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Mini Crossbody Bags Small Leather Purse Shoulder Bags

(102 reviews)


Mini Crossbody Bags 100% leather; lining 100% polyester Imported CASUAL AND EASY STYLE: This airtight brown lady's designer easy-going messenger shoulder bag defines urban chic, and this messen... read more


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102 reviews for Mini Crossbody Bags Small Leather Purse Shoulder Bags

  1. Francesca Marchese

    Awesome Cross-body!

    This is a great leather cross-body purse for people on the go. It is great for concerts, shopping, traveling, etc. It isn’t the largest, however. I can fit an average sized wallet, a chapstick, sunglasses, and my phone, but not much else. Pockets are handy inside the purse. I can fit my iPhone 6 in both the inside slip pocket and the back slip pocket no problem. The strap is leather on one side and like a canvas material on the other. If you are a person who likes a small bag when you are on the go, this one is a great option. If you are a person who likes to carry more items with you, I would recommend the larger Kinley bag by fossil.

  2. Lady D


    Beautiful purse. I love the texture. It’s just gorgeous.

  3. Karen Kennedy

    Five Stars

    Good quality for the price

  4. gail

    Five Stars

    This is a beautiful bag, especially for the price!

  5. Melissa Markell

    Classy bag!

    I find designer bags distracting with their big logos and big price tags, but it was hard to find a classy black bag to use for work that was elegant and didn’t cost a fortune or have a big logo. This is perfect!

  6. free2bmoe

    Five Stars

    This is a sharp eye-catching purse. I receive lots of compliments.

  7. Mad4Mod

    Very nice bag, but this purse turned out to be ...

    Very nice bag, but this purse turned out to be much larger than I needed, so it was returned.

  8. Mary

    Love it. Very stylish and well-made

    Love it. Very stylish and well-made.

  9. Mimi

    Perfect size!

    Love this purse. It has compartments to hold most categories of items I carry without looking like a granny bag. I especially like the size which works on a shorter person. I did have the shoulder strap shortened so I could use for a shoulder bag.

  10. HN

    Beautiful purse! Great for everyday use.

    I love this purse. However, the one I received was missing the zipper pull tab to the main compartment. I sent it back for a replacement and will update my review when I receive the new one with all the parts.

    Updated: Got a replacement purse with all the parts. Much better! It’s just the right size for me. I feel like bigger purses just make me look smaller. Good material. So far, it is holding up fine with daily use.

  11. Guski


    Diese Handtasche habe ich für meine Frau gekauft. Sie sieht schick aus, echtes Leder hat viel Platz und war nicht zu teuer. Und das Beste: Sie gefällt meiner Frau, was will man mehr. Sehr zu empfehlen

  12. Cindy E.

    The real deal

    I highly recommend this seller. My purse was clearly a real Fossil and had all the paper on the key and zippers that needed to be removed. I appreciated receiving a brand new item and have received many compliments on this little purse. It’s their largest crossbody so it fits a good amount of items. I LOVE all the pockets on it for storing things, too. I might eventually like to get a small or medium crossbody for when I want to travel even lighter but I LOVE this purse.

  13. Tyra Fierros

    Great leather cross body bag!

    I bought this purse for an everyday purse and it’s perfect! At first I thought it was a little too big for a cross body bag, but my kids tell me it’s not, so… The color is beautiful and the texture is getting softer with use.

  14. Voyager2021

    I really like this purse!

    For days when you don’t need to carry a lot of things, this bag is wonderful! It has room for a large wallet, stood on its end, my eyeglass case, stood on its end, and a pen and pencil/incidentals pouch in the main compartment, with slip pockets for my inhaler, hand sanitizer, and lipsticks. My Kindle goes in the back outside slip pocket, and my iPhone 8+ goes in one of the front outside slip pockets. I have a very small credit card case that goes in the other outer slip pocket which has my card key for getting in to work so it is easily reached. There is also room for a pen if you like in that outer slip pocket or a tube of lip gloss. the outside zip compartment has my charging cords for phone and kindle. The strap is plenty long, and is adjustable, and can be removed if you just want to carry it as an envelope purse. It’s sharp looking, versatile and well made as well as reasonably priced. I don’t care for the dark lining, but you can’t have everything. Definitely a keeper. Well done Fossil!

  15. Kindle Customer


    Love this purse. Lots of room and many extra places to put your items. I keep my receipts in front zipper pocket, phone in back slot, and two front pockets are good for coupons, etc. Cosmetic zipper pocket inside along with two extra pockets which I use for pens and pad. Not a heavy purse…extra plus.

  16. Patricia A Davidson

    Happy Happy Birthday to me!

    Ordered the synthetic leather, black stripe, brown strap purse as a birthday gift for myself two days ago. I wanted a leather purse; but I liked the price of this one and my daughter questioned the PCness of leather. This purse is one of the best gifts ever given to me by myself or anyone else! It’s big enough for a large wallet, sun glasses, keys, iPhone, and personal items. Love the outside pockets and interior compartments. The adjustable strap is thin enough for comfortable cross body wear. The quality and attention to detail is superb. It is quite the looker and I highly recommend. I’m pretty sure I will be asking Santa for the same purse in leather!!

  17. Robin Louise

    As described, exceptional quality for price!

    So excited to have a reasonably priced bag that feels like it will last through my abuse. I just transfered junk from the destroyed bag, which this one replaced. I will no longer keep buying cheaper bags because this one bag is cheaper than a years worth of bags which simply do not last. Not sure why there’s a key on it. Maybe decor, but the bag is great, zippers are good quality and it has been what seems like….to last.

  18. missgord

    A space for everything

    I really like this bag because I am lazy and pragmatic. I always forget to zip my bag closed. This has a zipper, but it also has a flap with a magnetic clasp. So, when I forget to zip my bag closed, my things still say safe. The second amazing feature is the front slide pocket. It fits my S10 phone perfectly, even with a popsocket on the back. So, no digging around in my bag to find my phone, and nothing else to scratch my phone.

    Main con: It won’t fit a huge wallet. You can technically fit a 7.5″ long wallet in there, but it’s really annoying to get in and out. The 6.75″ long wallets fit much better, although I ended up just putting a smaller wallet in (~3″x5″). I can also fit sunglasses, pens, chapstick, bronzer, lipstick, mascara, keys, and hand sanitizer, with room to spare. Yet, the bag is not that big or heavy.

    Suffice to say, I bought two.

  19. Andrea

    Must Have

    This purse has been on my wish list for awhile. I expected it to be a small crossbody, but when it arrived it was much bigger (a little bit bigger than my MackBook). There are so many pockets to organize different items, which I love. Even though the purse is larger, it is still lightweight. I have gotten a lot of compliments on it already. If you are looking for a daily cross body that can fit a lot of stuff, I highly recommend this bag!!

  20. Dani De Luca

    My Goldilocks bag—just right!!!

    I have been looking for a leather bag for years and years, but I couldn’t find one that fit the bill at a decent price point. This bag is lovely, high quality, functional, and classic. I love the front zip pocket, which is perfect for my wallet/phone and the buttery zippers. The size is spot on and the brown leather is beautiful. I haven’t been this happy with a bag for a long time and I know it will last years and years. Thanks, Fossil ⭐️

  21. CA

    Perfect for my needs.

    Love this purse! Fossil makes great products. I’d been looking for a small tote for ages. Most are huge. This fit the bill perfectly. Plenty of room. Great pockets inside and out. Beautifully made. I splurged and purchased the matching wallet. I love it as well. It’s the most expensive wallet I’ve ever puchased but well worth it. Very high quality.

  22. Coty R.

    Cute crossbody

    On the smaller side, but fits everything I’m used to carrying! Very cute and love the color. My new winter bad.

  23. A. Watman

    I’m very happy with this purse

    I worried that it might not be wide enough, but it has enough of a base (looks like about 3 inches) to be roomy without being too bulky. The height and width are a little more so than I’ve been used to recently, but I’m finding that I like that, too. It holds everything I need, and kind of keeps me from adding too much and suddenly realizing I’ve turned my purse into a mini suitcase! And, if you like a more natural brown color, this is perfection.

    My only *complaint* is that I wish the strap was slightly wider. It’s been fine during the winter months, when I have extra padding on my shoulder from a coat or sweater. But, I’m wondering if it might feel a bit less comfortable when I’m wearing lighter clothing.

  24. Diane C.

    Darling bag but too small for me

    I was on the look out for a large crossbody and thought this would be it, but unfortunately I could get my “stuff” into it, but not without packing it full. So really doesn’t work for me. If it was a couple of inches larger or wider it would be perfect.

  25. Joyful1

    Closest to Perfect I’ve Found

    I purchased this purse 3 months ago and have used it daily since. It is the nicest purse I’ve ever owned. The zipper slides easily. It’s clear this bag is a step up from any I previously owned. The pockets and storage spaces are perfect. They’re the exact amount I need. Sometimes purses overdo the pockets or don’t have enough. I like that my phone (iPhone XR) slides easily into the outside pockets, but they’re deep enough it has never slipped out. That’s convenient.

    A friend owns this purse in leather and strongly encouraged me to get it when I was looking. I think the leather version may end up on my gift idea list so that I have two options. I purchased this one as a splurge for myself when I had gift cards from donating convalescent plasma after recovering from Covid. I would never have gotten it without those, but now that I’ve owned this Fossil bag, I will be saving up to continue using their bags in the future. This one is definitely worth the extra investment.

  26. Adaline

    Stunning Simplicity!

    I absolutely love this bag! The color is classic, it has just enough pockets, it is not HEAVY like most leather bags are, and it has survived the last two or three weeks and it is still fabulous. If you feel that you have to carry all of your personal possessions, at all times…then this is not the bag for you. BUT, if you are like me and just want a comb, my phone, a wallet, keys, a pen, kleenex, and a small container of gum – oh, and I almost forgot, my monthly planner fits in there as well – then this might be the bag for you, too! There is enough room that it’s not clunky or chunky, and it looks great!

  27. Kelly A

    Really nice bag

    I don’t have a clue how to tell whether a bag is genuine and honestly I don’t care. This is a nice, sturdy, durable bag. I get lots of compliments on it. Just big enough to hold everything I need without being unnecessarily bulky and heavy. Zippers are smooth and look great, no snags or tough spots. The lining has held up to daily use for several months now and that’s usually the first thing to rip on my purses.

    … also it wiped clean easily after my dog vomited on the outside, ew.

  28. Carolyn Miller


    Bought this for a quick on the go purse.. Holds a standard Fossil Wallet with three pockets inside. plenty of room for your cell phone inside and outside in the pockets. The exterior pockets were great to hold a quick note pad and eye glass swoth. Stylish enough to carry to a 4 star restaurant.

  29. Erika Londrigan

    3 purses in one!!

    Excellent value for money. Love that I can use as a crossbody or detach the black strap and use the chain for a strap.
    I’ve even use removed all straps and used as a clutch.. really 3 purses in one. Can’t go wrong for less than $100!! Must purchase!!

  30. Courtney


    Absolutely love this purse! I wanted a crossbody that wasn’t huge but not too small either. This is honestly the best of both worlds and I am super picky about my purses! I purchased the matching wallet to and love it! Only downside I’ve noticed is jeans or dark washed pants run off on the leather fabric leaving a blue tint. Not sure why it does this because all my pants have been washed…

  31. Vanessa


    I’ve been wanting a new bag for so long but held out for some silly reason. This is the perfect size for me. Lots of pockets inside and out. I chose the black, which you can never go wrong with. I love Fossil bags!

  32. C. J. Gandy

    A beautiful, practical bag. Love it.

    I love the look and practicality of this purse and I get many compliments. It is well made and an easy everyday purse. It is a mid weight bag and a bit heavier than my previous baggalini, but I love it and think it will work for me for a long time.

  33. Bigred

    Perfect size and looks great

    Love my birthday purse. I only use small crossbody bags due to a bad shoulder. I’ve learned that they can’t be too big or too small…just right. This one is! It is so cute and lightweight. It holds sunglasses, phone, small wallet, lipsticks, etc. It’s been complimented several times.

  34. Southern Lady

    Perfect bag!

    I was looking for a purse that has a pocket or zipper on the outside to hold sunglasses, keys, etc. This bag is perfect for my travelling needs and there is room for my Kindle. Love that it is a crossbody.

  35. Dante Macias

    My mother loved it!

    The product was very nice and can compliment your loved one very well!

  36. J.H.

    My most favorite purse!

    I was gifted this same purse (little heart patterned one) about two years ago, and I adore it to death.

    I tend to be pretty rough with my purses–I don’t rotate between them as I can’t be bothered, so I run every one into the ground before I go through the next one. This is my first purse I was actually upset over it starting to break down–and I’m SO pleased that I could buy another one as a backup for when my current one is in shambles.

    No complaints–looks just the same as the one I got from Fossil directly.

  37. Linda Almes

    Very well made bag!

    I bought the Fossil Fiona Large Crossbody Purse in Turquoise. It is lovely. I have received so many compliments on it. There are adequate pockets for my things such as phone, mask, clutch & small make up bag. The price was very reasonable for the quality.

  38. K.Susan

    What's not to love

    I wanted a cross-body purse that was just the right size. Not too big (and thus heavy) and not too small (that I can’t zip it after stuffing in my essentials). This has proven to be the right size. The craftsmanship is top quality and who doesn’t love the smell of leather!

  39. Toni T.

    The ideal “medium” size crossbody!

    This is the perfect size for those of us who need a medium sized crossbody bag! It’s well made and an attractive bag that suits my needs perfectly!

  40. Janine

    Cute and simple

    I am not a brand-name purse freak (anymore). I wanted something simple and cute and practical for my first flight since COVID and this purse met all my criteria. It fit my iPad mini, a bag with cables, protein bars, phone, passport, and my big wallet- and it has a bunch of pockets for small items like mask, gum, etc. Its cute and fits nicely around my shoulder – hence its out of the way and leaves my hands free to carry my coffee. Its sturdy as well, and I already got one compliment in the airport on it. Made a great choice with this purse and will have it for many years.

  41. J 🌱

    wonderful & super convenient bag

    super cute and useful/resourceful bag!! im so happy i was able to find a bag that is 1.) comfortable 2.) not too big 3.) fits my necessary things & 4.) has a minimalistic look !! also it’s very high quality :D

  42. Joan Pizio

    Great pocketbook evening or day

    I use it just about every day

  43. Gustavo Jacome

    Buen material y calidad

    Parece que es azul oscuro y no negro

  44. Willie walker

    Just great

    Just to carry daily

  45. fonzie

    Great bag.

    I really like this bag. It is lightweight, has organization and is not too small or too big. Great for travel.

  46. T


    Esta perfecta, me encanto

  47. Clair

    Great purse

    Has a lot of space for the looks of a midsized purse and it’s lightweight. I don’t care so much for the small strap that the purse has (I like a medium/ wide strap) but isn’t going to stop me from using it day to day. If your a bigger gal like myself it’s not the best to wear cross-body but can be done. I get a lot of comments on how cute my purse is.

  48. Theodore Nguyen

    GF Loves it

    Gifted it to my lady and she finds it high quality and easy for everyday use because it works with many outfits. I have great taste 😎

  49. Kathlina

    Michael Kors

    It light weight I love it traveling most of all don’t have to be carrying heaving purse wear it over you’re should or across 100%

  50. Shannon S.

    Perfect Size

    I love the size of this purse. It’s not too big but holds a regular size wallet and a few other things I carry on a daily basis. The outside pocket is perfect for my phone. I know the longer I carry it the softer the leather will become. The quality of the purse was so nice I ordered a matching wallet.

  51. Douglas M. Hirsch

    Great quality for the price.

    My wife thoroughly enjoyed this handbag, as a surprise gift.
    She finds it to classy and functional.

  52. DT

    Easy to handle, not in the way.

    Like for church,

  53. Signe H.

    Great shopping purse.

    Super cute and durable, this is the perfect size purse when I want to carry a less heavy bag for shopping or running errands. I get lots of compliments on this bag.
    It cleans up easily and is very well made.

  54. Deborah

    Pleasantly Pleased

    The displayed picture does not do this bag justice, as one cannot feel the soft supple leather and quality of the product. And with many bags now days being stiff and hard, it was such a pleasant surprise. I was tired of toting huge bags around. This one is a perfect size. The color was as pictured. There are lots of pockets on this bag, which was an added attraction for me. I have lots of items, I don’t like dropping down to the bottom of my bag. This gives me a specific location for my phone, cosmetics, etc. However, I do miss the leather strip that many bags have inside, to keep my keys handy. Also, I’ve noticed, with the bag being so soft and pliable, and putting anything substantial in the inside pockets, it is hard to retrieve or put in my wallet. And it makes it hard to view any small items in the bottom of the bag. But I have enjoyed it and like the quality.

  55. BUp


    Love love love this purse. It’s small enough for a cross body but has lots of storage room. Plenty for wallet, keys, cellphone, sunglasses and more.

  56. RunSueRun

    This Purse is Clutch!

    Little play of words to convey that you need this crossbody in your purse coterie. When I go too small I end up regretting it, but no longer want the full purses I used to carry. This is the perfect middle-ground: ample room but lightweight and easy to tote. Now that I write this review I realize I should buy it in black as well!

  57. GBC

    Lot of room for lots of things ladies need!!

    Nothing not to like. Very versatile. The size is perfect for your important items. For travel you may want a large one.

  58. alice hervan

    Beautiful and versatile

    I’ve got to say this purse is the perfect size. Not too big and not to small. You can carry a makeup bag, medicine, comb not to mention your wallet. The color is just the best elegant mixture of black and white. I’m gonna use it all summer but would use it in any season and still be fashion forward. I’m buying another in case it becomes hard to find. 5 stars

  59. Star

    A functional bag

    A functional bag. Looks good and it’s easy to keep things organized.

  60. Patti Young

    Great little Purse

    Exactly what I expected

  61. Kindle Customer

    Great Crossbody

    This is a very nice affordable crossbody. Very sturdy, large in size, and has several. Compartments for staying organized. I love it! Will be ordering more.

  62. RM

    Great purse!

    I absolutely love this purse. The picture is very accurate to the actual product. I love a good crossbody, and this lived up to my expectations. It has plenty of room without being too large. I couldn’t be happier with this purchase!

  63. Elizabeth Holladay

    My new fave purse! Chic & practical

    I love everything about this purse. It’s the perfect size for everyday use but also cute and small enough for date nights. The strap and zippers work well and it has a good number of pockets too. My favorite touch is the little key charm and pattern.

  64. Deitra Blackwell

    Love this purse!

    This purse has the arrangement of pockets that I need. It replaces a similar Fossil purse and that one lasted a long time, and looked new or nearly new the entire time. It’s a great value!

  65. Nancy Rieck

    Love it!

    Love it. Was looking for something light weight and something with a nice size not too big and not too small. This purse is perfect. I was going to buy brown Leather but that was spendie so went with black and white and I love it and love the color.

  66. Elizabeth Enoch

    Great pockets for easy access

    Love most everything about this purse for traveling. Easy access to everything from sunglasses to phone. The strap doesn’t fall off my shoulder and is easy to cross my chest for added security. Only one wish… that the flat bottom was a touch broader as it tends to fall over !

  67. Debbie

    Perfect Bag!

    I love the color, the contrasting trim, the leather softness, the pockets (many), the size, the look. I love everything about this purse!

  68. francesco

    Molto apprezzata

    Materiali e linea decisamente alla moda (by mia moglie)

  69. L. Schwebke

    Great summer purse!

    I was looking for something fun for the summer – perfect pop of bright color and love the leather colored trim. The quilted Chevron pattern on the bottom is cute and there are three exterior pockets which are perfect for Keys phone and sunglasses without digging into my purse. Very happy!

  70. C. C.

    Beautiful and durable

    Bought this product for my daughter I loved it so much on buying me one

  71. BTuck

    Love love love

    Fossil never disappoints! Great quality leather and zipper. Perfect size (unlike a lot of crossbody bags) for wallet, cell phone and keys etc.. Outside pockets are good size too. Love this crossbody. Will be purchasing in different colors.

  72. Susan

    Love it

    Love it

  73. Chapo

    Very nice for a gift

    Got it for my girls birthday she loved it

  74. dimples


    Good quality bag. Can fit in essentials like phone, small amount of makeup, tissues, etc. Looks very classy.

  75. Chiara

    Ottimo prodotto

    Borsa molto bella secondo le aspettative ! Confezione perfetta e curata !

  76. Torii Donham

    Perfect for travel or shopping

    This is nice quality. I love outside pockets for phone and sunglasses. I will use this on my next trip. Hate carrying heavy purse at airport. I got graystone. It is aptly named. In there picture it seemed cream color but it isn’t. It is gray. I still love it. What an incredible value for the price!!

  77. Ruth E Caruso

    It's bigger than you think!

    This bag is versatile. I like that since I hate changing bags. I change twice a year, sometimes. It’s large enough to hold goods for overnight, a tablet or computer, work issues or supplies. I’m an artist so these things are very important to me.

  78. Kirsten H.

    Daughter loves it

    Bought this for my daughter as a gift. She needed a little larger purse as her others were busting at the seams with all she likes to put in them so this has worked great. It’s true to color and very soft. Has held up very well.

  79. jane Butler

    Great size!

    I love everything about this bag. The size is perfect and the detail on the bag is lovely.
    Great price too!

  80. Lynne Budd

    Just what I wanted & needed

    I was in need of a slightly larger crossbody than I had, but wanted good quality too. Fossil has stepped up their game from years ago & developed a high quality leather crossbody that is not too heavy or too big. I even ended up getting the matching wallet. Perfect for traveling, which my husband & I do a lot of!

  81. RMann


    Fast Shipment! Awesome product, thank you!

  82. Sandi B.

    Great value

    Great value

  83. CMP777

    Worth the money

    Trying to find a good crossbody bag can be hard. I am picky because I like a cute design, decent size but not too large, and I want it to have different pockets. This bag fits all of those things I like and it’s so cute. Well made and it’s not uncomfortable.

  84. ReneC

    Very Nice Quality

    I have not had a chance to actually use this purse yet, but I think I am going to love it. The quality and workmanship is very nice.

  85. Jo Ann Frund

    Bostanten cow hide handbag

    The handbag is everything I need. Soft,supple and roomy. Package was in good shape, delivered my mail.

  86. Amanda

    Great for date nights weekend outings & wedding or just on the go

    Love ❤️

  87. MJ

    Excellent, well-made, versatile bag.

    This is a highly functional, nice looking bag that is great for travel. Smooth leather exterior, secure (and open) pockets on the exterior for easy access to phone/keys/travel documents. Wide flat cross body strap is unfortunately not adjustable, but wears well. The studs are a nice touch for style. Because of the simple rectangular shape, this tucks well into a backpack or carry-on bag if you’re trying to consolidate space. I liked it so well I got more colors. The strap is removable, so you can change it out for other colors/styles.
    The size is a large-medium. I can easily carry a full size wallet, cosmetic bag, roll-up grocery bag, compact umbrella, and other small items (gum, mints, etc.)

  88. Amy S

    Perfect crossbody - well-made!

    Perfect size, versatile color, looks and feels like it’s going to last a long time. Grey & white looks like washable faux leather, especially great right now to keep clean. Love the outer pockets for cell phone and inner zippered pocket. This will go with any outfit in any season. I’ll probably get the matching wallet or clutch. Nothing but happy with it! Also came a few days earlier than expected.

  89. AnnMarie

    It’s really great looking

    It’s just the right size and matches most of my coats or clothes I wear! I had to hide it so my granddaughter would take it! She is 20, me I’m 65!!

  90. Natina H.

    Perfect handbag!

    I have been looking for a medium not bulky handbag. I really like the color, material and interior design. This bag has perfect size pockets inside to hold 2 cellphones with cases on. It even fits oversized cellphones which is a bonus. So you can place your phone in it’s prospective pocket without searching around for it in bag. It’s the perfect handbag!

  91. Cindy Elsberry

    Good size crossbody with lots of room

    This is a good sized bag. I like that there are pockets on the outside and inside of the bag. Adjustable strap is sturdy and several holes to make it the length that works for you. The bag is very attractive with the two-tones and can be a year-round bag.

  92. GramD

    Love Quality/Size

    Love my Fossil crossbody purses, but also needed one little smaller, less weighty than the ones that have heavy leather straps/larger. This is my go-to purse when running around town, shopping, goes with everything. Still good Fossil quality for I was concerned whether it would be that way due to purchased SAK purse online and quickly could tell quality was not the same as SAK handbags I’ve purchased at stores.

  93. Computer Geek

    Good looking handbag

    This bag is a great size for me with pockets, a detachable crossbody strap, a zipper(!) and looks very good. The leather could be softer but I think it is softening with use. I’m thinking about ordering another one!

  94. Ramona Askew

    Very attractive bag

    It looks exactly like the picture. It has 6 separate compartments to be able to organize your belongings easily.

  95. Grammy

    Awesome purse & so much room in it!

    I have never ordered a purse online before. I always thought that I needed to actually see it in person to decide if it would work or not. I don’t have time to drive 1 1/2-2 hrs. to look just at purses so took a chance on this one. I absolutely love it! So much room in it & so many pocket/zip areas. Quality is great & the perfect purse so far for me.

  96. Deborah Kinnard

    She said it was perfect

    I gave this to my daughter as a Christmas gift. Some years ago, in England, she bought herself a purse she loved. Once it wore out through constant wear, she looked for one just like it ever since. It’s been years. I finally found this one here, and it turned out to be a perfect match. I look forward to seeing her carry it for a long time to come.

  97. Diya

    Just what I needed.

    I always look for bags which have some sort of cover or difficulty in opening. Because I don’t just use my bags in US, where pickpocketing is at minimum. So this bag suits my needs perfect. My zip is covered, and I can easily fill with a small Vera Bradley purse, Moto G5 plus, my keys, few receipts, chapstick, and travel size sanitizer.

    I can tell the leather will last, and the comments I got my friends are easily overlooked for the price for a small bag.

  98. Luana Zentner

    Didn't deliver at front door, back door is in sight of all which drive by within our complex

    It was much smaller than I was wanting for a everyday bag, however it was so lovely I couldn’t return it. It is a very classic bag/ purse. They didn’t however deliver it at the front door but the back door in sight for anyone to snatch it up!😥

  99. Monique Symes

    Just what I needed!

    I traded in two bags for just one. I wanted something to go with everything and I wanted something with pockets. I small pocket in the front holds my airpods, gum, lip gloss, and a few pens. The back pocket holds my mask case and iPhone 11.

  100. PJ

    Perfect Small Crossbody Purse

    This purse is all I had hoped for and more. Love everything about it! Perfect size with enough interior space. The colors are beautiful!

  101. Anya

    Cute and nifty

    This is a cute little bag. It doesn’t hold a whole lot but it’s got decent room. I’ve received a lot of compliments for it. 👍

  102. Sks

    Love love love this!!

    Cross body not too big and not too small. Love the design and is good quality. Only wish fossil made a matching wallet!!

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Mini Crossbody Bags

100% leather; lining 100% polyester


CASUAL AND EASY STYLE: This airtight brown lady’s designer easy-going messenger shoulder bag defines urban chic, and this messenger bag is just that. Designed in a sustainable way, this crossbody purse is made from soft, reliable sourced water-resistant, scratch-resistant leather that combines the functions of a tote, backpack and handbag to easily store your everyday essentials.

Leather Shoulder Bag: Mini Crossbody Bags Small Leather Purse Shoulder Bags With main zip closure, adjustable crossbody shoulder strap, interior with rear zip pocket and front wall with 2 credit card slots.

Premium Handmade Leather: The exterior of the crossbody bag is leather, sourced from Leather Working Group Gold Certified, with a classic monogram design. Sourcing over 90% of leather from tanneries that comply with eco-friendly sourcing processes and sustainable The inside of the bag is PETA approved and vegan certified lining that is durable, waterproof and stain resistant.

DIMENSIONS AND CARE: The bag measures 8.27″L x 3.15″W x 5.51″H. To clean, use an aqueous leather cleaner and moisturizer. Protect the leather surface with a protective spray.

AULOVELY: We consciously make appealing styles. Since our inception, we’ve been more than just bags. Each style embodies our love for handcrafted textured items rooted in tradition and reinvented techniques. We share the spirit of those who are curious and aware of the world around us and welcome all to join us on our journey of discovery.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A


8.27"L x 3.15"W x 5.51"H



Mini Crossbody Bags

Mini Crossbody Bags Small Leather Purse Shoulder Bags