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Leather Purses Handbags Vintage Tote Laptop Shoulder Bag

(80 reviews)


Laptop Shoulder Bag Material: This medium Leather Purses Handbags Vintage Tote Laptop Shoulder Bag for women is made of high quality waxed cowhide leather and fabric lining with gold hardware. There ... read more


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80 reviews for Leather Purses Handbags Vintage Tote Laptop Shoulder Bag

  1. C. Schaefers

    Professional Perfection

    I love this bag. It’s well laid out and easy to access. It looks as good as designer bags you would find at most department stores. The leather is of medium quality and the hardware is great.

  2. Laurel S.

    Great purse!

    This purse is beautiful in person. It is a very nice leather and has many pockets. I love how classy it looks. It fits perfectly on my shoulder. Fast shipping!

  3. Beth T.

    Beautiful and Practical

    This purse was a Christmas gift to me from my husband! Wow, I love this purse!!! The leather is high quality, I used it for 4 months straight (recently switched to my summer purse) and the purse shows no signs of wear and tear. It’s got several nice pockets on the inside (a must) and it’s got one nice zipper pouch on the outside (great for keys and phone).

    The color is a warm caramel/brown color (just like the picture) the structure of the purse is flexible but holds a nice shape. I originally thought I wanted a very ridged and structured purse, but I’m actually glad that this one has some give (I tend to over-stuff my purse…haha!)

    If you are on the fence about this purse, I’d say go for it! Worse case scenario you don’t like it and have to return it. I will just say for all you style conscious ladies out there, THIS PURSE IS FABULOUS!!! Very classic but still trendy, have a lot of space but isn’t too big that you end up carrying all your belongings. I would absolutely recommend this purse. (both my mom and my Mother-in-law have asked where I got this purse, they both want one).

  4. Kindle Customer

    Great Purse

    Loved this purse, while I very reluctantly had to send it back it was not because of the quality of leather or the purse itself. I am to put it bluntly a short old fat lady and while this would be amazing for a young business woman for me not so much. Had lots of room, lap top ,any other electronic device would fit comfortably

  5. KGinOregon

    Very pretty, very classy. Roomy and very nice leather.

    Very pretty, very classy. Roomy and very nice leather. Double handles are just long enough that I can put them over my shoulder when I”m shopping and they don’t slip off or get in my way, but the bag is tight to my side so I don’t worry about pickpockets, snatchers or cart snatchers.

  6. Doug

    The bag's leather is very nicely crafted and soft to the touch

    Bought this bag for a friend’s birthday. She loves it! She said it is as well made and classy as designer name bags. The bag’s leather is very nicely crafted and soft to the touch. Very good quality and a tremendous value. Highly recommend!

  7. jw

    Beautiful Bag

    This bag is beautiful. The leather is soft and supple yet the bag maintains its frame. There are several compartments, some zippered, providing a great way to organize the contents. I am impressed with the overall construction of the bag as well as the appearance. I would recommend it.

  8. JanisEWalker

    Great product

    I am very picky about my purses and this one suits me to the tee. I would only suggest the double handles be a tad longer to facilitate sliding onto one’s shoulder. Very pretty and well made.

  9. KB

    Great handbag!!!

    I am a lover of nice leather handbags. This HESHE handbag is very high on my list of great handbags. Its well made and fits nicely on my shoulder.

  10. Robert C. Westbrook

    Love this buy!!!

    OMG I am in love with my purse you talk about a kept y’all doing real good with this purse I will be getting me another one but in a different color!!!

  11. Disappointed

    The purse Is lite weight and so soft lrg medium

    I’ve been waiting to find a new black leather purse with a middle compartment and this has one. It’s also so soft not heavy craftsmanship is excellent you have plenty of room and for work, fun and going out ! The look is striking I’ve already had a lot of complements which is nice but to me is the feel of leather is excellent and I would receive it to anyone love it!

  12. DMH


    This bag is absolutely beautiful and flawless. It is slightly bigger than what I would consider a handbag.

  13. Jude bug

    Lovely handbag

    This is a beautiful handbag. Color is a beautiful red and hardware is gold. It is small enough that I can easily find items such as my keys and large enough for my 8 in. Kindle. (If you have fibromyalgia like I do you might find the bag a tad heavy) but not so heavy as to keep me from using it. Really happy with this purchase!!!

  14. Michele

    Great bag at a great price!

    This is a beautiful handbag. I love the feel of the leather. And you know it’s real leather by the smell of it. Perfect size for me as I like a larger bag, but not too big. The handle drop is perfect for a shoulder bag that can be securely held by upper arm. Very well made. It is now my favorite handbag.

  15. alicia h billie

    Very nice

    I bought the purse for my mother for Mother’s Day. My mother likes purses with at least 3 compartments and one shoulder strap and this purse fit her preferences. I love the color of the purse and it is very spacious. It looks very sturdy and the price was great. I gave the purse a 4 on the sturdiness because I really don’t know at this point how sturdy it is but it does look very well made so I’m not worried about it. It’s always a guess when you buy something online but I’m very satisfied with this purchase. I’m sure my mother will love it. I would buy other products from HESHE.

  16. Mom of 6

    Gorgeous and quality

    Bought this as a gift for my mother. I’m so jealous! I just received a Micheal Kores bag from my husband, and I like my mother’s better!!!!! I love the storage, and the leather is beautiful

  17. Jonathan and Ashley

    Stylish but practical. Roomy with lots of pockets.

    I love this purse. Aesthetically, I love the look–it’s a green suede exterior with leather accents (an orange and pink stripe down the middle of the front, plus teh green leather strips that lead up to the handles and shoulder strap. The bottom of the purse is a thick green leather as well with metal disks on the corners to keep the purse slightly raised off of surfaces. There is a detachable and adjustable leather shoulder strap which is very handy.

    Storage-wise there are lots of pockets–a cell phone pocket on the back side of the exterior of the purse, two cell phone sized side pockets on the interior, a zippered pocket on the opposite side of the interior and one large compartment in the middle of the purse (also with a zippered top.) The purse is very roomy and with the reinforced rectangular bottom, the purse stands upright on its own which makes it easier to look through.

    Overall, I really like it. It is very sturdy and well made, in addition to being practical and stylish. I can fit so much stuff inside–my ipad, wallet, kids’ snacks, phone, etc. Very nice purse.

  18. deniese

    I will sure to buy other colours

    I purchased this bag, I would love to get the red in it. The material is sturdy, fit in to my every day needs, I am sure to buy other colours in it. Price is reasonable, classy cute bag

  19. Beowulf and Migwit

    Beautiful, functional, and well made!

    This type of purse design is exactly what I like. It includes the inside zip pocket as well as a center zip divider. I find the center zip divider helps keep items from being too jumbled up in the bottom of my purse, plus the center zipper section can be used for more personal items that I don’t want seen.

    The purse also has two inside slide pockets, and one outside pocket. I’m a huge fan of outside pockets too, so another box checked off. The leather is a soft suede, and the straps are the perfect length. Even with the size, the purse is not as heavy empty as some leather purses can be. This makes it easier to carry without feeling like I’m lugging around a heavy object.

    I have several purses that close with a zipper. I thought that would be a feature that I’d love in a purse, but I find that I seldom ever actually zip those purses closed. This purse has a magnetic closure that stays closed under normal circumstances, which I have discovered is more practical for me. Easier to get in and easier to close.

    Overall, this is a beautiful, functional purse.

  20. Michelle Rogers

    Great purse

    This purse is awesome. I am very picky with my purses and normally only buy designer purses but the leather and color of this purse are just lovely. The straps stay on my shoulder and don’t fall down and it is light weight for a leather purse. I have already gotten a ton of compliments on it.

  21. Tmisskitty

    Great bag

    I like everything about this purse. I did however, need to return it only because it was too large for me. Due to residual effects from a serious auto accident, I have a much trouble finding a purse that suits me. It was a great bag, just too large for me.

  22. Regan Busch

    Simple, attractive handbag

    This is a beautiful handbag and the quality seems very good. The upside to leather is the feel and durability; the downside is that it’s heavier than man made products. I bought the bag in wine color for entering the fall season. Very happy with the purchase!

  23. K. Taylor

    A great looking bag. Get it in Aloe

    Of the several Fossil bags we’ve recently received to test this is by far my favourite, and I’m including the men’s bags that I’d naturally be more interested in. We got it in the style that Fossil calls Aloe, a soft, suede green with a tan and pink accent stripe down the middle. The pink stripe ain’t my thing, but I’d love to own a suede man’s bag in this shade of green. It’s a heritage colour, rich and lustrous, interesting enough to catch your eye from the far side of a room. Since I took it from its polythene bag a couple of days ago it’s been hung over a doorknob in my hallway, and every time I pass it I find myself slowing down and thinking “God, that’s a nice bag.” If Fossil decided to make a messenger, weekender or duffel bag for men using this material I’d buy it. Lose the pink stripe, of course :)

    I’m no expert in what women look for in a handbag but I’d imagine this is the kind of thing that would draw admiring glances. It might also attract admiring touches thanks to the soft sheen of the suede, so if you don’t like being pestered by people wanting to talk about your bag it might not be for you.

    As with all the Fossil bags I’ve received for testing, I want to point out that this bag comes with a label attached to one of the straps that has the list price printed on it, so if you’re planning to give this as a gift you might want to snip it off. The bag comes extremely well packaged. The suede is protected by layers of cardboard to prevent friction damage during shipping, and the straps, zippers and decorative key are all well wrapped in tissue that’s taped into place. Fossil do a great job of packing, and since these bags have travelled thousands of miles and arrived shop fresh they deserve a round of applause for a job very well done.

    So yeah, all in all this is just a great bag. Get it in Aloe and you won’t regret it.


    Just Buy the Bag😉

    Detachable/adjustable shoulder strap longer than I care for but it’s a very well constructed and roomy bag.

  25. A reader

    Perfect for everyday, everything.

    Size is perfect. Lighter than I thought it would be when filled. I use the outside zipper pocket for my phone. So convenient, don’t have to reach inside. Color goes with anything. Metal trim makes the bag look even more stylish.

  26. jbmd1

    It is quality

    I do not like long shoulder straps and prefer something shorter. This bag is the perfect size as well. I have a long wallet that can be carried on my wrist and this bag accommodates easily with being as large as a tote. It has 3 compartment & zippers shut. ( which is sooooo much better than snaps for security) The central compartment zippers as well and there are convenient smaller pockets perfect for cell phone or glass cases etc. There is an easy outside zipper too. It smells great as it is leather, has feet ( love that so it doesn’t ever sit on the floor), and has minimal decoration that tends to age before the bag. It comes with the optional longer strap for those that like crossbody. I highly recommend this!!!

  27. Linda

    Well constructed leather pocketbook

    I wanted a leather pocketbook that would be good for every-day use, but large enough in case of travel. This fits the bill perfectly. Love the quality of the lining and the color (dark burgundy), just the right amount (ie. not too many) of zippered and unzippered pockets, and the two straps fit over my shoulder since that’s the way I carry my pocketbook. I also like the four stud protectors at the corners of the bottom. It has a designer look and feel and I appreciate that there are no maker logos displayed on the bag. Not sure however if it is genuine leather. The description says leather, but no where on/in the pocketbook does the word leather appear except for a small “keychain” that has a piece of the material as the key fob.

  28. Lisa Paine

    Great Fossil purse

    Another great Fossil purse. Love that the inside is divided so that I don’t lose everything into a deep dark hole. It is the perfect size for this time of year and color I got the lighter brown and it goes with everything and people are always committing on it. And I know this purse will last a long time because it is a Fossil.

  29. Mel Wagoner

    Christmas present from hubby to me

    I bought this for me – from my hubby for Christmas. I am impatiently waiting to use it! I love Fossil leather and their products have never failed for beauty, functionality, and durability.

  30. lisa bailey

    Nice Bag!

    Love it! More beautiful in person!

  31. April P.

    Great purse!

    Love the purse. Very roomy inside but not too big. I can get my iPad in it. The only downside would be the thin straps. I question how long the straps will hold up over time. For now I’m loving it!

  32. Gemgirl116

    Sturdiness & Look; Great Combo

    It’s a sturdy purse so it looks like it will last for some time.

  33. Jannie

    Good Quality

    I was looking at this handbag for a couple of weeks and decided to go for it. All leather, useful compartments, especially the inside zipper compartment. It also came with a crossbody strap and a dust protector. I like a shoulder bag, the straps are on the shorter side but I am petite and if i am not wearing a coat it works for me. Overall good quality.

  34. Carelis Randall



  35. Linda

    A great buy!

    I love this bag! It has a lot of room and I like that I would love another open pocket on the outside. I do down size when shopping especially when shopping all day. I would love a small size shoulder bag or crossbody that matches this one! One that might fit inside the bigger one! But the bag is well made and looks and feels like I’ll have years of great use.

  36. Auntyannie

    An attractive large bag,converting to a cross bag, leaving both arms free..

    This is an attractive and sturdy bag to carry basic handbag essentials PLUS additional room to carry travel documents and the extras needed on hand for a 3000 mile airline trip. I am very pleased to be able to have both arms free when I convert it to a crossbody bag.

  37. Mary

    Well made!

    Love the bag. Can’t wait to use it next fall.

  38. GigiRas

    Love this bag

    Love this bag! Has inside zipper pocket – perfect for key+ safety. Firm bottom for setting down. Comfortable to wear over shoulder. Exactly what o wanted. Love the warm brown/tan color

  39. Randi Ferguson

    Love, love, love!!

    I love everything about this purse!! Its big enough to carry all the things i need to carry on a daily basis, i chose black and plan on buying a couple more in different colors, its sturdy, the leather smells great, it fits perfectly on my shoulder!

  40. peggy

    Nice bag!

    Just as pictured and nicer than described. Great bag.

  41. Carolyn

    Nothing cheap av

    This bag is beautiful and the leather is not skimpy. It’s the kind of bag that I will use for many years.

  42. Esther

    Great quality

    Amazing quality. I liked it so much I bought another!

  43. maria

    Well made -

    I like this handbag for its size and craftmanship – the straps are sturdy – the center inside zipper keeps my wallet safe – nice for traveling since its not bulky but large enough for all the things you need to easily access while traveling.

  44. Adonsia

    Great bag for everyday use

    I’ve received A LOT of compliments on this bag. What I really appreciate is how roomy it is. With all of my gadgets and whatnot, I have no fear of the strap snapping. This is my second bag from Heshe. I use this one as my everyday bag, and, my first purchase is used for special occasions. I AM quite picky about my handbags. I like to have the strap long enough so I may use it as a crossbody while on the go, and greatly appreciate the convenience of being able to adjust the length if need be.

  45. Linda


    very satisfied with this bag….offering no changes or negative comments.

  46. rascals insult me

    just the right fit

    I really liked the color and size. the compartments inside make it easy to organize.

  47. Emily C.

    Roomy and stylish

    A previous fossil purse I’ve had for years has worn like iron and still looks good. I bought this one because it is larger. I hope it lasts as long as my first one.

  48. Sunflower

    The real navy

    My favorite color is navy and I have tried to get a real navy leather bag and this one is the only one I have actually received that has the silver hardware and the true navy. Thank you.

  49. Mary T.


    Great purse and perfect size and looks very nice.

  50. Bernadette

    Love this red leather handbag!

    My hubby gave me this purse as a birthday present. Absolutely love it! I love the feel of the bag and also the look on my shoulder. Perfect shade of red!

  51. Jillie

    Heshe leather handbag

    I purchased one of these bags and liked it so well I went back for another one in a different color. Beautiful and high-quality leather. You won’t be disappointed.

  52. Jgar2019


    Exactly as expected perfect size beautiful colors

  53. Gregory

    Great shopping place

    I used the add on line. It’s for my bed.

  54. Charlotte Calandrelli

    Excellent craftsmanship

    I absolutely love this purse!! It is perfect for my needs. It is not too big to handle yet it holds so much! Very stylish and the craftsmanship is superb!

  55. Will

    Bought this for my fiancé and she loves it

    Bought this for my fiancé and she loves it

  56. Lolita Carter

    Great Purse

    I read all the reviews on this purse prior to purchasing. I almost didn’t buy it because the reviews were mixed. So first off there were some reviews saying this is not a real Fossil purse, it is absolutely a real Fossil purse. I have many Fossils and love them all. This may be my new fav. It is a perfect size. Not too small not too big. Holds everything I need for daily use and for travel. It is a beautiful purse. It came package nicely as all Fossils do.

  57. Linda Buzbee

    Really Great Handbag

    I absolutely love this purse. Plenty of room with compartments for your phone and glasses/sunglasses inside the purse. Several separate zippered areas to put things in along with two roomy areas inside to put your other items. Purse is very good quality.

  58. Winnafrex


    Great suede bag, roomy and well made. Love it!

  59. United States

    Holds up great and goes with everything

    This has been my everyday purse for almost a year now. It still looks brand new! I am hard on equipment, so I am very surprised. I like that I can take the long strap off, or leave it on. I get complements on it all the time. It is big and has a lot of compartments to keep me organized. Great bag for the price, and I would highly recommend it ad a gift!

  60. Edgardo Morales



  61. amelt

    Love love my new bag.

    It’s my everyday hand bag.

  62. IMC

    Quality leather

    Holds my day planner, and other necessities extremely well, stylish and sturdy, I love it.

  63. Lissette Martinez

    Good quality.

    Nice design and plenty space inside
    A middle compartment with a zipper.

  64. EL

    Lotta handbag for the money!

    I got the black bag. What a fine handbag it is. I love the sturdiness and the genuine leather all over. Even the straps are leather. The interior is beautiful, boasting fine material. The attention to detail is nice and the quality impeccable overall.

    It sits upright nicely once you’ve broken it in and have items placed inside.

    Finally, I love how it was shipped. *Every* last detail was covered by protective tape and/or thin plastic wrap. Even the little feet on the bottom!

    The only downside is it’s a bit on the heavy side, even when nearly empty, but that’s not a huge downside. And be aware – it is a rather large handbag, but I find it does sit on the shoulder perfectly, and it travels nicely – for example, it fits just right underneath the airplane seat, yet you can pack a lot in.

    (I haven’t tried the long strap yet)

    Bottom line: Very pleased.

  65. Shirley Wilkins

    It is a beautiful bag.

    I have not gotten to use it yet, but I am sure it is fine. It is a beautiful bag. For me I would like to see more outside pockets for phone and sun glasses. But, that is me.
    These are the things that I really like about a handbag:
    Outside pockets, both a handle and a crossbody strap good pockets on the inside (large enough to put my things in.
    Outside pockets big enough for my phone and sun glasses. A large pocket that is sewn down the middle so glasses on one side and phone on the other. A good comfy pair of shoes and a great handbag make me happy.

  66. Rosemary C.

    Beautiful and Elegant Handbag

    Received my handbag yesterday, and it is gorgeous. Well made, simple, elegant and perfect size. Not too big and not too small. It has a cross-body strap, but the handlers are long enough to carry as a shoulder bag. Love the center zipper pocket which is great for organization, as well as the outside pocket. There is also a roomy interior side zipper pocket on one side and two open pockets on the other side for cell phone, etc.I have been searching for a well-made quality leather handbag for quite a while and am so glad I found this one.

  67. Vici Hill

    I love this bag!!! Real leather!!!

    I have ordered bags before that claimed to be real leather. This bag is genuine leather and I love the bag! I do wish the inside pockets were made of a more durable material, but the bag is great. I love it. I may even order another. I would recommend this bag to anyone!

  68. J. L. Price

    Beautiful, well-made and practical bag!

    I received this as a gift, and it is a much larger purse than I typically carry, so I wasn’t sure how much I would like using it. Over the past month, I found that it is actually more comfortable than using a smaller bag as long as I don’t load it up with extra items. There are plenty of compartments to keep things organized. It is very well-made and sturdy. I look forward to using it for a long time. I did need to get a few extra holes punched in the removable cross-body strap, but depending on how you like to carry your purse it may not be an issue for you.

  69. Lee Koellermeier

    Just like it was promised!

    The purse is very nice and the price was reasonable. . . The leather is quite heavy, which makes the purse a little heavy; but it is worth the extra weight. Just the size I expected. I plan to use it for several seasons. . .

  70. Angel’s Mimi

    Gorgeous! Looks expensive!

    This bag is just absolutely gorgeous! I can’t think of one thing I don’t like about it. The leather is soft and gorgeous. The lining is beautiful as well. It’s the perfect size. Not too small, not too big. So happy with this purchase!

  71. Suzi Streit

    Love it - great price

    Really like this high quality purse. It is well made and looks great. It is roomy buy easy to keep things organized with the pockets and zippers. Great value for the price.

  72. donna cooper

    Leather bag

    Love this leather handbag. It has compartment to hold my phone, business cards, sections for my wallet, & keys and checkbook. And it’s not so deep that you can’t find what you need quickly. And you just can’t beat the smell of leather.

  73. Diane

    See below

    Purse is lovely. Good quality BUT the shoulder strap is about 15-16 too long. Purse comes to my knee. I would like a much shorter shoulder strap, if possible.

  74. Aneres

    Satisfied purchase

    I’m pleased with my purchase. It is roomy without being bulky or heavy. I have found no issues with the craftsmanship and the bag is exactly as it is pictured. The color is a nice red/wine color. It is not bright and would be appropriate for work. So far so good!

  75. joyce stanger

    A little larger than what I wanted.

    I love the purse but it was a little larger than what I thought. But overall, it’s a great purse. East to keep things in order.

  76. nancy mandzik

    best bag I've every bought

    This bag is perfect in size , the color you see is accurate very well made. In my opinion it’s perfect. 10 stars

  77. Jody Johnson

    Well Made, quality Purse

    Great purse- really love the look and color of the leather. Also the fact that this purse has a crossbody strap makes it more pleasurable to use for shopping out outings.

  78. Jdubya

    99% Perfect

    I love love this bag. The quality is fabulous and the size is perfect! My only complaint is the shoulder strap is about 1.5” too short. It’s hard to carry on the shoulder with a coat. But luckily in the South we don’t have to wear coats that much.

  79. Meredith Ojeda

    Great purchase

    This purse works perfectly for me. I’m a petite woman so I didn’t want a huge tote bag but something that would hold all my personal items. This bag is exactly what I needed.

  80. Carmen


    Quedo fascinada y le gusto mucho era para mi hermana

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Laptop Shoulder Bag

Material: This medium Leather Purses Handbags Vintage Tote Laptop Shoulder Bag for women is made of high quality waxed cowhide leather and fabric lining with gold hardware. There are four color options: leopard, brown, coffee, and gray.

CLASSIC DESIGN: Open top zip closure; interior with 1 main compartment, 2 interior zip pockets, 2 open wall pockets for cards or phone, and 2 pen holders. Comfortable and durable flat shoulder straps, 8.66 inches long, provide a comfortable carry and can be used as a shoulder bag or crossbody bag.

LARGE CAPACITY: The leather tote purse holds your iPad and essentials. The large pocket is spacious enough to hold a laptop up to 12 inches, A4 folders, notebooks, water bottle, umbrella; the small pocket can store your daily essentials such as lipstick, makeup, cell phone, wallet, etc.

Practical: Size: (L*W*H) 12.54*10.9*3.94 inches; Net Weight: 2.2lbs/1.0kg; This genuine leather handbag is perfect for women to carry in office, school, travel or any other everyday occasions.

Guarantee: If you have any questions or are not satisfied with our products, please feel free to contact us so that we can provide you with the best sales service.

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Laptop Shoulder Bag

Leather Purses Handbags Vintage Tote Laptop Shoulder Bag