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Top-Handle Vegan Leather Round Satchel Crossbody Bag

(63 reviews)


Satchel Crossbody Bag ? Genuine Leather - This Small Brown Women's Round Crossbody Handbag is made of scratch-resistant, water-resistant two-ply cowhide leather for enhanced softness and comfort, and... read more


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63 reviews for Top-Handle Vegan Leather Round Satchel Crossbody Bag

  1. Julie Taylor

    5.0 out of 5 stars Love it

    Such a nice bag.. A perfect one to take everywhere be it shopping or a night out with friends.. holds a lot of stuff.. the front pocket holds my Samsung galaxy s8 plus.. the main compartment can hold a medium size notebook (see pic).. I didnt have any problem with the smell which some of the reviewers had mentioned.. would highly recommend this bag for those who doesnt want to carry a big purse or those who doesnt want to restrict necessary things.. kind of something in between a purse n a clutch..

  2. Passion T

    It’s so cute and compact !

    I love it. I can actually fit a good amount of things in this purse. It looks small but it’s actually quite roomy. And there’s card slots to put your credit cards in too! Which is a big plus!

  3. Eliana

    Super cute

    I love this purse. The size is perfect because you can fit everything you need but you’re not carrying around a huge purse. The quality seems really good as well I wasn’t expecting such a good quality purse for the price.

  4. Elena B Wells

    Perfect size. Not too small or too big.

    Excellent purse for the price. Bought it for a Christmas present and she is going to love it. Well made. Beautiful colors. Will probably purchase another one.

  5. Patsy Kurtz

    Awesome purchase. Get off the fence and buy, buy , buy!!!

    I bought this for my daughter for her birthday. We were both impressed by the quality of this purse. She loved the purple color, and it came with a bag to store it in. I plan on buying a few more for myself and granddaughters. Definitely and good buy!!!!!

  6. Grace V.

    Gorgeous and Spacious

    This is a beautiful bag! I bought the white bag with the black portion at the bottom. I love how this bag will go with almost everything and is just so pretty. What’s more, the texture is very nice and feels sturdy. The stitching is quite good and it is very spacious even though it appears small. I could easily fit my wallet, phone, earbuds and chargers, tissues, hand sanitizer, extra mask, and a small book or two inside. I am very pleased and can see myself using it for many years to come!

  7. BB

    Love this purse!!

    It’s a great size and it’s so pretty! I had a purse almost exactly like this one but it always felt so huge (I only carry around a few items). This has exceeded my expectations. It’s so cute!

  8. Diana D.

    Cute and functional!

    What a cute little bag this is! Honestly it’s exactly what I needed just when I want to bring a few things with me. Great for night outs, running errands and just overall everyday minimalist use. This type of bag does need to be organized with pouches so if you like that, use pouches to store your stuff. But for me it’s spacious enough to put exactly what I need. My two card wallets, sunglasses, feminine products. And my mini packing cube with my mommy/daily essentials! I’m very happy with this purchase!

  9. Bev

    Perfect size

    Perfect size for me. Fits my eye glass case, my iPhone, keys, lipsticks. I don’t carry a wallet as my ids SND credit cards are in my iPhone case. And extra room left over. I even put a bottle of water in it the other day.

  10. Cheryl

    Perfect Purse! 💕

    This purse is adorable! It’s small, but, that’s what I was looking for. It’s lightweight with two handle lengths, which is perfect for me. I plan on getting another color due to the fact that it is a great value for the money I paid!

  11. J. Bevans-Hyde

    Great value for a classy look

    Felt just as good as a higher end designer bag…looks just as good in person….neat and cute….not too small…can hold a small wallet along with other things i.e. sunglasses, lipstick, etc…would buy one in every color…classy

  12. Kindle enjoy

    Great quality

    Great choice. A purse is a very personal choice so making one from a picture is not easy. This one to me was my best. Not to big Not too small Best handles Great compartments Heavy duty zippers Great quality stitching & it’s got feet :<) Great care in design & quality!!

  13. Nina Houck

    I love!

    I absolutely love this purse. It’s very sturdy for the price. You for sure get your money’s worth. I’ve been using it for about 3 months now with no issues. I’ll be purchasing in different colors!

  14. Kindle Customer

    Perfect size

    I ordered the light blue purse. It is on the gray side but beautiful. Outside pocket is great for the phone. Indide pockets good size. I don’t use the long strap. Handles long enough to be carried over my arm.

  15. BB

    Perfect small purse!

    Perfect size for me! I needed a small light purse, but large enough to hold keys, wallet, phone and a bottle of meds. And there is more room just in case I need to carry something else.

  16. D & H

    Perfect size and very stylish!

    The size is perfect as I don’t like large purses. I get compliments every time I go out. I really like the slots on inside of purse to hold credit card and drivers license so no need for a wallet. The zipper is good quality

  17. Barbara P

    Perfect color match and size for wedding

    Perfectly matched my purple dress for a family wedding. Perfect size… Larger than clutch and smaller than a big over the shoulder everyday purse. Looking forward to wearing it again for a special occasion!

  18. Yvette

    Great purse!!

    I purchased this purse for my daughter as a gift and she absolutely loves it!! She doesn’t like big purses and wanted a small one that had handles, but that also had a shoulder strap. This seller has a lot of different colors too!! I bought the black with brown handles. It’s so cute!! Will be purchasing another one for my mom!! It’s very well made and not heavy. Highly recommend this purse and seller!!

  19. Anna Lucia

    It’s cute and good size

    It’s a great size and sturdy. Love that there’s so many color options too.
    The only thing is I wish it had a divider inside to divide my things so I don’t have my pepper spray next to my makeup and granola bar

  20. Akers

    Perfect Purse

    Purchased this for a wedding I was attending. It’s small yet roomy enough for all of the things I needed to bring, even the wedding card! The material is very durable, almost feels waterproof.

  21. TexasDezyner

    So much better quality than I imagined

    I love black/cognac combo in the cooler months. Classic! This little bag is so very sophisticated and the fabric feels and looks like a MK tote bag. Very well made and easy to work with. The only drawback I found after 2 weeks of daily carry is that the strap is super long for someone only 5′ tall. Not uncommon for me, but you might like to know this would be incredible if you are tall and forewarned if super short like me. And now, 2 months later — this bag has been on constructions sites daily and still looks just like new!

  22. bri

    Love it for what I got it for

    I bought as a daily purse to replace my big tote purse. I love that it is small and convenient to use to carry my basics (wallet,keys,sunglasses in their hardcase and even fits a bit more stuff) the material of the bag makes it easy to clean when it gets dirty and it looks nice yet simple enough to use as a casual dressy purse or just a daily bag

  23. Heidi

    Great bag

    It is a small bag but I actually think it’s perfect as I don’t carry much. If you are looking for a bigger bag that can hold a lot then maybe this isn’t the bag for you. I have not been using this long so I am not sure about the strap problem that others mentioned but so far it’s great. I would recommend buying it.

  24. Claire Lapinig

    Absolutely love it!

    I’ve been searching for crossbody bags that could fit my about 10 inches umbrella, but most bags I found were either too big or too small.
    I finally found this bag ,perfect size for me.
    Not only cute but also excellent quality!
    I like how the zipper is super smooth to open and close.
    It also came in with a storage bag if not in use.

  25. L. Baumgartner

    Nice and compact

    This is small, but perfect for me. It holds my wallet, IPhone 12 max pro, and keys with some room to spare. But it’s perfect for when I’m running errands or meeting friends for lunch.

  26. ACarter

    It’s so cute.

    It’s such a cute bag. It’s very sturdy and holds the basic necessities, phone, wallet, keys. I got the cream and black bag and it goes with every outfit perfectly.

  27. Alyssa

    Best purse I’ve ever had

    I love this cute little purse! It’s not too big and not too small. The color is really cute and this purse has lasted a long time. It hasn’t even ripped or anything. Perfect purse :)

  28. ccherryontop2

    Not heavy

    It’s a small purse and if it’s everything I need in it and it’s not heavy at all I look absolutely love this purse if you’re thinking about buying it do so

  29. Suzanne

    Smart, compact, elegant & a new age woman's bag

    I love the compact size. It’s a smart & elegant handbag. It’s great for church, shopping, eating out & traveling. I also love the added bonus of a light storage bag for it. It comes in a variety of colors & is great for any Season. I love it so much I ordered 2.

  30. RW

    Feminine and Functional

    Cute little satchel perfect for spring and summer, as I chose the pink color. Nice that a shoulder strap is included, but I won’t be using it, as I’m short and the purse would hang too low to be comfortable. (Besides, shoulder straps never stay in place for me and the purse constantly falls down–so irritating!) I love the satchel shape for a purse because your contents are so easy to find compared to another style. An added plus to this particular bag is that it is divided into sections on the inside so that each item will have its place.

  31. Kindle Customer

    Very pretty purse

    It’s a bit more roomy than I expected, which is nice. It has 2 different straps included. I like them both. I would buy this again.

  32. Susan L. Kennelly

    Such a classic style.

    I love this purse! It is very nice looking. I have had so many comments and compliments on this purse. Even had people ask if it was Coach!!! I Love it!!

  33. Dianne Henriksen

    Very stylish Bag

    I brought this same purse in grey last fall, and need a new spring /summer one. I loved the grey one so mush, I brought this in white.

  34. ink slinger

    Ready for the wedding!

    Received this cross body as a replacement for the expensive designer bag that will now be returned to Nordstrom’s. Design and size is perfect for the formal wedding/reception!

  35. Barb S.

    Perfect size for a dressy affair.

    The purse came quickly in a nice box. I wanted it for a wedding. I will not be using the strap. It can hold glasses, phone, a small wallet, mints and Kleenex. It is perfect for a dressy affair.

  36. Nadia B

    It’s more specious than it looks.

    Small, comfortable and actually pretty specious! I was surprised that I could fit my long wallet, phone, notebook and a small make up bag! Very useful! It looks small but can fit lots of stuff because of a nice wide bottom.

  37. James Moore


    Love this so much, this is the 2nd one we have ordered just to have as a back up. This is a good size for everything.

  38. Princess Mommy

    Perfect size for smaller purse.

    The size seems to be perfect for me. It’ll hold what I need it to hold, without being too big where things get lost. It is also small enough that it won’t let me collect a bunch of paper in it, because there won’t be room. It did come just a little collapsed onto itself – which concerns me a little – as it is very structured. But it appears that this will correct in time with some use. Nice, plain, simple. Just what I was looking for.

  39. David

    This purse is Absolutely Beautiful..

    This is a Beautiful looking purse, very sturdy, it was a Gift and she was Extremely Happy.

  40. <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">玛吉·S。</font></font>


    这是一个很棒的包。我很高兴。它比我从清单中的照片中预期的要好得多。我一直在寻找这样的包已经很长时间了…….有足够的空间容纳我的 SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10 PLUS!我一直很难找到我更喜欢的小斜挎包,它对于我的新手机来说足够大。三星 Galaxy Note 10 Plus 长 6.7 英寸,我有一个纤薄的外壳。嗯,这个包的直径是 8 英寸,所以那里没有问题,即使是我儿子的手机,它的水獭盒很重,也非常适合这个包.
    这款包采用优质 PU 皮革制成,手感如棉布,坚固柔软。这个包有很多东西,当我把我一直随身携带的“必需品”放进去时,我感到很惊讶(我不得不真正减少或缩小其他人的尺寸,还有一些人完全停止携带,因为我开始只携带小东西袋子主要是由于较大的沉重袋子使我的肩膀疼痛(有句话说…。无论袋子的大小,您总是能装满它!)我总是带着太多的东西与我一起。
    我第一次买了这个粉红色的小包,然后我非常喜欢它,我买了正面和背面都有格子嵌件的红色。然后我回来订购了黑色“素色”圆形包,今天,我屈服于不可避免的情况,买了黑色格子插袋。我想你可以说我真的很喜欢这个包。它是一款舒适的斜挎包(我使用了一些 HAHIYO 的 7.9 英寸金色链带延长器,您可以在亚马逊上购买)。它们非常便宜,制作精良,其中两个只需 6 美元。我非常喜欢我的斜挎包上的长带子,我不喜欢斜挎在腋下或腰部弹跳。肩带延长器给了我额外的长度,使我的大部分斜挎肩带可以将我的包固定在大腿上方 我得到了很多赞美,还有朋友问他们在哪里可以买到。亚马逊出售许多用于包包的“替换”带子,您几乎可以为您拥有的任何包找到您喜欢的带子,因此如果您不喜欢带子(例如今天的趋势),您永远不必使用包包随附的带子出售带有帆布或尼龙带的皮包,在我看来,这些皮包看起来很俗气,现在搭配优质的皮包就可以了,就像在你的行李袋上放真皮带一样!)更换你的包带可以让你添加你的对您拥有的任何包都拥有独特的风格,但您将拥有那个特定的包。

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  43. <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">托尼亚阿什莉</font></font>


    这个包非常精致,是我的最爱之一。我在我的 YouTube 频道 Brainyboss 上对这个包大喊大叫。我喜欢它会购买更多颜色。

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  50. <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">阿比盖尔</font></font>


    喜欢这个包!我有 2 个类似的包包,无论我在哪里旅行,都会收到陌生人的称赞。它的设计很吸引人,颜色也很流行!很高兴有一个融合包,刚买了一个绿松石。这是我的风格!爱它!圆形包包真棒!

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  56. EvE313

    Great price for a great bag.

    I have been looking for a new purse for almost two years. I have bought many, and returned them all. I love this bag. It can be worn as a crossbody or hand held, I prefer the later. It is small, but fit’s quite a few things comfortable. I have a large wallet that fits their, my make up, keys, gloves, masks, etc. I never have to dig to far. The quality is good and the color is great. I receive a lot of compliments on this bag all the time.

  57. Addy

    So far so good, and cute!

    This is the perfect little bag for essentials like wallet, keys and phone. I was quite skeptical when it came to the reviews because some stated that the bag handles started to rip overtime, but I haven’t noticed anything like that so far. Seems pretty sturdy and good quality! It was very tight and hard to open up at first, but has loosened overtime. Overall very satisfied with this purchase!! May even get another in a different color!

  58. Michelle

    Love this purse

    I am so picky when it comes to purses and what I want from them. I love that it is a crossbody and not bulky, or I can carry by the handles.
    Only thing is I’m not sure how a small purse and it looks small can be so big on the inside! Seriously.! I have gotten frustrated because I go feeling for my keys without visual assistance, and I can’t find them. Is it a purse to nowhere? A bottomless purse? I don’t know. So what im saying is it looks small, feels small but holds a lot.

  59. J9

    Perfect size!

    Wanted a small purse to carry essentials. This is the perfect size. Sturdy and not floppy with a handy zip pocket and card slots inside. The zipper slides easily to keep items secure. I also like the top handles. I prefer those over a long strap although it does comes with a detachable strap.

  60. RS/KS


    I love this purse & have never seen anything like it. It also has room in it for your phone, wallet, brush but has a rich antique look and is quality made.

  61. Kindle Customer

    Perfect size

    Awesome little purse. I’ve never needed a big purse, but needed more room than most mini purses. This one is perfect. Holds a normal sized wallet, phone, checkbook, hand sanitizer, etc. Sturdy and beautiful!

  62. Valerie: Ferguson

    Absolutely love my purse. Amazing !!!

    The quality of this purse is awesome. The care they also put into packaging their product is the best I’ve ever seen. I absolutely love this brand.

  63. Jennifoofoo1

    Love this purse

    I love that this purse isn’t huge. I like the smaller size. It’s well made and fits everything I need.

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Satchel Crossbody Bag

? Genuine Leather – This Small Brown Women’s Round Crossbody Handbag is made of scratch-resistant, water-resistant two-ply cowhide leather for enhanced softness and comfort, and is harmless to the human body. The polyester lining is smooth and won’t scratch your personal items. Alloy hardware and microfiber straps hold up well even with extended use.

? Size – Approx. L 7.1 x H 6.3 x W 3.5″ (18cm x 16cm x 9cm), handle drop about 2.36″ (6cm), detachable shoulder strap drop about approx. 18.11-20.86 inches (46-53 cm). See the second image for details. Please use a ruler to estimate the actual size of your messenger bag before buying, and avoid buying a messenger bag that doesn’t match the expected size.

? CONSTRUCTION – Our designer mini zipper satchel bag for women comes with 2 main compartments, 2 interior open pockets, 1 interior zipper pocket and 1 exterior zipper pocket for your daily activities. The spacious interior can hold your perfume, tissues, lipstick, mobile phone, wallet, keys, cosmetics and more.

? Features – The split cowhide leather combined with the brand logo decoration makes our bags elegant and stylish. With adjustable shoulder straps, the drop can be adjusted from 18.11″ to 20.86″ (46cm to 53cm). The zipper closure allows you to easily open our crossbody bag while protecting your personal belongings.

? VERY VERSATILE – Our women’s small leather messenger tote bag is perfect for casual use/work/date/party/wedding/travel/business and also for women’s birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Wedding Anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas great gift, etc.

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L 7.1 x W 3.5" x H 6.3



Satchel Crossbody Bag

Top-Handle Vegan Leather Round Satchel Crossbody Bag