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Leather Drawstring Bucket Bag

(74 reviews)


Drawstring Bucket Bag 【Design】This women's brown leather drawstring bucket bag style can be worn on the shoulder or cross-body bag. A secure drawstring closure also adds a decorative element. Dra... read more


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74 reviews for Leather Drawstring Bucket Bag

  1. teri chow

    Perfect bag

    After months of researching I’ve finally found the perfect bag. The material is soft and the style is cute. As a mom I needed a bag that’s big enough to carry everything I needed for me and all the baby stuff. This stylish bag will replace my old diaper bag. It has many packets inside so it will keep me organized. This is my to go bag for everyday use. Love it. I would definitely recommend it.

  2. Erin

    Great bag with lots of pockets!

    I really love this bag. It is a large bag, but the pockets inside, and three pockets outside really help to keep it from being a huge black hole like some purses can be. My first purse has one pocket that had a piece of fabric that wasn’t sewn correctly, and the sellers were helpful and quickly sent me a replacement. I like that I can wear this on my shoulder or cross body. This is a great bag for when you still have little ones but don’t need a diaper bag! Easy to bring a snack, water bottle and all the “treasures” my little guys want me to haul.

  3. NOLA77382

    Best of both worlds

    I use a shoulder bag at home but when I travel I’ve resorted to cross-body bags for security sake. I’ve bought several iterations of cross-body bags and small backpacks–I don’t love any of them. I’m not comfortable with an exclusively cross-body bag and the small backpacks are just too casual (for me) in a city like Paris. This bag, I believe, is my solution! It’s stylish but understated–the gold zippers on the side pockets are attractive and the pockets will hold essentials like my lip gloss and sunglasses. The interior is roomy with convenient dividers and -very important- a full zipper to close it. There’s also a zippered compartment on the back of the bag. It’s not leather so is lightweight but this faux leather is much more “real” looking than many others. The cross-body strap is sturdy and attaches via heavy gold clips. This bag gives me the best of both worlds. I have the shoulder bag I prefer but can convert it into a cross-body when needed. It looks stylish, too. I am very pleased with this purchase. I’ll return to edit this review after my trip–let’s see how it holds up!

    UPDATE after two weeks vacation: I used this bag everyday for two weeks in France. It was comfortable, stylish, and large enough to hold the stuff I needed to sightsee: map, guidebook, phone, sunscreen, lotion, hand sanitizer, makeup, wallet, sometimes shoes and scarves and umbrellas. I’m super pleased with this purchase!

  4. AZebz

    Go to Purse

    This is my go to purse these days. I have had it for several months. It’s very good quality, it has held up well to the repeat abuse of constant use. It fits a lot. I can carry and iPad, wallet, sunglasses case, notebook and more in it easily. The front pocket fits my iPhone and keys perfectly.

  5. A. Berube

    Absolutely love this bag

    I’m obsessed with this bag. I love the compartments, they are easy to access and there are plenty of them so i can put my phone and keys in separate pockets. The material really is nice and high quality. I’ve been using it for over a week now and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. The 2 handles are so nice so i can carry as a cross body while shopping but a shoulder bag when running from the car to the house. My only complaint is with the side pockets. They are the most perfect size for my Apple Airpods to fit in. My first grocery shopping trip with the bag, I had the bag on my side with the crossbody strap. I looked down and the side pocket was all the way open with my airpods balancing inside the pocket ready to fall out. I won’t be using those pockets anymore for fear of losing the contents. But i love the size, design, material and functionality of this bag SO MUCH that I almost don’t care that i cant use the side pockets.

  6. Whitney V

    High quality, durable AND stylish! Can’t go wrong!!

    I LOVE this bag!! I was surprised when I received it because it was a little bigger than expected, but once I put everything I needed in it, I still had more than enough room for extra stuff I end up carrying for others. It did smell strongly of plastic (I’m assuming?) but, after I put a dryer sheet on the inside pocket and let it air out for a couple days, it was fine.

    **I’ve had this purse for a couple months now and it has held up really well! I’ve gotten tons of compliments, and I really enjoy all the pockets and storage. You can’t go wrong for the price, and it really hasn’t shown any wear or tear whatsoever. I would highly recommend!**

  7. Janet

    Love this handbag; soft leather; looks like picture

    The leather is soft and pliable. I bought the dark tan with black tailoring bag. I looks great! I’ve only have this purse about a week but so far, I’m loving it! I previously bought a purse from but the “leather” (not!) was hard. This purse is the opposite; it’s soft.

    There are two outside, small zippered pockets, one of which I keep my keys in. Of the two inside pockets with the narrow zippered pocket in-between, one side is maybe twice as large as the other. I carry my wallet in the smaller side and put my other stuff on the other side, most of which are in a small zippered bag. My VIP docs are kept in the thin middle zippered pocket. Choose for yourself what to put in the two open pockets on one side – my eye case fits one pocket perfectly. Plus there’s a zippered pocket on the other side.

    I love the height and depth of this purse. I have asthma and occasionally need to carry my emergency asthma relief kit (dual system: puff inhaler + plastic cyclinder). That small didn’t fit in my old purse but I can drop it in this purse and zip it close without any bulges at all. Also, please note that so far, all zippers work great. I looked at so many purses after purchasing the first one from – which I unfortunately realized after the fact that I couldn’t return. I have no regrets with this bag and am happy with this purchase, which cost less than!

    Oh – I carry the bag on my arm but the handbag strap will fit on my shoulder when I occasionally wand/need to carry it that way. And I’m 5’9″. So unless you’re just a shoulder bag person, shoulder bag straps are an option. The handbag strap is a good 1″ thick so it’s a nice fit in both your hand or on your shoulder. Again, I highly recommend this purse. I was quite delighted with it and do not regret buying it!!

  8. Aimus

    Buy It

    I love it. I have little bags for the inside so things don’t get lost. So many people compliment it. It is also extremely comfortable to wear. I have to carry a lot for work and am always on the go; this bag does not get in the way & functions to keep all my essentials at hand, often handling work overflow. I have had it for a few months now & the lining is slightly pulling away from the seam at one corner, which makes me sad, but I am tough on things dye to my busy lifestyle. Overall, I will probably buy the same one when this one dies on me. I love it!

  9. Ray

    Great storage, durability, looks, and price

    You guys, I needed a new purse so badly. One that was big enough, sturdy enough, cute enough, and didn’t break the band. Bingo, this purse fit the bill. There are pockets aplenty. Like, they’re all over the place. I don’t tend to use the side pockets as the zippers tend to slide open, but the rest are great. I don’t usually get purses that don’t have a top flap, but this purse was worth making an exception. I’ve had it for months now and it’s definitely holding up. No holes or bits falling off. Being able to crossstrap or just toss onto a shoulder is lovely. When my current purse wears out I’m sure I’ll be getting this same one to replace it

  10. Gypsy

    Large leather bag (for the price of a small nylon bag)

    Excellent bag. Well made, large and sturdy. Good hardware and many compartments (9 total; 3 zippered pockets on the back and each side, internal divider is a zippered pouch, another zippered pocket on interior side large enough for a checkbook and 2 functional pockets on the other side for petty cash, change, pens, chapstick, etc. each the size of a pant back pocket) keeps everything organized and easy to find.

    It would make a good overnight bag or diaper bag because the amount of stuff this thing holds is insane!

  11. Paula J.

    Roomy & nice pockets.

    Love it! Lots of space in each compartment & seems well-made. Looks stylish & versatile with nice brown color. One suggestion: the purse handle cannot be removed if I want to use the shoulder strap & it gets in the way. Snaps, instead of rivets, would be nice to use or remove the handle as desired. The rivets do look sharp, though as opposed to clips. At 5’4″, I’m going to try to use the handle for a shoulder bag & see if it works. May be too short to be comfortable. Still a keeper. Nice little surprise gifts included. Thank you.

  12. scholar


    This is the large purse I have been looking for. (I usually wear small cross-bodies, but needed one large). Someone put a lot of effort into getting this bag just right. The brown looks like leather and has no marks. It is soft, feels great, and hangs well. (It looks like the picture). The gold hardware is bright but suits the bag; the zippers work easily. It is well made. It isn’t too wide, deep, or high, or stiff, and as a shoulder bag it hangs just right at the hip with a slight curve so that it fits the body.
    The pockets are easy to reach and the interior slips are good size. I can put a 8.5 x 11 paper folder in it horizontally, and a tablet will fit. I like the divider.
    I don’t usually like tassels, but the two at the side pockets are fine–they don’t stick out, get in the way, or make noise (and they actually help find the tabs for the side-pocket zippers). The side pockets are a decent size (they won’t work for a water bottle or umbrella, but could hold a phone charger).
    The long strap is very comfortable. I am tall and usually short straps have too short a drop, but I can wear this short strap on my shoulder comfortably.
    The only minor problem was that the short handle squeaked a bit where the rings met the fake leather. But some lip balm on a q-tip and along the rings solved that. The rest of the bag didn’t squeak.
    A perfect bag! Thank you.

  13. Katya G

    Amazing quality!

    Okay, it took me a while to write a review for this but I had to give it a test of time. It has passed 100%. I ordered this in February 2018 and it is still with me, in a great shape and amazing condition. The only thing that slowly came off is a rubber band around handles but it took awhile for that to happen and it doesn’t really affect the look of the purse too much. And I have been wearing it non-stop for what, about 2.5 years now? Amazing quality and the price is fantastic. I ordered a different handbag this month but only because I got tired of color. Otherwise, I wish every handbag held up so well and had the same organized pockets.

  14. Jennifer

    Chinese lucky knot!

    I love the bag. It is exactly what I expected. There is an odor on the inside however, I’m sure it will go away. One other thing I love was when I open the purse there was a red tassel. At first I thought it was to go on the outside of the purse then I found a card that read,”Thank you for purchasing Realer products, we have prepared a small gift, a Chinese lucky knot for you. In China, it represents health, happiness, and good luck. We want to express our blessings to you through it, and hope it brings you good luck. Best wishes to you!” I thought this was touching and much needed during this time of pandemic. Thank you for the lucky knot and a beautiful purse. Oh and they also provided a reusable bag with their label on it. Pretty awesome guys! Great branding.

  15. shirleysciandra


    I am so surprised at how well this bag is made. I am a devoted Coach user but liked the look of this bag so I thought I would give it a try for the cost. I am in love. I love all the compartments and I love the size. Very well made and came packaged very nicely. I thought I was opening a Coach bag the way they packaged the bag. I am very pleased with this purchase and will consider purchasing more from this distributor in the future.

  16. Mike

    Perfected the saggy, leather tote look with tons of room!

    This purse was such a pleasant surprise! I read tons of reviews about a bad smell and mine had a very faint smell that went away instantaneously. I really love the slanted pockets on each side and all the space on the inside. I could easily fit way more than what I have in there- checkbook, Hobo wallet, tampons, oils, cell phone, hand sanitizer, sunglasses, sunscreen, earphones, and my keys…but I really did the semi full slouch look that I get with just what I mentioned above. The purse is also very soft and appears to be high quality for the price. I definitely recommend this product!

  17. epl

    Great purse lightweight and lots of pockets

    I’ve had this for a few days. I think I really like it. Still testing it out. I got the small one because I don’t carry a lot of stuff and I don’t like to search through a purse for my stuff, I also hate heavy purses so I didn’t need the extra weight. I usually carry a water bottle and that fits fine. I have a toddler so I needed some space to just throw stuff in there for her like extra clothes so I can just run out with one bag. It has plenty of room for me. I love all the pockets to separate space and keep things in place. I like an organized purse and this works great. I can keep my keys on the outside back pocket and my phone slides right in the small inside pocket. I also now keep a mask on one of the end pockets. There’s lots of easy quick access and I like that. I also must say at first I thought it was going to be heavy material but it’s actually not it’s pretty light weight even with my stuff in it. Also the strap is shaped well & comfortable and sits on your shoulder well so it doesn’t dig in it balances and doesn’t slide off. The chest strap works great too. I use that a lot. I like the look I got the brown with gun metal. It doesn’t exactly look like leather and at first I wasn’t sure if I thought it looked too cheap, always look better in photos. but it’s a nice looking purse, and lighter than leather would be. And with everything else it offers it has a lot of pros and really no cons for me. The price is decent, average. I don’t like to spend more than $40/50 on a purse because that’s just me and I’m usually not really happy with them. But I think is worth it. I read a ton of reviews before buying and I agree with the other reviews. I actually think I could buy more or a larger one just for travel once I start doing that again.

  18. Cece

    Loooove it

    At first I was skeptical about buying this purse. I had it in my cart for a while trying to decide if I should get it or not. Finally ordered it and couldn’t be happier. I’ve gotten so many compliments on the purse. It’s just the right size. Not overly too big and not too small. The leather feels and looks real. So far the purse seems pretty sturdy and strong. I keep a lot in my purse. It did have a yuck smell when I first revived it. No big deal though. I dipped it inside out and sprayed the inside material with Lysol and allowed it to air out for 2 days. After that no smell. It’s perfect (for me).

  19. Amanda

    Love it!

    This purse is beautiful. It fits everything so well, plenty of space, a few pockets. My only problem is losing things down at the bottom sometimes, but that always happens in larger purses. I had to size up since I’ve started carrying more hand sanitizer and hand wipes in my purse.

  20. Spacecase

    Cute color and great size

    I used to have a hobo bag that was perfect for me. I used it until it literally fell apart and I’ve been searching for something comparable ever since. Now this isn’t exactly like it but it is the closest I’ve found after looking everywhere for about a year. It is a little slouchy and I’m hoping it’ll get even a little more slouchy with use. I am not a fan of super structured bags. The outer material feels really nice and soft. It feels sturdy without being stiff, if that makes sense. I have a really long torso and it’s hard for me to find bags with a long enough strap to wear cross body, but this sits perfectly on my hip just where I like it!!! I also love the plum color, and that there are so many other colors available. I will concede that the lining feels a little cheap but it wouldn’t be the first time i might have to fix a lining and at this price point I can’t even deduct a star for it. No one sees the lining anyway!!! So far (almost a month) it has held up great and I anticipate getting years of use out of it!!

  21. Sonia

    Designer bags step aside!

    I have countless coach and Korean bags so certainly didn’t need this one but the hobo shape and unique color ….also low price point drew me in. Lots of pockets. Neat and sturdy hardware. I actually have been using this roughly during quarantine and wiping it with clorax wipes with no issues. I love this no name bag and may even get others. Cant beat the look, durability and price combined.

  22. Janet T.

    Great Value!

    I am really pleased with the quality of this purse! Worth double what I paid, in fact, I’ll be ordering another one in a different color because I like it so much. The attached shoulder strap is perfect for slinging over your shoulder. I haven’t even needed the longer detachable strap that came with it, but it’s nice to have for a cross-body option. Shipper even included a thank you note and Chinese goodluck charm.

  23. L. Kaiser

    Beautiful, easy to handle, very nice leather, great space for organizing things.

    I love this bag. It is large which makes it easy to find things in the different compartments. There are two vertical zippered narrow pockets on either side of the exterior which can accommodate a lighter or small flashlight. One if the zippers opens by itself and won’t close without persistence. I don’t like that but since I don’t use that space it is not a bother. Overall, I love it. It can be used as a handbag or a shoulder back very conveniently. I give it a 4 1/2 rating just because of the zipper issue.

  24. Sci-fi Mom

    This just might be "THE BAG" I've been looking for.

    Like many products created for women, we all have persnickety likes and dislikes, don’t we? What I love about this bag, you may hate. I need a bag to hold “STUFF”! (That’s said in a deep bass voice) You may prefer a hand clutch by Kate Spade. Personally, I don’t see what the hoopla is about those. They hold nothing.

    See, we’re all different.

    I am kinda picky about my purses that I spend actual money on. Recently, (like for the last 10 years) I been using a grocery tote. I just couldn’t find style, color, or features for less than $100. I’m cheap. I don’t want to cart around something that costs a bunch of money, I just want it to look like I am!

    I like everything about this purse with one exception. I like the faux leather. It is supple, soft and feels nice. It also looks nice. I like the BOHO style. I like the size of the bag. I mentioned my tote bags. I need space. I need pockets, I need zippers. I need my STUFF! This bag has a lot of stylish room. I like the heavy zippers. I don’t think these zippers will give up due to hard use any time soon. I like the layout of the interior. THANK YOU FOR NOT MAKING THE INTEIOR BLACK. I have passed on many a purse because of black lining. I’d prefer a color other than gray, but it is such a huge step in the right direction that I’m not going to complain about that. I’m just so glad it isn’t black. How do designers expect you to find anything in a cavernous bag with a black lining?? The interior has a middle zippered pouch and a zipper pocket on one side. It has two side zipper pouches that I didn’t think I’d like, but I really, really do. it also has a back zipper pocket. I actually haven’t found a use for that yet, since this purse is SO roomy. I like the handle that can be used as a hand hold or swung up onto the shoulder. I haven’t used the longer one yet. I wanted this on my shoulder and tucked under my arm. It’s perfect.

    My one complaint, and keep in mind this will not keep me from enjoying my new bag, is that it is a little heavy. All of that quality of materials costs in the weight of the bag. Then when I pack it with my STUFF, it gets heavier. I’m thinking I’ll just build some “purse muscle” to deal with that little issue!

    Seriously, we all have our little picky things that keep us from liking one bag or another. This bag hits everything for me. I love the style, the quality, the roominess…I like it so much, I may buy another one and put it away for when this one finally gives up the ghost and becomes too ratty to use. It took me 30 years to find this bag. I imagine it would take me another 30 to replace it.

  25. Public Name

    Nice Purse

    I like the simplicity of this purse. Personally I don’t like tassels so I took those off. The design of the purse that allows the back side to tuck over the zipper when you zip it up is pretty cool. I really like how it only has one shoulder strap (besides the removable cross body strap) because it eliminates the problem I always have with one of my straps falling off my shoulder! It’s a nice handbag that is a good size. I feel like this purse could be casual or formal and I could see myself using it for a very long time.

  26. librarylinda

    Great, roomy bag

    The bag is not soft like I expected but I love how roomy it is and takes care of everything I need it for. It is roomy enough to slip paperwork in, my Kindle, and other necessities. It slips over my shoulder without any tightness. I’d love another bag in a different color but my husband said no more purses :( (or shoes) But with this bag, I found something useful and beautiful looking.

  27. GINA RAW

    I love this bag!

    I would like to mention from the start that I am a REAL customer and have NOT been paid, nor reimbursed for this review.
    I love this bag, not only because it is of great quality, but it is also true to the color advertised on their website. It is not too big. It can definitely hold a 14″ laptop and it’s roomy. Plenty of compartments and pockets, enough to hold everything that us, ladies, carry around. I’ve matched my bag with a pair of ankle boots from London Fog as the colors (typed “cognac” in the search bar) as the colors are almost identical. Thank you for a great quality product.

  28. Fallingwater

    Lives up to the hype

    I bought this to replace my work purse. I decided to take a chance although I didn’t really believe it would live up to its review. But it does. Hard to believe the price for this because it looks and feels way more expensive. Even comes with a dust bag like a designer purse. If I had one complaint It would be that the lining looks and feels cheap. That said it is certainly holding up as well as the bag itself. It’s roomy, classy, holds a laptop or iPad as well as purse items, my lunch and a water bottle. And still looks good doing it. Highly recommend.

  29. Gloria Cannon

    Beautiful Handbag

    I love the hobo bag from Realer. It is beautiful, and the quality is on par with many higher priced designer bags. The handbag is roomy with lots of pockets. The hardware trip is beautiful. Even the packaging is top notch and reflects the pride of the manufacturer who even included a sturdy bag to store the handbag in. I’m proud to carry it.

  30. Debbie

    Great handbag

    I hesitated to order a purse online, preferring to “try them on” at the store. In fact, this is the FIRST time in 64 years I’ve bought a purse online. Really great bag. TONS of pockets and sections and they’re all large enough to hold things securely. The opening is large so it’s easy to find stuff. If I have one complaint it’s that the bag itself, when empty, is a little heavy so, once you load it, it’s kind of a tank. That’s probably a by-product of the quality and thickness of the material and metal so it’s a trade-off. I have a few bags that are really light-weight but won’t hold up like this one would. I always use the shoulder strap (not the shorter hand straps) and wish the short one was removeable. I use this as a cross-body bag due to the weight. Mine is light blue and really pretty. Love this.

  31. SuzyQ was like I designed it myself!

    Love this bag! My two daughters had gotten the larger size before I had ordered mine. And they love theirs, as well. It sold me as soon as I saw how well it was made. I was happy to find out there were 2 different size choices. I didn’t really need a large purse. So, the one I got is perfect for my needs. Also, I can’t believe how many colors there are to choose from! I just may have to get a second one! :)

  32. Chris R Brown

    Incredible bag for a great price Buy it. Trust me.

    I’m a small purse carrier but decided that I need to carry more items , and forcing my essentials into a purse the size of a chiclet , is not working for me. This bag caught my eye immediately. It looked like a quality leather bag. Happily, it is not leather but you wouldn’t know. It has a wonderful smallish compartment on the side of the bag that is perfect for a cell phone (with a case) and it zips shut. It has the option of a long adjustable shoulder strap (it’s also completely detachable), or a thick, sturdy handle. There are three sections inside. Two open sections and a zippered compartment. The three sections are zippered closed at the top. The hanging “leather” that is connected to the zipper for way closing looks great. I’ve had expensive purses that had this feature and it was the first thing to get crappy looking by separating and fraying.
    To sum this up, I’m not a fancy girl but even if I were, this bag would be the one. I’m seriously considering getting more colors. Lots of choices.

  33. Amazed and Confused

    Nice bag

    Mine had a vile shrimp smell when it arrived. I took some cotton balls, soaked them in “Angry Orange”, put each one in a Ziploc snack bag placing them in several compartments and left the bag alone for a few days. Good as new and no more smell. The bag is full of compartments and the craftsmanship looks good. Doesn’t look like your typical cheap plastic purse. The downside is I wish the arm strap had snaps for easy removal while using it as a crossbody bag.

  34. L. Bahrke

    Good buy

    The quality is great! It’s quite large, so if you like that, this is for you. Holds a lot of stuff. I like that the purse is divided in the middle by a zipper pouch. It helps keep things from getting lost in a purse abyss. The zipper closure It’s probably my least favorite part. It’s just not super handy to open and close, so a lot of times I just leave it open. A magnetic snap closure would probably be the only thing I would change about this. I would definitely buy it again though!

  35. Nicole Tyler Carroll

    The best

    This bag is perfect. I have had expensive purses and cheap ones. This one looks like an expensive bag yet is very affordable. The material is thick and the pockets are plentiful. I love the side zippered pockets- I use one for my masks and the other for my key fob. They’re on the sides of the bag with tassels- stylish and easy to access. I have six children, two are babies, and this bag holds extra diapers, snacks, and my wallet and all the purse must haves. I absolutely love the cross body option on this full size bag. Most cross body bags are too small. This bag is one of my favorites I have ever had. I am ordering one in another color tonight. I highly recommend this bag!

  36. L. B

    Second season & running strong

    Bought this bag w/o any real expectations and I was surprised. 2nd fall/winter season & running strong. I’m tough on my bags & it’s holding strong.

  37. JD

    perfect, absolutely perfect.

    Ordered this to use as my everyday work bag and it is Perfect. I like that I can wear it on my wrist, over my arm and sling it over my shoulders. Enough pockets on the outside to store things like keys and my phone I don’t have to keep going into the bag. A medium size umbrella fits perfectly inside along with my iPad. Perfect bag, great price

  38. inky

    Really well made for price range

    I liked this bag so much I went back for one in a different color too. I first ended up using it as a last min hospital bag, it holds far more than you think it will. It’s interesting though, as even when you use it for just a few items it works without being too big. It’s the perfect bag. It’s built well. You can tell the effort put into the making of it. Appreciated. Highly recommended.

  39. Julie A.

    Great bag for excellent price!

    I’ve been tired of worrying if my designer handbags touch the ground, sit on an unclean table, get food on them from grocery shopping, etc. So, I purchased this handbag (large version) to see if it was going to be good looking, well made & trendy enough in design. I’m pleased to report that it is! I ordered the yellow with gunmetal finished hardware & it’s absolutely gorgeous! There are so many pockets, I didn’t even need to use a purse organizer! I’m thinking of ordering another one in another color, for $40, it’s a steal!

  40. Charisma Naldrett

    Great purse

    I love this purse. It’s big with compartments, which I love. Good quality. I’ve used it for several months and it still looks great. I’ve actually been complimented on it a couple of times and asked where I got it.

  41. Patricia Okafor

    Very well made, stylish and womanly yet durable enough to load.

    A very well made purse for a little or a lot of stuff. A purse or a totem versatility. I like the choice of handle size/straps that are sewn durable enough to hold weight. Stitching is precise and neat. Zippers are smooth and teeth appear strong. I really like it and think my money was well spent.

  42. Kristin

    Stylish and convenient, great size

    Great size, just what I was looking for to hold my 15” MacBook + some other odds and ends for work daily and when traveling. Adding just one more 1” to the height would help it zip better with my laptop size but I tend to leave it open/unzipped anyhow unless heading thru airport security. Love the shoulder strap option (was my main reason for a new bag) and color (coffee). Big enough to hold laptop, water bottle, scarf/gloves/book and charger. Lots of convenient pockets. Could honestly die without the middle pocket inside — a more wide open option would help for more space (and the inside lining is smaller, doesn’t quite fit true bag size, so I’m sure it may rip prematurely). But very please with this find. :)

  43. Glenda

    My favorite purse!

    I just realized I have had this bag for over a year and it looks absolutely brand new! I had to look the order up to make sure that it’s really been over a year and it has! Over the last year I have carried it almost every day. I did purchase another purse last fall but only carried it for a week or two before I switched back to this one. There are no signs of wear or tear on the strap. Even the coating on the edging of the strap is perfectly intact! The lining has not ripped, come loose or even started to pull away from the body of the bag. All of the pockets are still perfectly stitched and in place… The only fault I can find is that the zipper on one of the side pockets has never stayed up, but I rarely use the side pockets so this has never bothered me. I mean, there aren’t even any scuffs on it! I am truly in awe that it still looks brand new after a year of use, and I am not easy on purses. I’ve stuffed books, journals, Bibles, water bottles, small lunch bags – pretty much anything that will fit – in it and it’s still in perfect condition!

  44. Lisa

    Great bag

    Love it very stylish, supper comfortable to wear and easy to adjust and plenty of room. If your like me wallet, make up case , brush A bunch of miscellaneous stuff….. It’s not too large and it’s not too small it is the perfect bag color is great too

  45. Liz


    Can I just say how spectacularly impressed I am with this purse?! I know, I know, it’s a purse, but seriously. I am from the mindset that I refuse to spend more on a purse than the worth of the contents and I am NOT disappointed! Great craftsmanship! I thought the side pockets were much smaller, but I can even fit my .380 in there!!!
    It’s awesome! Will definitely keep this on my saved list!!

  46. cowgirl

    High quality

    This purse was worth the money. Looks like leather, many places to separate items vs dumping all into the bag and digging around for things. Beautiful color. Well made. Options to carry or over the shoulder straps. Not a single negative about this except I’ll be sorry when I wear it out.

  47. CSB

    Holds and organizes everything

    This purse holds everything and keeps things organized. So many internal pockets and zippered conpartmenta. It’s a mom purse for people who dont want a huge purse or aren’t moms but like being prepared for any situation! I bought this purse in a different color and after 2 solid years of everyday use it wore out and got a new one just like it in a different color. Doesn’t last forever but cheap enough to get a new one every few years.

  48. tudorgirl

    Large enough to hold everything I need !!!

    This is a really beautiful bag and I am very happy with this purchase. It holds all my stuff and I have a lot, so
    it is full. there is room for a change of clothes, cosmetics, wallet, glasses, phone, pens, medicine, snacks,
    and roadmaps !! The color I picked is a beautiful brown. I will only carry it on my shoulder so I will not
    use the longer strap, which are included. It sits very well on my shoulder, where I like it, and SO many
    zippers to close it up safely. Very smart design !

  49. AJ

    works great for my needs

    A few months ago I bought the purple with gunpowder and loved it so much I just bought another in black with gunpowder. The design of the bag is floppy flap of course you’re going to have misalignment of the zipper if you don’t use two hands. IDK what those 1⭐ reviews are complaining about – isn’t that common sense? Anyway, I’m a teacher and a person who hates bags that are wired sizes but this works great for me. I can take this work on a light day with clipboard and a couple of pencils, I’ve taken the purple one on a day trip 100+ miles away to present at a conference with a bunch of snacks and a couple water bottles, and I also use if for daily drives around town when I need a bag.

  50. Zeke2012

    Nice purse for price

    I really like this purse. Lots of space inside, space to hold iPhone. Looks nice & more expensive than the price. Only negative was the inside really smelled when opened which I just sprayed some air freshener inside & it alleviates the problem. Recommend.

  51. Eva E.

    Best bag I have ever owned!

    It’s big, it’s pretty, it’s perfect! Sturdy, beautiful bag. The straps are comfortable and don’t hurt if you have lots of stuff in your bag. I highly recommend it. they also sent a pretty good luck charm, a tote bag, a lavender sachet, and a little card with a positive saying. I absolutely love love LOVE this bag!

  52. Jennifer M Schmitz

    Great purse!

    I’ve had this for several months now, just getting around to writing a review. Very happy with this purse. Nice size, good pockets and divider to keep things set and separated. Zipper works well. Fake leather but wipes easily. Good product for the price.

  53. Becky

    Best purse!

    I LOVE IT! First, I get a ton of compliments on it. Second, it’s perfect! It’s a great size, tons of compartments and zipper areas. I couldn’t remember if it was real leather or not so I had to log on to look…that’s how great it is. They even sent a purse storage bag like expensive purses! It’s the best purse I’ve had a in a long time! It comes with a longer strap you can attach but the main strap is plenty long to carry on your forearm or shoulder. I say order it!

  54. I Love Romance

    Exactly what I was looking for....

    I love my new bag. It is exactly what I hoped for: BIG. I can carry everything under the sun and then some. Material is quite nice and the color true to the photo online. I do wish the handle was a tad longer but it is acceptable as is. All in all I am very happy with the bag.

  55. Angela H

    Good size and good quality for the price

    Loveeeee this bag! Looks exactly as pictured. Good size and good quality for the price. I especially appreciate the fact that It can be worn as a crossbody or shoulder bag. I will definitely be purchasing again.

  56. D. FOXX

    Fabulous bag !! Love it!!

    This bag is wonderful. Roomy, soft, doesn’t try to fall off my shoulder! The aroma is a little odd right out of the bag, but a few drops of lavender and we are good. They even sent a nice little decorative good luck item. I have been staring at this bag for months saved in my cart – I’m so glad I finally made the purchase!!! I might have to get another color too!!

  57. bellaluz7

    I love the purple wine color

    It is a big bag but it is what i was looking for. I love the purple wine color. It did have a slight smell but it’s mostly gone a week later. It arrived right on time. I think I will put some mini bags inside of it so I don’t lose anything in the abyss btu the pockets inside do fit my phone and other random items. I love having both straps for whatever situation I encounter. SO far the zippers aren’t an issue like some other reviewers said they had. Fingers crossed. It is a little heavy but as stated the bag itself only weighs a pound and a half, so we’ll see.

  58. Ann

    Great handbag

    Ok so at first I was not impressed when I first opened, was even thinking about returning it. But I am a handbag girl and I needed to give this a shot. Changed out handbag same day as I received,and still was like no but then as I finished putting everything I had (everything but the kitchen sink hahaha) I fell in love love and decided this bag is well worth the price ,awesome gold hard wear ,zippers glide like butter truly blown away as it looks like a high end bag. And very roomy just wish the lining was made of cloth and I think not to sure instead of nylon liner. But that being my only disappointment this bag will be used daily.

  59. gxw

    Couldn't be more pleased.

    This bag is exactly what I was looking for — large but not luggage large, plain black, NO gold hardware, and two straps at the same time (so I don’t have to swap them out). The side zipper pockets are a bonus (they’re independent from the main compartment), as are the metal loops on the sides and the back pocket. I love that the internal middle zipper section separates the two halves so I can keep contents on one side from mixing with the other. I’m not a huge fan of the straps that came on the zippers so I took them off. The shorter strap is what I consider to be “under arm length”, which is great because a lot of the adjustable straps don’t get that short.
    This is just a great all purpose, all day, every day bag. And the lucky knot included really made my day. I had a rough day at work today and that was try brought a smile to my face. Thank you for that, Realer.

  60. JLR

    Really great bag

    I just changed everything over from a rectangular purse that had a flat bottom. I was able to get just about everything into this purse and it’s not bulging out, at all. I love how when it’s zipped up, it kind of has a small narrow flap to hide the zipper. Zippers work great and the straps are comfy and it stays on my shoulder/doesn’t slip off. I’ve extended the other strap to make it as long as possible and looks like it was also made to be a nice looking cross body. LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag. Can’t beat the price. It’s faux leather, doesn’t feel like it but definitely looks like it. I want to check out the other colors

  61. Mamaof4

    Not a “dump” purse!! Love it!!

    I would say this bag is medium sized! I love the versatility that comes with the shoulder strap and cross body strap! More importantly I LOVE that it has pockets and a divider in side. I can’t stand what I call “dump” purses where it’s just one giant pocket and no way to keep things organized so you just have to dig through everything any time you need something! This bag has the perfect pockets to keep everything organized and a dividing pocket that splits the purse into 2 sections! Also love that it zips on the top to keep everything secure! And the 2 zip pockets on the sides of the exterior make it extra stylish I my opinion.

  62. Chris Witherington

    Lots of pockets!

    I bought this bag to take on a plane. It has pockets for id’s, tickets, kindle, masks, chapsticks, money – and all the extra stuff you like to have with you when you travel. And it has lots of zipped openings-plus the top zips too so stuff doesn’t fall out when it’s under the seat in front of you. It’s not leather and it won’t last forever, but it’s really good for airplane travel. I love all the zippers. It’s so much better than having all your stuff mixed together.

  63. dietcokelady

    Great quality at a great price

    I love the quality of this purse. I actually had bought my daughter the brown one with gold zippers for Christmas and was so impressed with the price and quality, that I recently just purchased one for myself, brown with the black gun metal zipper. This purse has many pockets and very strong zippers. We both bought the medium size and I find that it is plenty big. I would purchase this product again. Comes with a nice bag to store the purse in also when not in use.

  64. Elondia Putskzy


    This bag is comfortable to carry and I like the inside depth. I can put all my essential “stuff” and a few extras to have handy. The handles are a perfect length and the shoulder strap is as well in that it makes the bag hit at the right place when carrying my bag. The compartments gives me more than enough space with locations in the right place. This bag fits all my needs. Good deal for the price.

  65. dm

    It has All that extra space you need in a great handbag or purse!

    I love this handbag! I have been looking for a reasonably priced, good quality larger black purse for several months. It was by accident that I found this seller, and I am so glad that I did. I have not used the handbag yet, but look forward to it. I enjoyed opening all the different sections and pockets, knowing that I found the right purse for all my “stuff.” The seller takes extra care in the sale, which I really appreciate! I plan to buy from again soon. Thank you!

  66. K. Alvers

    Great bag!

    I got the large size in wine color and love it!! Only gave a 4 for craftsmanship since the zippers stick and are kind of crappy but the purse overall is wonderful. I love all the pockets and compartments. It doesn’t feel like all my stuff gets lost in my bag and I can find everything easily. Was afraid the large would be too big but it’s perfect.

  67. Caitlyn W

    Great purse for the price!

    Great purse! I do wish that both the short & long straps were removable but it’s not too inconvenient!
    Plenty of room for my gloves and a hat/beanie for the winter and holds plenty of space for makeup, my wallet, even a standard-sized water bottle or two! I love the center zipper pocket as divides the purse so I can keep track of where I put my things!
    Also has 2 small-sized open pockets that I can easily store & retrieve my keys, AirPods and work badge in!

  68. Cheserii


    This is a lovely bag. Big, without being too big and lots of pockets and organization. However, this is not why I wanted to leave a review…. When I received the bag, I started taking off all the protective pieces and unzipping everything to check it out and look inside to see how much space I would have to fit pretty much everything I haul around. At first glance inside the big compartment, I saw something red. At first I thought maybe it was a tear in the lining or a bundle of loose threads. I reached in and pulled out an intricate knotted tassel with red and gold. There was a small business card with it. As a thank you, the company had sent along a beautiful Chinese lucky knot. What this company could have no way of knowing is that I’ve spent the past year getting things in order to adopt a child from China to finally start my family. I saw that knot and cried. It was one of the nicest surprises and it really touched my heart. Thank you. Truly.

  69. Roberta L. Havholm

    Really pleasantly surprised.

    I bought this purse in black, and a smaller one in brown. I’d watched them for a year and didn’t buy because the reviews were not very good. Recently I looked again and the reviews were better, so I bought the small one first, and then the large one. The are both really very good! I didn’t get the smell, and all the zippers worked smoothly. I have been carrying them on and off daily, and they don’t even look like they’ve been carried! They are even getting more flexible and soft with time. If you’re looking for a cute purse that’s a workhorse, these are for you.

  70. K.J.

    Excellent purchase!

    Initially bought the smaller bag and returned it. I liked it then but knew I would need something just a bit bigger. I love this bag. I was constantly losing my keys in my other bag and with the zippered outside pocket I can now find them easily. I also like that it is divided by a middle zipper pouch down the middle. This allows me to put my wallet and change purse on one side while my cosmetic bag, brush, etc… (non-money related stuff) can be placed on the other side with miscellaneous junk placed in the pouch. There are also two open pockets on the side (work phone & personal phone) and another zippered side pocket. Excellent bag for the price – I’m really happy.

  71. discerningshopper

    Sturdy and Plenty of Pockets

    I’ve been using this purse for about a month and it’s holding up well. I had searched for a purse in brick and mortar stores for a couple of years, but couldn’t find something my style with enough separate storage for organization. I was hesitant buying online without seeing it, but the pictures gave a pretty good indication of its features. I like the ample number of separate compartments which allow me to organize various items I carry. I wasn’t sure I would use the two small side zippered compartments on the ends of the purse (outside), but found them beneficial. One I use for hand sanitizer and the other for my work badge. Both are easily accessible when I need them. I removed the smaller strap because I really only use the shoulder strap. I’ve been very pleased with my purchase and have thought about purchasing a spare for when this one finally gives out. I’m hoping it will last a long time, though. Thankfully, nothing has given early indications that it won’t last.

  72. musiclover13

    A Great Purse

    I am extremely happy with this purse. It has the hobo look I was looking for and it very roomy inside with many pockets for just about anything you’d need. I also appreciate the wide shoulder strap. It helps distribute the weight of the purse well. The only downside is that I wish this purse was made with real leather, the faux leather, while durable, is a little stiff. Definitely recommended!

  73. Lizz P.

    My new favorite bag

    This bag is just as advertised. Well made with plenty of space and lots of pockets for organizing. Cute for a night out, yet can function as the perfect airline carry on. I have a 15″ laptop that fits perfectly with room to spare. Love the option to transform it from handbag to crossbody bag with the longer strap. It even comes with special storage bags to help preserve the leather and keep it clean when not in use. I plan on buying this again in different colors.

  74. Brittany Allen

    Holds Up Well So Far

    I actually love this bag. It’s pretty, it’s big, and it doesn’t fall over if you don’t have much in it. I love all the little pockets because I have a medicine/first aide pocket, a pocket for my keys, for my makeup, and I can stick files from work in it with ease. The inside lining is plasticy feeling, like that swooshy jacket material. But it’s been fine with me. I got a compliment on it at the doctors office, sent her a link to this listing.

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Drawstring Bucket Bag

【Design】This women’s brown leather drawstring bucket bag style can be worn on the shoulder or cross-body bag. A secure drawstring closure also adds a decorative element. Drawstring and magnetic snap closure, single adjustable shoulder strap, back vent pocket, interior contains one rear zip pocket and two front multifunctional pockets.

[Material]: This brown women’s designer bucket bag is made of soft vegan leather and silver hardware, which make this stray bag more fashionable. Comes with a metal magnetic snap closure for added security. Make the bag noble and show your feminine elegance. Clean with an aqueous leather cleaner and moisturizer. Protect the leather surface with a protective spray.

[Structure]: Internal structure includes zip pockets, including 1 metal magnetic closure + 1 main compartment + 1 interior zip pocket + 1 interior slot pocket. The external structure includes a front pocket and 2 slip pockets, one of which is a mobile phone pocket and one is an ID card slot.

[Size and Weight]: Large capacity design. 12.5″L x 5.25″W x 9.5″H; long enough to fit over your shoulder, also comes with adjustable long shoulder straps (22.8″-26.3″) for more carrying options: shoulder/crossbody. The tote holds your iPad, wallet, makeup, phone, small water bottle, perfume, gloves and other everyday items, keeping them organized.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A


12.5"L x 5.25"W x 9.5"H



Drawstring Bucket Bag

Leather Drawstring Bucket Bag