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leather leopard print tote handbag

(78 reviews)


tote handbag CAPACITY: This leather women's leopard neutral tote handbag features a zip closure on the main compartment, a small slip pocket on the front of the bag and a separate computer compartmen... read more


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78 reviews for leather leopard print tote handbag

  1. carla

    More Bags for my Bucks

    These 3 bags is of good quality .. I was more impressed that it was 3 of them. I only expected to order just a nice sized tote bag .I got more for my money..

  2. Yawei H

    All three bags are the perfect size and I love how the cross body bag ...

    Bang for your buck ! So cute and elegant! All three bags are the perfect size and I love how the cross body bag hangs just right. Cross body gives a lot of adjustable options! I thought the bags would
    Be flimsy, but totally sturdy and doesn’t tip over !

  3. Sara buys all the things

    What a bargain!

    I love these purses. I needed some bags for my new job and this was a bargain. The largest bag works great for my portfolio, notebooks, lint roller, and small personal items. I do with the handles were 2 inches longer though so I could comfortably wear it on my shoulder. I can do it but it’s snug. Not a big deal, I just carry it by hand on on my elbow. The smaller purses will come in handy when I do not need to transport work doctuments. The black looks nice, professional, and will go with everything.

  4. Vanessa Chavez

    Its very cute

    I really liked the purses! I mainly purchased them for the cross body. The are material looks really good the only thing is that the crossbody bag the stitching came undone in the top of the bag along the zipper.
    I contacted the company to let them know of my problem. They replied very quickly and sent out a new purse. Great customer service and would definetly buy from them again.

  5. Rachel

    Pretty Good (Updated Review on 8/7/19)

    I love that there are three purses and the color is just beautiful. The only downside I’ve had so far is that on the cross body purse my zipper pull completely came off and now I have to put a keychain to pull the purse. It’s a bit frustrating because I’ve not had this item long. Overall it is great quality and I gifted my friend with the yellow colored purses. She adores them!

    Update: Wow, this seller is amazing! They not only apologized for my zipper coming off but asked me if I would prefer a refund or a new cross body purse. I said I honestly would prefer a new purse, and they shipped one to me. They even let me pick a different color, so I went with black. I just got it yesterday and have not had any issues at all. Very thoughtful! :) Now I can toss the old one without any money guilt! Thank you!!

    Update 8/7/19: This purse has lasted me up until now. The black plastic around the edges of the purse has been peeling off on its own, so it doesn’t look as nice anymore. This also makes the straps uncomfortable and itchy. I bought the purse October 2018 and am surprised it’s held up so long. I will probably throw it away or try to fix the black plastic somehow.

  6. Jo Ann E. Lewis

    Good value

    What a surprise! These bags far surpassed my expectations for such a low price. The navy blue is exactly the right shade I wanted. I have only used the crossbody so far, but it is the perfect size. The slim purse included is very tight and could use some material between the two sides. I like that the tote has a zipper on the top. Altogether, the purses are a good buy.

  7. FourCats

    A 3-in-1 deal that is perfect in color and sizes!

    Having bought and returned several red handbags searching for the right color and size, I finally hit the jackpot with this 3 piece set. First impression was the excellent packaging of the handbag(s) followed by the fact that this is a well made product that suits all of my needs. The tote bag is perfect for times I want to take larger items like my Kindle, and the medium sized bag is great for everyday use. Haven’t decided how to use the clutch purse yet – maybe for an evening out!

  8. L. M.

    Exceptional Handbag Set

    I’ve had my set for 3 weeks and waited to review to see if they were too good to be true. I will admit that I was skeptical – three quality handbags for under $40. Yeah right. Never have I ever been SO happy to have been proven wrong!! These bags are AWESOME!! I’m extremely pleased with the color (I bought the light blue), quality and accurate sizes description of all 3 bags. All three came wrapped in fabric bags and were packaged with care.
    I love them so much I am going to purchase a second set for my daughter for her birthday.
    If something changes I’ll update my review. But for now ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!!

  9. Marolyn

    Great first impression

    Items arrived individually wrapped in their own dust bags, smaller bags within the largest, no crease, hopefully the creasing while shipped issue has been resolved-that other reviewers had mentioned. All three purses appear to be well made, the larger and middle sizes are very roomy, with standard purse pockets, the wallet is very narrow with no pockets. Very excited to use! *update* I have been using the two larger purses quite regularly, and they are a great find! I recommend purchasing!

  10. Christina

    So happy I bought these!

    All three bags feel really well made! I have been using the tote bag and I really love it :) I am currently planning a wedding, so I wanted something that would be able to hold a good amount of stuff, the tote fits everything I need and more! The crossbody seems like it is very spacious as well! I was going to buy a purse that was $50, without anything extra, I’m glad I decided to take a chance on these!

  11. Nina C

    Great purchase

    Totes are so in style for fall and winter and they are everywhere. This tote is the perfect size and the bronze gold is such a great color and goes with everything. I alternate between the tote and crossbody depending where I’m going. The price is amazing and the quality is ok….honestly for the price, no complaints.

  12. Brooke C

    Good quality and purchase!

    Love these purses! The mid-size one is my daily use purse & the other 2 are used as a tote or special occasion. Not terribly expensive and quality has been good, despite how brutally I treat them. No stains, cracks, tears, nothing. The only problem is that there is only 1 shoulder strap & it isn’t the sturdiest if not careful or switching it frequently between the 2 larger bags. Make for great gifts! The pink on my screen is representative of the actual color and I get so many compliments on them!

  13. Ali Alexander

    Overall, great bag choice

    My daughters got this item as a Christmas gift for me. So far I am loving it! Really like the different size choices, color is beautiful. My only dislike is on the middle sized bag. The strap is very long, there are a few holes to change the size but not enough for my liking. I prefer a shorter strap. But I can easily have my husband add some more for me.

  14. Jazmine Hernandez

    Loooveee this!!!

    Absolutely adorable! I love all 3 pieces! The color is a soft pastel pink which I love. I usually have to use a big purse and this one is sturdy and has great compartments. So happy with these products. Love the price also. … There is a slight odor when you first get your product but I believe its just the real leather needing to air out.

  15. MommaT

    So pleased with this purchase!!

    I literally just got my order. In unpacking it, I found it was the best packaged purse I’ve ever ordered!! It came in a large box, the purse was not folded or smashed and does not smell bad at all. Each purse is wrapped in these nice cloth bags. I bought the pink and beige ones and the pink is a lot lighter than pictured, but it’s still beautiful and I can’t wait to use them! Great purchase!!

  16. Lester Dzuik

    Love the Navy Blue

    Love the Navy blue color. Very happy with all three pieces. Use the tote more. Everything I need fits perfectly. Looking for to using the clutch for our granddaughter’s wedding. Easy access as I can see what I need. Very happy with this purchase. I would recommend to others. Thanks for quality and style!!

  17. DLRS

    Size Options

    For not being at all expensive, these purses are made well. The material is stiff but well stitched together. My uses are/will be the largest satchel for travel as it holds oh so much! The zipper pockets on the inside are great for helping me organize items. My iPad is protected and away from sight.
    The next size down is for when I arrive and do not wish to carry the large satchel purse.
    At this point, I’m not certain how I will use the clutch! All in all, I’m happy with this purchase. It arrived from the vendor on time and in a protected box.

  18. Kindness Pays

    Perfect fo me!

    These purses are perfect for me! Great value.
    It is prettier than the photos show. (I got the brown and black one.)
    The large bag is perfect for traveling, shopping and going to meetings. It holds a lot without being bulky.
    The medium sized bag is perfect for a day-to-day purse. It even holds my huge Dooney and Burke wallet with plenty of room for a brush and lipstick.
    The small bag is large enough to carry make up and other supplies.
    Both of the smaller bags fit nicely inside the largest bag with room left over.
    I will enjoy using these purses.

  19. dragonflybaby

    Great item for the price

    The only thing I would change about this set would be to make the shoulder bag a bit bigger and the shoulder straps a bit longer. Otherwise, this is a sturdy, attractive set. I needed a new set for winter and for the holidays without spending too much. I’m glad I bought this. Would also make a great gift.

  20. Sandra D. Ray

    Awesome purses for the price.

    Absolutely love these purses. Exactly what I was looking for in size, and much better quality than I expected. No weird smell. They look upscale and feel it too.

  21. CAD804

    Versatile and Looks Good

    Was very satisfied with this purse. Love the option of a smaller or larger bag. It looks great and stands up well. The strap on the larger bag easily fits over my shoulder, even with a coat on; but, is also small enough to clutch. The feet keep it off the ground, which is a great feature. The pockets on the larger purse are very convenient.

  22. Jerry

    My wife loves it.

    It IS the real thing, not a knock off. Even came with the original $398.00 price tag attached.

  23. D. Foster

    Very nice set for a great price

    I love these, came packaged very well Tote was in perfect shape when I took it out of the box. I have only had for week but I love the ability to choose between the three. For every day use I am using the midsize bag with the longer strap attached. we are going away for a few days and I plan to use the Tote to carry those extras. The clips and labeling looks very nice and not cheap. For this price I would not feel bad having to replace every 6 months or so. Will try and report back on the wear.
    I love so much I am going to get a set for my daughter for part of her Birthday.

  24. wendy

    great value & quality for everyday use

    The reason for my purchase is I needed an everyday bag. I did not want to use my nicer purses since my everyday to work causes the wear & tear. The design is simple, but sturdy which I love and is easy to match. The price is so great! For one target tote/bag is like $40-$50. You get 3 for the price of 1! I have to bring files home since I work in the office & I also telecommute. The large one is big enough to fit my manila folders with paperwork.

  25. Susie

    Great set

    This is a great deal on these bags. I got the khaki color which is more of a bronze color to me which is what I wanted. Looks just like the color online. I only needed the medium purse but couldn’t find one I liked anywhere and for the price I got all 3. Seems well made. No complaints.

  26. Britt

    Perfect, especially for price

    Everything I was hoping for. Very nice work bag. Perfect to carry my surface pro. Not too big. Plenty of pockets. Stands when set down even full. The material is obviously not leather (which I love) but had a very clean look and texture to it.

  27. AliB

    Very Durable

    I love the size and durability of the 2 larger sized purses and that I can fit my MacBook in the large purse. The wallet size I doubt I will ever use since it is difficult to open it at all to fit anything inside. You could fit your ID and a credit card in there but no room for lipstick or anything with any size to it.

  28. Misshissyfit

    Pretty and affordable

    This is such an affordable bag set that is worth your money. You get three bags all beautiful and exactly as pictured. 1. Small travel makeup bag that is great for travel or for throwing in your gym bag. 2. Medium bag that has plenty of room for things. 3. A large bag that could fit a MacBook Pro if you wanted to use it for that. The pink color is a true pale pink and identical to the picture. I use the medium bag as an everyday bag and I’ve had it since December. You can’t even tell it’s been used at all. They also give you a storage bag to keep the bags your not using clean.

  29. Nikita Gridley

    Beautiful but a bottomless pit

    The purse it self doesn’t have any pockets so it can be easy to clutter but it’s beautiful and the mini bags help but can be alittle awkward. I’d suggest getting a small wallet for your daily cards. To go with this. But over all its worth it. I love it

  30. Kea

    Absolutely love this, perfection

    Really roomy and beautiful
    It’s exactly like the picture shows and comes with all the metal covered

  31. Emily

    Great value and so cute!

    Great value! Purses are very sturdy and I use the two bigger sizes often. I don’t use the tiny one but who cares for the price. The medium bag is sup cute and dainty and the large one has been great to take to the gym and I even used it as a hospital bag. Awesome value!

  32. Amanda

    Smell is off-putting

    I purchased this for my mom as a birthday gift. She absolutely loves them. Only thing is the smell is off putting. Even airing out at my house the week before I saw her it still was pretty bad. But she loved it and that was the ultimate goal.

  33. Rachel C.

    Good Inexpensive Bag Set

    I bought this because I know I want a rose gold/pink purse but I can’t find anything high quality I want to buy right now. So I opted for a cheap purse in the interim. For the price, this appears to be a pretty good set. I prefer a slightly bigger shoulder bag but it’s definitely roomy enough to get quite a few things in there. I have a larger sized wallet, sunglass case, small makeup bag, my phone, my checkbook, kleenex and hand lotion. There’s still room for more. Lots of pockets and zipped pockets both inside and out which I like.

    I didn’t really need the other two bags and not sure if I’ll really use them but they are certainly a bonus.

    Other reviews seem to indicate it holds up fairly well over time. Hopefully mine will as well. If you’re looking for something inexpensive that doesn’t look like a super cheap bag, this will do ya.

  34. Tracy

    Feminine but tough!

    My daughter ordered these bags for my Mother’s Day gift. The soft color is so feminine and beautiful that is very versatile and will match any outfit. They feel very durable and offer more storage than you’ll know what to do with!

  35. Alisha P.

    Excellent bang for your buck!

    I haven’t used any of these bags yet, but I have to say they look awesome, especially for the price. The external material feels similar to my saffiano leather MK bag. I bought them in black so they’d go with everything, and so I could replace a 10 yr old Liz Claiborne cross body bag (originally purchased on sale for $30 and felt like a splurge at the time) that has been so reliable, but is starting to really show wear.

    Large purse: Beautiful and roomy! Good amount of pockets with zippers and without, including a Small external zipper pocket. Also, it has feet!!

    Cross body: just what you need! Compact, but large enough for an evening out or everyday use. Has a zipper pocket and a couple of “cell phone” type pockets plus the main internal space.

    Clutch: exactly what it should be – a thin, classic clutch. One main pocket, large enough for the essentials.

    Each bag comes with its own cheaper dust cover, and there is also a large nicer dust cover with a drawstring.

    Overall, I’m really pleased so far. I’ll try to update once I’ve used the bags.

  36. Mary

    amazingly high quality

    This arrived in good condition. For such a low price, I am totally amazed at the quality, Every piece, even the little clutch is lined with pockets! The hardware is far nicer than most inexpensive bags. The only this is that I order white and it isa pale, lightly pink beige. I like the color. I was just looking for a summer traveling piece, so it works, but if need true white, this is not it. I carry a real camera, short of an old 35 mm style but Digital, so its big. It even fits in the medium crossbody!

  37. Dave Bisbee

    Very elegant

    I bought this for my wife who has had many Michael Kors and other expensive bags, and this is the first one that I have heard her show to her friends and family and rave about. She wanted blue and this dusty pale blue looks good, sometimes looks a little grey but very nice. She isn’t sure if she will use the littlest one, not sure what that one is for. But the middle sized she has used for events, we just went to a wedding for the first time in a year, so nice to get out again!

  38. M. Miller

    Very nice

    I haven’t used them much yet, but so far they seem to be good quality. I was really surprised how nice they are considering the price. The large tote got a little bend in the corner from shipping, but I think it will come out after a bit. Otherwise, I am pleased with them.

  39. Sonya

    Great looking bag

    I decided to not buy a name brand expensive purse this time as the stitching always comes out on my over $100 bags. This set is beautiful and looks like a name brand bag, have already had multiple complements on the set.

  40. Dr Di

    Here is a super flexible handbag set and very smart looking.

    Super chick and versatile, especially for traveling. There is a large purse (fits my iPad and still leaves LOTS of room). Also has a smaller purse that you can use independently, or as a set (using the larger bag as a briefcase). Also comes with a small black zipper bag for small items. Have had many compliments on it’s look and features.

  41. Melissa W

    Expensive Looking

    My daughter purchased this set instead of a designer brand. This set is absolutely gorgeous! You can’t beat the price for three pieces! So pretty that she wants more sets in
    Different colors.

  42. Sabrina

    The best hand bags, buy them.

    I’m taking this set down to Florida with me, the quality is amazing. I would pay double what I paid for these.

  43. Jamie

    Great purchase

    This purse was better quality than expected. Bonus that it was 3 purses for less than I would normally pay for one. I’m tempted to get a few other colors for different outfits but don’t know where I would keep them. The large purse has two zip pockets one the inside (one dividing the purse almost in half lengthwise) and one on the outside as well as two open small pockets on the inside. It’s great that it isn’t just a deep dark hole to loose things in!

  44. Evelyn

    Love this purse set!

    Purses look even better than I thought they would! Having to carry more items due to husband had surgery and the larger purse holds all in a manner easy to find items! Love them and might order in another color!

  45. Leslie A Hatch

    Classic Stylish Quality

    Great set for a great price, the bags are all well made and beautiful. I love the large bag for travel and the small bag for evening events when I don’t want all the extra stuff or weight. The bags are great material and easy to clean, roomy and have pockets for almost everything.

  46. Claudia

    Lucy's purse

    I gave this to my friend Lucy and she couldn’t wait to fill it up with all her stuff, she said she still has room for her phone – make up and keys.

  47. Rosa Castillo

    Compro mis cosas por medio de Amazon porque ahorro tiempo

    Hola! Estaba súper contenta con mi cartera .pero justo hoy día se le reventó un agarradero no me duró nada venía caminando y se me reventó , la cartera grande hoy día me quedé sin bolso 😔

  48. Vicky R.

    Perfect Gift 🎁

    I purchased this 3 piece set as a birthday gift for my mother-in-law. She absolutely loves it 🙂
    Now she can alternate between each if she’s heading to work, going out to dinner or just running errands. Looks & feels very sturdy. Without a doubt, a fantastic gift idea!

  49. sbuzzy

    This is the perfect bag trio!

    The versatility of these bags are amazing! I use the large every day as a work tote, and it is not showing any wear to date. The cross body and clutch are perfect for times you don’t want a tote!

  50. Emma

    Absolutely LOVE it

    I loveeee my set so much. The large bag is perfect for me to use on the daily since I have young kids who still require snacks and diapers/wipes to be carried. The smaller crossbody is perfect for when I’m on a quick errand kidless. It’s so cute and stylish. Very durable as well. I recommend ordering!

  51. Catherine

    Love It!

    It’s perfect, not too big and not too small as other reviewers have mentioned. It gives the measurements in the description so not sure why others had issues… I have many other MK products and this matches up beautifully, if it’s a fake, it’s a damn good one. It does not come with a dust bag is my only complaint. I did contact the seller, they were very helpful and quick to address my concern regarding the price

  52. Charlotte

    I hardly ever write reviews but…

    I’m really hard on handbags and they usually don’t last very long for me. I had a Dooney Bourke that didn’t hold up as well. Decided to go with a vegan purse and thought this was cute. I had it for seven months and it still looks like it did the day I bought it! Seriously I’m shocked at how well this handbag is made. Highly recommend it. I’ll be ordering more colors.

  53. Sherry

    A Must Buy!

    This set is so cute! Both purses are perfect size. The quality is amazing and stitching is perfect. I wasn’t sure about buying this one, but i am so glad i did. If you’re having second thoughts buy it! You wont be disappointed.

  54. Marikcole

    Just what I was looking for

    The set is everything I was looking for. The shade of pink is perfect. Not too light. I use the medium size daily. The larger size will be perfect for travel so carry my laptop. I don’t think I will use the smaller one, just because I don’t prefer a clutch. But it’s a nice option if I choose to

  55. Deborah

    nice size

    Has pockets for sunglasses – noticed alot of purses are not offering that now. Very roomy. I always carry a bottle of water and it fits nicely along the side. The top zipper is great. Some purses have a gap on each side and makes it difficult to zip it. This purse is an easy zip. Color is very nice for summer.

  56. Gaudilady

    Very nice color & bag

    I’m a little concerned about the straps on the larger bag. They seem flimsy but so far, 2 weeks in, they’re holding. They are just perfect for holding with your hand or on your shoulder. I love the color. Pewter perfect. No complaints. Haven’t used any of the other bags yet that came with it but I have no complaints at all. Arrived timely & for the money, this is a good deal.

  57. KimberKat

    Very Nice Handbag

    I love this handbag. It looks really expensive but it is a very reasonable price for all that you get. For the handbag that is larger it looks from pictures that it is not that big inside. However, it holds quite a bit.
    The color of purple and black is beautiful as well.

  58. krystal bruce

    Love it

    Love this purse. So easy to find things and has pockets on outside for my work key fob and I can just scan through my purse. Has pocket in back for stuff that you need but don’t need every day. open on the inside so everything is easy to find. My husband hates going through my purse to find anything but he can even find things in this one :)

  59. Julia

    Great Choice

    Bag set is great, especially considering the price point.Customer service was great too. My bag was missing a strap and they quickly assisted me and sent me a replacement. I use the bag daily, the Tote has been super convenient when needing to take a textbook and notebook with me, and the clutch is a good size and good quality for a night out. I highly recommend this product!

  60. F&G

    Looks more expensive than it is

    Got this set to take on vacation. I was pleasantly surprised at the look and quality for the price. Looks a lot more expensive than it is and has really nice pockets etx.

  61. K.S.

    Gorgeous set

    Beautiful bags I bought for my mother in law. Great price especially for the quality. Firm purse. Stands well. They’re very classy

  62. Buffy

    Perfect everyday bag

    This is a great everyday carry everything bag. Stylish and sturdy. Finally a bag that doesn’t crumple over when getting thing in and out. Color is exactly as pictured and the fabric is just as nice as high end vegan leather bags. The interior lining isn’t a flimsy fabric either. Love this set!

  63. CocoPa

    Lovely Handbag Set!

    I have wanted a beige/black handbag for awhile, and this is perfect. Just what I had been looking for. Good quality, and a very attractive set. Highly recommend.

  64. Harolyn Mullinaux


    Nothing not to like. Plenty of room and perfect for shopping and traveling
    Had two other bags for all occasions
    Recommended for all

  65. Lucy

    Great product

    I bought these for work and love them. The large bag fits my laptop and cords perfectly even with extra room for file folders. I love the cross over purse and now it’s my daily purse. This color goes with everything too!

  66. Laura Nichols


    I tried crossbody purses but they felt awkward and too small for my things. This purse is the perfect size for me. Stylish, well made! Love it!

  67. DonnaF Beckner

    Love it

    Great buy, I actually wanted the middle sizevone but loved the color so I kept the middle size one, gave my daughter in law large one and small one. Great deal

  68. Freknricn

    Best Bang for your buck

    I ordered this set of bags… Did you hear me? A SET OF BAGS!!! it is 3 bags you are getting for a little over 20 bucks and it’s a tote, a smaller bag, and a clutch for 1 price. I bought 3 sets of this bag and let me tell you I LOVE them! for a little over 60 bucks I have 9 handbags. Sturdy and comfortable to wear. I am filling my closet little by little with this great purchase that did not break my bank!

  69. Emily Halphen

    Great set of bags for the price

    I have quickly realized that I could care less about owning designer handbags and really just wanted a purse that looked nice and was practical. This was the perfect choice for that.I get so many compliments on these bags and people can’t believe how inexpensive they were. I use the tote bag to carry around my MacBook Air and it fits it perfectly. I use the cross body as my everyday purse. It has a bunch of pockets and zippers so it fits a lot of stuff for such a small bag. It has a luxurious appearance, but does feel a bit plasticky to the touch. However it feels more durable than some of the real leather designer bags I’ve had in the past. Overall a great value that I will get a lot of utility out of.

  70. Lindsey

    I get so many compliments on this haven’t even been moved into it a full week!

    I love this it be perfect for traveling or just everyday use. The only problem I had which is normal was getting the plastic off the Handles to protect them lol My favorite it has studs on bottom so if I sit it on floor or anything the purse don’t get dirty or fall over. I would definitely but again.

  71. TPhattLadyBptst

    Extremely Useful

    I needed to down-size from a backpack to something smaller. This fit the bill. I use the larger bag for work and the smaller bag when I’m out and about. Very sturdy and good-looking. I’m very pleased with my purchase. Have not had long. They will be put to the test of longevity with me so we’ll see!

  72. JayBow


    Bought for my mother who usually carries multiple bags (purse, meds, feminine hygiene needs) that she like to keep separate so she can grab them as she needs them. Read a review that someone used it for hygiene, diapers, and a purse so figured it would be perfect for her. Not only does she love it and it fit everything she needs BUT it looks so cute! The color is a little different than the pink I was expecting but its actually really nice. Hope it holds up, if not for the price I’ll purchase another and might get one for myself too.

  73. Austin Champion

    Chic and Durable

    I needed a new purse BAD, and when I saw that this was three different styles I immediately bought it. I love that I have a bag for every occasion! On a night out I can use the clutch to put lip gloss, a couple of cards, and some cash in. When I am out with my family I can use the tote to put snacks, diapers, and anything my family needs. But I mainly use the crossbody bag for everyday. It is so stylish, looks like I spent a ton of money for a cheap price. The zippers work beautifully, the material is durable, only thing I can think that could be improved would be a cuter design on the inside. Thank you for making such cute purses!

  74. Juanita

    2nd set different color still love them.

    This is the second set I have purchased and I love the size and durability. I hesitated on this purchase because I wanted a deeper pink color. I bought a different brand and style and wasn’t happy with the size then 2 to 3 months after purchase it started coming apart. So I came back and bought what I knew was a great buy and the pink is acceptable, not as deep pink as I would have liked but it is pretty and it holds everything I need perfectly. The first set was red and I plan to switch between the two. A purse is a tough buy for me I know what I like and if it doesn’t work I can’t keep it very long. This works and has for sevral years.

  75. KNichole

    Bought this in 2019 and still holding up!

    I normally don’t write reviews, but today I realized how my purses have really held up since August 2019 and had to share. I bought this set almost almost 3 years ago. Initially I was using the tote everyday to go into the office. So for a year I used it consistently and there was no ware or tear in sight. After I began working from home due to the pandemic, my everyday purse became the cross-body. I have used this purse everyday for 2 years and it is in great condition still! Just like the tote, it has held up very well and still looks new today. I have not used the clutch much at all personally, but I assume it would hold up the same. I highly recommend these bags! They are amazing quality for such an affordable price which is so hard to find!

  76. Doc

    Great choice for upcoming trip.

    Wanted a larger bag that would stand up and fit under my airplane seat but not look like luggage. Very happy with size, navy color, versatility of the set, and the price. The cross body is great for size and length of strap for things I want to carry close to me while traveling.

  77. bruce andrews

    Excellent quality, great price, the perfect size!

    These purses are made well.The selection of three, a great value! The beautiful color looks very expensive. I bought the larger one specifically to go with an outfit and for multi-purpose;, traveling (holds a book, water bottle, Ipad, etc.). I usually purchase name-brand items that are significantly more expensive. These purses can be compared to Them! Very pleased.

  78. Natty Suarez

    Best putse ever

    This a great purchase. 3 bags for the price of one. A bag. A clutch. Great material ! And a shoulder purse. I really love it. I recommend this product

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tote handbag

CAPACITY: This leather women’s leopard neutral tote handbag features a zip closure on the main compartment, a small slip pocket on the front of the bag and a separate computer compartment on the side of the bag for a 15.6″ laptop. The other side has a zip pocket and a multi-compartment pocket, plus two pencil pockets.

Stylish Laptop Bag for Women: Simple and stylish design, easy to carry on shoulder, perfect for laptop bag, handbag, work school tote, casual shoulder bag, travel bag

Laptop Bag Dimensions (LxWxH): 14.6*5.1*11.8 inches, strap height is 29cm (11.4 inches), Weight: only 1.68 lbs, suitable for 15.6 inches laptop, computer or tablet, it can replace work , School, Shopping, Gym, Hiking, Travel, Yoga, Swimming, Beach, etc. Equipped with secure top zip closure, top zip closure is super light, durable and easy to clean; handle drop is 10.43″. It’s the ideal companion for daily commutes and weekends.

Functional Tote Bag: 0.6cm padded laptop layer to separate laptop from other items, protect laptop from bumps, scratches.
MATERIALS – This leather designer women’s leopard print tote bag is made of high quality vegan leather material, durable and stylish. The sturdy design with smooth lines conveys a classic chic sleek look that is personal and elegant, timeless and will bring a modern and fresh look to any outfit.

MULTIPLE POCKET DESIGNER HANDBAG – Opens with a sleek metal zipper and has a spacious interior with 1 large compartment, 3 slip pockets, 2 pen slots and 2 zippered pockets – perfect for storing all your essentials.

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tote handbag

leather leopard print tote handbag