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Leather Designer Shoulder Tote Bag

(25 reviews)


Shoulder Tote Bag Leather lining. Zip closure. 3-LAYER LARGE CAPACITY: This women's Leather Designer Shoulder Tote Bag has three layers designed for different uses for maximum capacity. A separ... read more


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25 reviews for Leather Designer Shoulder Tote Bag

  1. J.O. Cruz

    Nice Leather - Nice Handles - Nice Design... what else could I ask for?

    I love this purse. I like the rolled handles and the very high quality lining. there are just enough pockets to give me a place for all of my goodies without my stuff getting lost. it looks pretty. The leather seems thick and high quality. it’s not as soft as i thought it would be but it’s not cheap/stiff feeling but i’m sure it’ll soften up with use. All the seams are double stitched so it will last a long time.

  2. sargegrl5

    Great Bag

    This a great bag. The small was the perfect size for me, not too small, and not too big. The color is more on the brownish tone then orange. The picture shows it as being shiny, but it isn’t shiny. The zippers easily glide with little effort. The handles are large enough to make this a very comfortable bag to carry. The bag has structure so it holds it’s shape even when empty.

  3. mamarae

    Sturdy and beautiful:)

    A very sturdy purse holds all my items….all my many items! I tend to load a purse, can’t help it, I need all my stuffs. This purse arrived packaged with so much care, all the hardware was protected with detail. The color of the sorrel was beautiful. The small size wound up being the perfect size even for all my items. The cross body strap is also perfect and was a big deciding factor on my purchase because I love to be hands free whenever possible. I will purchase from Kattee again, beautiful product!

  4. Shildy

    Great all porpoise tote with tons of organization inside.

    Beautiful bag. He packaging leaves a lot to be desired. It was packaged safely but like wrapped up in a plastic bag, no box, no felt bag, etc. but the metal hardware was wrapped and handles wrapped, etc. this is a gorgeous bag. Lots of useful pickets, beautiful leather, hardware and general design. I only wish Kattee had a line of smaller cross body bags and/or clutches that interested me. This holds a lot and I got the small size – diaper clutch for two kids, shades, wallet, snacks, toiletries bag, pilates shoes, water bottle, I drag it everywhere and throw anything in it.

  5. Kris Hiemstra

    Classy with a touch of Vintage

    I was a little surprised upon opening the box. I didn’t expect this bag to be so nice! It’s beautiful & high quality. I would easily have expected to pay twice as much. I ordered the small, and it is roomy. Almost too big for my likes, dunno what I’m going to pile in here, I’m a minimalist. Leather is top grain, nice and thick, yet supple and soft. Lightly oiled with a beautiful sheen. I love the two tone dye effect, giving it a vintage look, but still highly polished. Hardware a bright brass tone, highly polished. Well stitched, with a glossy durable satin liner. Nice heavy zippers look like they will stand up to years of use. Nice dividers and pockets inside, plenty of room to stow your sunglasses, phone, wallet, cosmetics, etc. Pretty sure I could throw my iPad in there with a 1 liter water bottle and still have room to spare.
    I love the real leather smell! The only thing I don’t like about this bag is the long shoulder strap. It’s a little narrow, so the aesthetic balance is off. Also, if you want to latch the shoulder strap shorter, there is no way to secure the tail, so it’s left flapping around.
    All in all, I am very happy with this smart, sharp, beautiful quality bag. I’m sure I’ll carry it for many years to come, and it will only look better as it wears in.

  6. themabrys

    Perfect Perfect Perfect!

    OMG Fantastic bag! It’s roomy and I love the split interior design. The zipper pocket down the center of the bag is perfect for the matching wallet, or power cords/head phones, bills, etc. The bag is a perfect size and holds my Windows Surface AND iPAD (7.5″) easily. I use this as a handbag and laptop carrier – so it’s contents include: iPad, Windows Surface, wallet, zipper pouch for my cables/chargers/headphones, zipper bag for typical purse junk, I’ve put pens and my wireless headset in the pouches, and my keys, glasses cleaner, etc. in the zipper pocket. I may change laptops soon and feel there will be no issue with sizing – but some are larger than others – so make sure you measure. I don’t use the long strap – I prefer to carry my bag close to my body and while I adjusted the long strap, the ‘excess’ just hangs and gets in the way, so I just use the handles which are long enough to go on my shoulder! It is soft leather and the color is dead-on. Perfect, perfect, perfect!

  7. 93422

    Surprised and VERY PLEASED

    I love everything about this bag, ordered larger size, perfect. Brown/acorn color is gorgeous. Only time will tell how well the gold toned hardware will hold up but, every piece of hardware came covered in plastic wrap. The top exterior zipper and interior pockets, seem to be filed, (as in high end bags) the glide perfect. I am replacing the feet immediately, by choice. Very minor detail. The dust bag is thin paper, no drawstring, met for shipping. Excellent organization, interior has a full center zipper compartment, separating two large open compartments. One wall has a smaller zipper pocket and the other wall has two open pockets. The bag arrived quickly and professionally packaged.

  8. Mother’s Hands

    Perfect Purse

    I love this purse! I purchased the small size and it’s perfect. I can fit everything I need in it. My two favorite features are 1) the middle zip pocket is attached at the bottom. Whatever you put on one side stays on that side. 2) The crossbody strap. When I shop I don’t like to leave my purse in the cart and I don’t have to with this purse. Crossbodys are usually too small the carry everything I like to carry or they are too narrow. This has plenty of room and is nice and wide. I can even put my water bottle in one side of it and zip the zipper right up to the bottle as to not worry about it leaking. It’s a soft leather so it conforms to your body when carried as a crossbody. I thought it was a smooth leather but it is a pebble leather. At first I wasn’t sure I liked the pebble leather but I’m good with it. I also wasn’t so sure about the gold hardware but the functionality of this purse overall completely out weighs the gold hardware. I also just ordered the Kattee Vintage Women’s RFID Leather Trifold Wallet…very excited to get it tomorrow after seeing the quality of this purse.

  9. D Gurung

    Five Stars

    Love it! Love the texture, color, feel, perfect for a short person like me to carry.

  10. Anna

    Awesome Bag!

    I purchased the large Sorrel bag and this thing is huge – EXACTLY what I needed. The bag was very well packed (with protective tape on the hardware and plastic on the handles), is well made (beautifully stitched leather), and fits all of the things that I find absolutely necessary to carry around with me every single day. There is some serious space on the inside of this bag and even with all of my belongings in it, there’s still room for more! As others have stated, the bag is heavy but honestly most of my bags are heavy because I carry so much with me. I absolutely LOVE this tote bag and will definitely purchase additional Kattee bags in the future.

  11. Maria Ninguem

    Fabulous Purse

    The red is more of a rust– just what I wanted. The grey (yeah, I ordered two) is wonderfully neutral. The gold buckles look really nice with both colors and the brown lining works well with both too (yeah, grey and brown, whoda thunk it, but the purse pulls it off). I got the large and I needed it. It will hold a 13 inch MacBook Pro, but if you’ve got a lot of other stuff, it’s somewhat of a tight fit. I had hoped that the zippered compartment in the center would hold the laptop, but alas, the zipper is too narrow to get the MacBook in there. So if your main concern is a very roomy bag for your laptop and half your closet, this might not be it, but with the nice wide bottom it’s gonna fit a lot more than you might expect. If you loosen the semi-adjustable buckles, you can easily dispense with the shoulder strap and either carry it as a purse or a shoulder bag, which is also nice. And it looks classy. A stranger stopped me on the street and complimented me on my handbag. Can’t beat that.

  12. Excited Mom

    Perfectly sized as

    I just received this bag, but it is perfect. It fits what I need without being too large. It is great for my personal belongings as I travel for work without having everything thrown in with my work items.

  13. Joyce A.

    Perfect bag for me

    I am VERY happy with this purse! I’d been using a briefcase-like bag as a teacher. Now that I’m out of the classroom, I no longer need to lug my laptop around all day and wanted to downsize. This bag is more purse-like but can still accommodate my 13” MacBook Pro, as well as a book or two, when I go to occasional meetings. Perfect!
    I almost returned the bag when I first got it, thinking that the shorter handles were too short to slip over my shoulder. I wanted that option if I didn’t feel like using the full-length shoulder strap. Then I discovered the short straps were adjustable, just enough to slip over my shoulder comfortably.
    Although I’ve only had it a week, the bag seems to be good quality and I’m hopeful it will last a long time.

  14. Marketinmass


    Beautiful Classic traditional handbag. I get many compliments. Purchased in brown.

  15. Small Nicolette

    Loved it

    This looks like “nothing special” which was exactly what I wanted. It carries every I need for shopping into it. Very good quality and amazing leather. I recommend this to anyone looking for a classy tote.

  16. Kirk Simon

    Great purchase

    I just received this last night it is stunning. Looks like it will wear well. Straps are strong and deep to carry on my shoulder comfortably. I am very happy with this product overall.

  17. Kindle Customer

    Great Bag

    I love it. It has plenty of room for things that I can’t do without. It looks good. There is enough space to organize your essentials. Glad I bought it.

  18. Bonnie

    Big, pretty bag!

    This bag was shipped quickly, and mostly lived up to what I expected. I had to give it 4 stars for craftsmanship because one of the interior compartments is already losing it’s stitching. It’s the pocket for the cellphone. That said, the rest of the interior is finished beautifully. The lining is a nice, heavy, satiny brown fabric that seems sturdy – like it will last for a long time. There are plenty of compartments. I keep my entire life in my purse, and I had lots of space left over. One thing I haven’t done yet is to see if my laptop will fit in here. I don’t imagine that I will use this bag for that though. The center pocket is not padded. That is one thing to keep in mind. The exterior of this bag is beautiful. It is this nice , shiny, pebbled leather. All of the fittings on this bag are gold colored. Up to and including the “feet” on the bottom of this bag. I don’t notice any issues with the stitching on the outside of the bag. Everything seems to be stitched down tight. There are no loose threads. The bag’s a bit heavy, but I don’t mind that. Maybe if I were a small person. I’m not, though. Very impressed with the style and quality offered by this affordable bag. I have been lusting after a Frye tote for a long time that is similar in style, but I can’t afford it. This one I could, and I am so happy I bought it!

  19. Iana

    Gorgeous bag, superb quality. Happy with the purchase!

    Received my bags today. They are just like what you see in the photos here. Superb quality. Of course, time will tell how long they last but I can tell from just looking at them that they are made to last. I’m happy with everything. The leather and hardware are beautiful, the bag is simply very well designed and made. Just like some reviewers here, I searched for a bag like this in some reputable stores and just did not see anything that I would like. This bag is such a find! I ordered two bags, black and sorrel, and don’t regret purchasing them. Might buy another one for my mom.
    If you are a meticulous buyer like me you probably have read some of the negative reviews on here as well. Quite honestly, I am now puzzled about where they are coming from. I can’t imagine what’s not to like about the bag of this quality and at such a price!

  20. Laura Lake

    Excellent Value, Beautiful!

    I am a bit of a handbag snob. I adore bags, and enjoy carrying a nice bag. I have Coach bags i bought 30 years ago and still carry! That said, I’ve reached an age where it also must be a good value, well made, clasic design, and long lasting. I dont care for bags with someones name plastered all over them. If you cant glance at a bag a see the quality, I’m not interested.

    This bag has excellent construction. The stitching is even, well done, and well finished. Not a single loose thread. The hardware is heavy and well plated. The smell of leather- this is a GOOD THING- is present and the edges are properly treated. The bag is divided into two sections inside, with the center divider being itself a zippered pocket. My only wish is that the lining were a lighter colored, non shiny fabric, as experience has shown those last longer and are easier to find things in. That said, this lining is well made. Over all an excellent purchase. I would recommend this company unreservedly. I think i have found a company that employs craftsmen, rather than production lines.

    I will purchase bags from them again, and am greatly enjoying my current bag. ( Not that it gets to go many places, this is 2020 and we are still locked down….)

  21. Kelley K

    The smell of leather is in the air

    I rarely write a review within minutes of receiving an item, but this one deserves it! It is a hot, humid day in the Midwest and my package was on my porch for a few hours. When I opened the box, I could SMELL the leather!! No cheap or weird smell coming from this bag! The leather is buttery soft and the quality is high! I looked at other bags that were $200+ and this compares equally! I will be returning though, not for any reason besides I need it bigger! My 13” laptop fits great, but for work, I have papers and other things that would make the bag too tight of a fit! Bravo to the makers of this bag! I am very pleased and I will be looking at what else they have to offer!

  22. Island Girl

    The BEST bag I've owned

    This is, hands down, the best leather handbag I’ve owned. After nearly two years of daily use (I don’t switch out bags), this purse shows only the slightest bit of wear on the bottom. It hasn’t shown any scratches at all, and the color (black) hasn’t rubbed off or faded.

    I bought this purse not knowing what to expect in terms of quality, because I had never heard of the brand. It far surpasses any bag I’ve bought at a department store that was supposedly leather, but turned out to have some cheap coating that scuffed off with very little scratching. Well, I am so impressed with the quality of my bag that I am definitely going to buy Kattee brand again when mine finally wears out.

  23. Kimberly Goodwin

    Gorgeous, high quality REAL leather bag!

    After buying fake leather purses (P.U. leather) for years I decided to treat myself and get myself a nice quality leather bag. I am so glad I picked this one! The craftmanship is excellent! It’s sturdy, durable, and has plenty of space, which is very important since I need to have a BIG bag. It is a beautiful orangey-brown color and is comfortable on my shoulder. (Personally I find it better to use without the shoulder strap that’s included. The handles are large enough to fit under my arm.) There are three sections inside the bag (one with middle zipper) and there are inside pockets as well. Finally, the price of the bag is an incredible bargain for the quality you get. I had this bag for a week now and I couldn’t be happier with it. I highly recommend this!

  24. Kathryn M.

    Very well made

    Very pleasantly surprised with the quality and appearance. Because I’m currently working more at home than the office due to social distancing, I’m not dressing as professionally, so I’m not using my Coach, Dooney, Tory Burch etc handbags and matching totes/briefcases. However, I wanted something I could use with office casual and took a chance on this bag because that looked nice and fit my needs.
    This tote is beautiful (I almost want to save it). It has very nice hardware and the leather is a good quality. The interior has plenty of room and it is nicely lined. I bought the large one for my laptop and files and the color is a pretty brown. (I don’t want to back out of this review to see the name of the color).
    I highly recommend this tote, and would use it even with professional work attire.
    This bag also comes with a dust cover, and the hardware has a protective wrapping.

  25. DRER

    Beautiful and Well Constructed

    This bag is beautiful! Not sure why there are so many complaints that the leather bag is heavy. . . leather IS heavier th an vinyl or cloth. I am a Dooney purse gal and every Dooney and Coach bag I own is somewhat heavy when loaded up. This bag is actually a little lighter than the other leather, designer bag I own. Anyway, I bought this bag is typical “purses” do not have as many pockets to organize all the stuff I lug around on a daily basis. It has to perform double duty as a purse and a work tote. It needs to hold my laptop as well as my makeup, phone, contact solutions, etc. This bag is roomy enough for all the above AND looks fationable doing it. I am impressed with the quality as well. Comparing it to my designer bags, which I pay hundreds more, I can say that this is as well constructed for a fraction of the price! I like it so much I am considering buying the larger version for when I travel!

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Shoulder Tote Bag

Leather lining.

Zip closure.

3-LAYER LARGE CAPACITY: This women’s Leather Designer Shoulder Tote Bag has three layers designed for different uses for maximum capacity. A separate padded pocket in the center protects the tablet. Two additional side compartments are perfect for storing all your essentials.
Well-constructed: zipper closure for quick access to items, and 1 zippered pocket in the middle to store valuables. Enough space for all your daily needs such as tablet, phone, books, keys, mouse, passport, credit card, cash, cosmetics and more. Keep your items organized.

CONVENIENT AND FASHIONABLE: Beautiful size is perfect for women, perfect for everyday use like shopping/meetings/school/work/weekend travel/etc.

MATERIAL AND SIZE: This women’s brown and espresso tote handbag is made of durable vegan leather material. High-quality golden hardware, wear-resistant, strong load-bearing. Dimensions: 42 x 13x 30 cm, adjustable long shoulder straps: 31.89-56.5 inches. Made of waterproof high quality PU leather, durable and stylish. The detachable shoulder strap allows you to carry it as a crossbody, shoulder bag or tote. This attractive and stylish tote bag is perfect for everyday shopping, office, college, business trips, school, work, weekends, outdoor activities, outdoor vacations, travel, gym, camping and more. The size is suitable for women, college students, teenage girls and adults.

WARRANTY: AULOVELY offers great products and a great buying experience. If you are dissatisfied with our products or services for any reason, please contact us and we will try to resolve any issues and ensure your satisfaction.

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Shoulder Tote Bag

Leather Designer Shoulder Tote Bag