Finally someone who knows what i was looking for!!

    Great purse/bag!! LOVE IT! I have purchased Michael Kors and other top brands because i like to change my bag/purse often:). I am super impressed with this bag. It is the leather that I have been looking for. Soft but yet holds its shape and is easily accessible to get to everything that has fell to the bottom. You will not be disappointed! A nice bonus is that you can change the handle to the colorful fabric one or use the blue leather that matches the purse. I have had numerous compliments. It is truly a great purse and I will start searching for another from this same brand. Thank you!

  4. DinoDeb

    Great Bag for a Great Price

    This is a beautiful bag. It’s made of good, quality leather and has all of the features of a more expensive bag. The size is very roomy, and it comes with another small bag inside to keep you organized. Also included were two separate straps – one leather to match the bag, and one colorful cloth strap. The four outside pockets are great and it makes a great presentation with it’s dust bag included. It was given as a gift and the recipient loved it!!

  5. Natalie Rhinesmith

    Makes a great first impression!

    After years of needing to buy high-priced designer bags to make an impression in my career, I’m finally at a point where I can save $$ by buying Chinese goods that definitely aren’t designer. I’m not convinced this bag is leather, but the material has a delicious, creamy hand and it folds like I would expect a $600 leather bag to fold. Yes, the strap falls down but that’s obvious based upon its sheer width–just hike a thumb under the strap as you do for every expensive bag with a wide strap. If it has a weak point, I’d say it’ll be where the connectors meet the strap–I don’t advise using this as a laptop tote. It’s not made for that. For everyday use, this inexpensive bucket bag will keep you looking sharp without hurting your wallet. If it holds up, I will be purchasing more Bostanten bags.

  6. 16candles mom

    The perfect leather purse in absolutely every way

    I absolutely LOVE this bag! The leather is so soft and smooth. The color is exactly what I wanted. I wasn’t sure about the whole inside bag thing that it comes with- but it works great, and very convenient. Came with a wide leather strap that is gorgeous- and another woven brightly colored strap. No way I am using that one- but a good option for some people I guess. It is super light. I almost always carry Dooney’s- which start at over 2 lbs., so this is a treat- because I carry a ton of stuff with me! It would easily fit an iPad… but still doesn’t seem to big. Another feature I LOVED that wasn’t mentioned anywhere is that there are 4 outside pockets- one on either end- which fit my iPhone 8plus perfectly, and 2 longer deeper side pockets which close with snaps. This is a bargain for such a great bag.

  7. Teresa McCarthy

    Great choice after a long search!

    After searching for “the perfect bag” I found this leather tote. I really like that it has one wide shoulder strap, many pockets along the outside, magnetic closures, and beautiful leather. It includes a removable zippered pouch and extra strap for a different look. I chose this lovely pink but the bag comes in other colors. It’s the perfect size for a binder, laptop, and planner and does not add extra weight. Love it!

  8. BDJ

    LOVE IT!!

    I love everything about this bag…..the cost, the color, the material, the 2 straps, the inside space, and the little pockets on the outside. I especially love the zippered bag that comes with it. So far I don’t have any problems with the straps falling off my shoulders…..maybe because I always hold the straps on my shoulder as a habit. The blue color is as shown…..I might get another in black. For me it’s a great bag.

  9. Shops2

    Great value and beautiful

    Soft high quality leather. The bottom of the purse is lined. The wide shoulder strap is wonderful. However, I cannot make use of the included separate purse insert. Makes no sense to me. I like reaching into purse getting what I need. The magnetic snaps are strong and work well. The side pockets are great. Been enjoying the purse.

  10. Pamela Whitley

    I think I have found the perfect bag!

    The design of this purse is genius, and I know my purses.
    The exterior pockets have snaps which gives them versatility to be one large pocket or two smaller pockets. These exterior pockets are snug enough for my iPhone and car keys so I do not worry about them falling out.

    So smart to include The removable brown bag for interior. Many times I find that I leave the brown bag in the car because it might be heavy, and just take the rest of the items like my wallet etc. into a store. Again. Thoughtful, intelligent design.

    I Purchased the gray bag and it’s a beautiful color of high-quality. I also like the two separate straps for versatility. And speaking of the straps, they are wide enough so they actually stay on my shoulder instead of slipping off and irritating the heck out of me.

  11. Lexboogie

    Pleasantly surprised!

    I was looking for a good leather bag but didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars because I go through bags in a year or so. I have bags that I spent $500+ for and I’m pretty hard on a bag so with that being said, once this bag starts to fall apart, I will definitely order it again! I love everything about this bag. The depth, the simple look, the interchangeable strap and the two discreet pockets on each side. Fits everything I need and it looks great! I want to order more colors!

  12. Alex

    Such quality material! Love the strap

    I was convinced I’d have to return the purse because it would be too good to be true. I was pleasantly surprised when the material was thick, soft and quality. I LOVE the colorful strap. It’s super roomy. The brown insert is sort of ugly, to be honest, but I’m using it anyways. I always use small bags to separate my stuff inside a bigger bag because otherwise, it’s impossible to find things. Because of that, I appreciate the insert and the small compartments inside it. Overall – I love it. The outer pockets are super useful. The only complaint I have is that the strap does slip down my shoulder when carrying it. I live in NYC and am constantly walking. Maybe it’s because I have a lot of crap in it but it’s nothing too major.

  13. Pam bo

    Love my new tote! Beautiful

    Ordered the mustard yellow, beautiful. The leather is quality. Love it. It’s just he right size and looks expensive. I recommend. Also purchased a matching wallet from this vendor.

  14. F. E. Beadon

    Functional and Beautiful

    Just received this bucket bag this week & after a few days, I just had to write a review. This is the purse I have always been looking for, but never found! It comes with 2 different shoulder straps (love the multi-color strap), and has room for everything I normally carry. The removable nylon interior bag is also a great idea and has pockets (ideal to protect my cellphone from being tortured by my keys). It is quality leather construction with heavy-duty grommets where the straps attach. The outside pockets and purse have magnetic snaps for closure. I will consider buying in another color for spring and summer. This is a top-of-the-line designer bag as far as I’m concerned!

  15. Daniel

    Great quality at a fair price.

    Bought this as a Christmas present for my wife. First off it’s a quality product and made from quality leather. It feels like an expensive bag/ purse. It came with two different color straps a liner and looks exactly like what was pictured. Far exceeding our expectations. (Trust and believe my wife has an eye for the good stuff)
    Great quality at a fair price. What more can you ask for!

  16. J. E.

    Good quality, practical and fun!

    The bag is a bright fun color (I chose yellow). It is a medium-size, practical “bucket” style handbag. The leather is thick enough to hold its shape. The outside pockets are sufficient for small items (pens, chapstick, phone, etc). The inside has NO pockets. The bag comes with a pouch that sits inside the larger handbag. The pouch can be zipped up and will hold lots of cosmetics, tissues, or other small items. The outside pockets and the top of the bag have snaps. So far, the snaps are strong and hold well. I also love the two straps. It is a unique option to be able to select a strap. One strap is the same leather and the second strap is a softer fabric. All around – great bag!

  17. Maria S.

    Perfect Size Purse

    Just right for all your essentials. Big enough to use during the week for work yet small enough to use on the weekend. I didn’t use the included accessory bag, it was too big and took up the whole inside which might work for other people. I have a smaller one to hold small loose items. The quality is really nice and I love how the shoulder strap sits. It’s one length which lays perfectly. Doesn’t slip off the shoulder. I was a little apprehensive at first because the purse didn’t stand up while empty, but now that it is filled, it’s sturdy and perfect. The pink is really pretty. Not too pink, more natural.

  18. susie q

    Beautiful bag, well made and sturdy! Great price!

    I am totally impressed with this style and color! Eminently practical with many places to store glasses, keys, cellphone with too left over.

    I only have two suggestions: Inner bag would be more useful in a different lighter color, not brown. I substituted a bag of my own so i could locate it easier. And any inside bag should have a zipper from end to end, not just part of the bag’s width, which makes it like a fishing expedition! For me, these problems were easily fixed.

    The bag is great!

  19. Diana T. Torres

    Great bag!

    I loved the packaging and the color–I chose Coffee. The bag arrived promptly. It is the perfect size to carry a small laptop or tablet along with everyday items. The bag is sturdy and the leather is soft. I used the original strap as a crossbody strap. The designer provides two straps and a removal pouch with a zipper. It is a nice quality bag for daily use. Very pleased with my purchase.

  20. S. jones

    love it

    I couldn’t find what I was looking for at the store. I needed a large purse, wide strap, good leather craftsmanship and style. I got it with this purse. It is comfortable to carry and holds everything that I need. One negative for ME is that it has an inner removable bag.. I would have preferred contained divider / pockets. But overall good purse.

  21. LV Mermaid

    Very Sturdy Purse in Great Colors

    This purse is absolutely awesome. It has a lot of outside pockets – wish there were more inside. The magnet closures are really strong and the purse is very well made. I love the purple color and recommended to my friends because ofvthe style and the collection of colors. The two different strap types are a nice touch.

  22. JackieG

    Stylish laptop bag

    Love this bag. I use it for work and it actually replaces my need for a purse as well. Very roomy inside but not a huge bag like other laptop bags. Easily fits laptop, iPad, notebook, wallet, umbrella and other miscellaneous items.

  23. Teresa

    Very nice leather purse at a great price!

    Great “carry everything” bag! Purchased this in the dusty rose and it is the perfect bag for me. Leather is nice and the strap is just the right length. There is a nylon bag inside the purse to help one stay collected but no interior pockets- only the ones on the outside. Will buy mire from this vendor.

  24. virgomoon

    What a Great Bag!

    I love everything about this bag. It is large enough to carry all essentials plus some, but it doesn’t look like your carrying a suitcase. I was a little unsure before purchasing, but am so glad I did. It reminds me of a certain Celine bag that costs thousands…..Love love love!!

  25. E. Pouncey

    How do I love this purse, let me count the ways

    This is the third one of this brand I’ve purchased. One was a gift, and two for me. I really enjoy the bright colors, the capacity of great, and it seems durable too. Oh also I almost forgot I bought a wallet to sand company. The wallet can transform to a wristlet, nice option for a quick trip. I’ve received many complimei, I even had so.done ask me about it, she then went on line and bought one for hersel.

  26. Toni Ehasz

    My search for the perfect purse is over!

    I had to write a review for this purse. It is absolutely beautifu! I ordered the wine red and I’m glad I did ( I am usually a neutral gal.) It’s well made, expensive looking and classic. Perfect size for everyday use. The extra accessory purse it come with is just as nice and well made. FYI..No nasty chemical smell! Get this purse, you won’t be disappointed!

  27. KC

    Cute Bag

    I really like the look of this bag. I purchased the pink one and it’s very pretty for the spring/summer seasons. The material inside is a bit funky- I noticed it shed white stuff on my black cotton mask when I pulled it out. Not really a big deal and I’m still happy with the bag overall.

  28. Jenn

    Hands down....BEST PURSE EVER!

    You must buy this purse. I loved it the moment I set eyes on it and had to order. You will not be disappointed by this purse. The leather is exactly as shown, color wise. It is not stiff, yet not so soft that it collapses on itself. It comes with two straps….totally love the reversible fabric strap. Came with a removable insert that has zipper…with two side pouches inside. You can’t go wrong. I say daily out loud how much I love this purse.

  29. S. Kennedy

    Awesome bag!

    I have been looking for a new work bag that’s stylish and won’t break the bank. This is it!! I am super impressed by this bag. It’s comfortable on my shoulder (the strap is nice and wide), the color is gorgeous (I got a wine red one) and it holds everything I need for going back and forth to my office. Would definitely buy again and may add another color just for fun.

  30. Diane S

    Great deal and outstanding quality!

    I got 2 because they were a lightning deal. I never expected them to be this nice! Quality and craftsmen ship is outstanding. Lots of room and really like the 2 different handles. The print has tons of colors and is more casual. The bag is a bit heavy, but I expected that do to the all leather. Even the packaging was above par. And because of the removable insert I can change bags and not have to unpack the bag each time I want to change colors. I just change the insert. Would recommend them even at full price, but l will be watching for deals to add a third.

  31. Customer _S_O_

    Worth it!!

    This bag feels very nicely made. Leather feels high quality and I have gotten compliments on this bag. Its a very sleek and professional but can also be used on a regular

  32. Jennifer Moon

    Beautiful and practical!

    I love my Bostanten handbag! It is beautiful and very well made. It holds quite a lot and is very practical. The color goes with everything.

  33. Julia D. Kirwan

    Love this purse for everything, study, style, function

    This purse has great style as a “tote bag” or saddle bag. It comes with a zippered internal bag, and the bag snaps at the top, so you dont have items jangling around at the bottom or falling out of the purse if you have them secured in the bag. I actually use a couple of small bags inside the bag to keep my stuff organized. I really love the look of the bag, and it goes from casual to business, to dinner easily.

  34. Design dedicated

    Gorgeous bag!

    For the days I don’t have to lug my laptop, this is my go-to work bag. I can fit all my essentials, lunch, and a light sweater for the day. Professional, versatile, and very chic. Nice structure and construction. Recommend!

  35. Susan

    Beautiful leather

    This Hobo Tote is gorgeous. The Tote and the straps were professionally wrapped indivually to protect the leather in mailing. Very impressive. I have received many compliments on this handbag.

  36. Nikki

    My favorite bag currently

    I love everything about this bag. Especially the 2nd strap. I tend to carry a bunch of things & the 2nd strap is thicker so it distributes the weight better and my shoulder doesn’t hurt. Very much appreciated.

  37. Claire G.


    I get compliments all the time. Great size!


    Love Love Love

    There’s nothing I don’t like about it, the color is perfect, the size is right for all my stuff I would definitely buy it in another color and the quality is great

  39. Buttons

    Really love the purse

    Purse is a nice leather that is partially lined on the bottom half. It came with a removable organizer and 2 straps, one matches the leather purse and the other is a fabric print. Both are shoulder straps. Due to a shoulder issue I’d planned on just carrying it over my arm until I discovered a crossbody strap for sale by a different seller that matches the fabric print and was very reasonably priced. Now I have 3 options for straps. I got the navy one and I believe it’s truly leather. I rarely buy vegan purses and am 69 y/o so have oodles of leather bags, some very high end and it smells like leather and feels like leather to me. The bottom was folded for shipping to get the bag to lay flat. Once the fold was flattened out, the bag would stand with no problems. Happy with my purchase.

  40. bensoja

    Really is as described

    At the price I was very skeptical it would be leather… while I really think it is real leather, if it’s not its a very good imitation, so either was I’m very happy with the product. I did buy a separate purse organizer as I did not like the insert included with this purse. The organizer I got gives the purse added structure to stand up when I sit the purse down which I very much like. This bag is comfortable to carry and looks great! It could easily carry a laptop or tablet, but I use it strictly as a purse and get tons of compliments.

  41. joan kelly

    Smooth and Classic

    I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this bag. I typically buy only high end bags, but I was impressed with the outside pocket and color options. It is worth the choice.

  42. Miss Hollywood

    Enjoyable and Stylish

    I bought this purse for a trip. I wanted leather and something stylish for a better price than department store upscale bags. I have to say it’s a WINNER! It sets great on the shoulder. I like the thick name-brand strap, though the narrow, leather, longer strap is great too. The leather is choice. It hasn’t scuffed or lost its shape. The two-tone color is sharp looking. It’s high quality makes it look like I got it at a high-end boutique.

    I purchased an insert organizer for it as it is limited on inside pockets (get it small). The pockets inside are rigid leather, but nice because they don’t collapse on themselves. I highly recommend one in every color.

  43. Linda Springer

    What a great bag!

    Thais is such a great purse/tote. It’s the perfect size to carry all the time — big enough to be helpful, but not so big as to be cumbersome. And really well-made and reasonably priced.

    PS if you’re buying the red one just a heads up: it’s a very bright red (but I like!).

  44. deb

    Perfect length

    I love the color, the length is perfect it doesn’t constantly fall.ofc my shoulder. Being a bucket purse it hold a lot of stuff. I had to get used to the fact the middle compartment comes out so some stuff get under the inside bag.

  45. dee

    Love it!!

    It’s a gorgeous spring summer bag. Lightweight and lots of room. Very comfortable to wear.

  46. Kia Walker

    Beautiful and Well-Made

    I am buying leather bags so that I don’t need to buy anymore.
    This one is beautiful and well-made.

  47. Bonnie Dublin

    Gorgeous, Roomy Tote Bag... Terrific Value for a Very Classy Tote

    Gorgeous Roomy Tote Bag … deliciously soft leather, beautiful shade of light blue, great quality and workmanship. I also love the magnetic snaps used as a closure for the main compartment as well as for the 2 large exterior pockets, as well as the choice of 2 straps to interchange. Finally, I particularly like the fact that there’s a separate bag / insert with a zipper so that I can safely carry my I-Phone, wallet, and keys, etc., with plenty of internal space on either side of the removable insert to put in other items. Ultimately, a terrific value for such a classy very tote!.

  48. Elizabeth M.


    I’ve been looking at these for awhile and finally ordered. What delayed me was deciding on a color! I have so many black purses and I’m glad I chose something outside of my comfort zone! Love it! This is very roomy and I’m glad I have the option of removing the insert. I’m used to carrying Coach or Michael Kors totes for work, but wanted a slightly smaller ‘catch-all.’ I also ordered the matching wallet and can’t wait for that to be delivered. I’m a purse-aholic and this proved to be a wonderful purchase! Don’t hesitate! You will love it!

  49. Leilani J Macari

    The best purse I will ever own

    What a beautiful purse, and the color ( robins egg blue) that’s what it looks like to me, is just the color I was searching for. I especially love all the pockets and ths removable makeup pouch, the leather is soft yet sturdy I will probably purchase more colors!

  50. Shopper in Texas

    Very cute roomy and sturdy tote bag. Appreciate the wide strap!

    I had been looking for an everyday kind of tote to take to work. I like to carry my purse/tote as a shoulder bag, but I love the usefulness of a tote shape. This one fit the bill on both counts. It comes with two straps, one that matches the bag, and another that is very vibrantly colored. The straps are also on the wide side compared to some of my other totes, so I know it will not dig in to my shoulder if the bag gets overloaded a tad. The only thing that will take some use to, and perhaps I did not read the description accurately, but the removable pouch inside does not attach in any way to the bag. This is not a deal breaker for me, as I have a large wristlet that can serve the same purpose so I don’t really need the insert pouch. The bag is roomy enough that it even fits my MacBook comfortably, with plenty of space for other stuff. Love it!

  51. Maria K Richard

    Omg! ❤️

    I passed someone carrying this bag a week ago. It’s a showstopper and I’m a lover of bags. The beautiful brown Carmel color is subtle and very classy. The leather is soft and buttery and the the gold hardware sets it apart. I wasn’t sure if I needed it but knew I wanted it. Broke down and ordered it! So glad I did! I love this bag and would have guessed it was very expensive as would you. I selfishly hate to post such a positive review because I prefer to own things no one sees very often but I believe the seller deserves to know this a quality product for an amazing price!

  52. twin mom

    10 stars!

    This purse far exceeded my expectations! So roomy, and so many pockets and very well made! The insert is a nice satin material which is great because I have issues with certain textures! The colorful strap is adorable and reversible! I was skeptical about the pink color as I’m not really a fan of pink, but the shade is more of an in between purplish pink! I love everything about this purse!!!

  53. A0


    Classy! Well made. Sturdy and holds its shape. Perfect for toting or a purse. Straps (2) are great. Small inner bag has embellishments. It’s like buying a designer purse. I expect a lot of compliments. I will be using this for books and iPad lugging all day at work. Glad I chose the one that was pricey but look at other comparisons and they smell or are floppy.

  54. Laila S. Finnen

    I am happy with my new bag.

    This is a good quality tote bag. Well made with solid seams. No pocket inside the bag. It has an organiser (loose) that gives you access to make up etc. Bag has pockets on all sides (side pocket ideal for large cellphones). This is a REAL leather bag. (Remember to keep it out of rain. It changes the color of the bag.) Bostanten had enclosed a bag that I will protect the bag from wetness. I will definitely use that.

  55. omaha nancy

    Wonderful quality.

    This bag is large and great for travel or use when your activities require carrying a quantity of items. It was larger than I expected but is so beautiful I am keeping for special use. Love both straps and they are very comfortable even when bag is loaded. Quality is wonderful. Was well packaged and arrived in perfect shape with a dust bag for protection. Very happy with the purchase.

  56. LM

    Great for everyday errands!

    Really like the purse. Like others, the cheap zip pouch is worthless and would be better to have interior pockets.
    But, all in all, great everyday get around purse. Save the Name Brand purses for going out and business days.
    But, please get rid of the worthless pouch inside. At least, if you don’t do interior pockets, put in a decent organizer!

  57. SergioLA

    My wife loved it!

    I got this handbag as one of the Christmas gifts for my wife. I was surprise with the quality of this Tote bag and as Bostanten advertised it is made of real leather. It was very nice that the bag came with 2 straps, one of them is a multi color straps that gives a cool touch of color. My wife is very happy with the bag in general and specially with the size of it. Lucky for me it looks like Santa did a good job. ;)

  58. Arrowsmith

    Very nicely made

    So cute and extremely comfortable to wear! Not too big nor bulky. And I LOVE that you can switch out the straps from Boho chic to the leather one. Extremely well made. Even though there is no center area to store accessories, the small bag that comes with it is perfect as it contains a zippered up compartment area to store your keys, mail files, hand sanitizer, masks, ETC and makes it easier to carry if you want to switch purses. Highly recommend this bag!!!

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Bucket Shouder Bag

The leather designer bucket brown shoulder bag is equipped with a single shoulder, a flowing comb and light-colored hardware. It has a built-in zipper and can be used as a shoulder bag or a sling bag.Aunicer is an online store that focuses on popular women’s bucket Bag. The price is much lower than that of luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Coach, Prada, Gucci,dior,Burberry,MCM,michael kors and Celine. It is cheaper to buy a more satisfactory bag.

MATERIAL: This brown women’s bucket shoulder bag features a premium waterproof, scratch-resistant pu leather outer and a soft suede lining for refined durability. The leather tassels and golden hardware show the charm of women’s bags and complement your noble temperament.

Dimensions: 25 x 16 x 25 cm (L x W x H).

Shoulder Straps: Detachable and adjustable shoulder straps, easy to adjust to fit your height, perfect as a handbag, shoulder bag or crossbody bag.

Closure: Fringed drawstring and built-in zipper for easy opening, suitable for your phone, lipstick, small purse, vanity case and other small everyday essentials.

Features: Classic bucket shape, vibrant fringe decoration, add more fashion to this bag. Solid colors and patterns allow you to easily match your outfits and are great to take with you for shopping, appointments, travel, workplace and more.

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Weight N/A
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9.84 x 6.29 x 9.84 (L x W x H)



Bucket Shouder Bag

Leather Designer Bucket Shouder Bag