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Women Backpack Purse Designer Travel Shoulder Bags

(26 reviews)


Women Backpack Purse Polyurethane lining Zipper closure [HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL]: This brown designer women's backpack purse is made of high quality waterproof soft PU leather, metal hardware an... read more


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26 reviews for Women Backpack Purse Designer Travel Shoulder Bags

  1. Preasy

    Surprisingly sturdy! The best diaper bag!!!

    I’ve used this bag now for over three months, everyday, as a diaper bag and it holds up nicely. I’ve packed it pretty full (for three kids there’s a lot of stuff to carry around) and I never had the impression that it’s gonna break. The zippers are well made, the straps good sewn on, and I love the versatility of the bag. The side pockets for the water bottles are a generous size that holds all my bottles well, thanks to the elastic strap. I can even fit something additional into the pocket next to the bottle. For me, this is the perfect diaper bag! Looks great, comfortable to carry, easy to access and sturdy made. Five stars!

  2. Suzie

    Perfect for travel and daily use.

    This bag is everything you’ve ever wanted!
    It’s the best carry on for travel. I needed something to wear cross body while I carried my camping backpack through the airport, but something I could also use as a backpack when I was out and about on vacation. It’s perfect. And the pockets! So many pockets! Sometimes I feel like there are too many pockets, but that’s not a real problem. The backpack straps are perfect and adjust well. I thought they’d be uncomfortable because they’re not padded or anything like the athletic backpacks I usually use, but they weren’t as bad as I thought they’d be. Even wore them with sunburned shoulders. I don’t use the strap it came with I use a Different detachable strap that I bought Separately, which adjusts to a longer length. The color is perfect. It looks more expensive than I really is. It holds a lot of stuff and a lot of weight. It’s got great structure. I get tons of compliments on it. It really is an all around great bag.

  3. VickyB

    Soft, roomy, comfortable

    I have the bag in blue and I really like it. I can fit so much into it, and have used it as a combo purse+diaper bag both. I can throw a couple diapers in, a bottle, my wallet, a change of baby clothes, wipes, and even snacks in the little back pocket. Notes: 1. I wish the maker would use a light colored fabric to line the inside of the bag. With a black liner it is almost impossible to see into the bottom of the bag. Use a light fabric to line! 2. When the bag is loaded up, it’s so heavy it drags down your back because the straps won’t really stay in place. 3. When the bag is full, it can be a hazard at times. I fell going through a gateway where the bag caught on the edge as I turned sideways. The bag caught on the edge of the gateway and my momentum pushed me right through and down. I had that happen a couple of different places, even riding up an escalator you have to be careful about getting too close to the sides. Overall I would highly recommend it, but know you won’t be able to see into the depths of the bag and you have to watch where you’re walking around with it.

  4. hd

    Great Backpack

    I am obsessed with the backpack purse…I find them so convenient. It’s what I want to carry every day instead of a regular purse. This one is a great pack. It has lots of pockets to organize and would make an excellent bag for traveling. There are multiple ways to carry it which is nice. For me, I think I will keep looking for my perfect day to day backpack purse as this one is too large but I am keeping this one as it really is a great bag. I got the powder blue and it’s beautiful! I have received a lot of compliments on it. I can’t speak for durability much as I haven’t had very long but it looks like it will hold up. Overall very happy with the purchase.

  5. Silas Jayne

    Nice quality

    It’s large enough to carry school stuff. I use it as a backpack purse. It’s got plenty of compartments and zippers. the material in soft and doesn’t have any kind of chemical smell. cute removable tassel, which i converted into a cat-toy.
    sturdy handle on the top of the bag. comes with an additional removable long strap.
    My only issue is with it is the shoulder straps don’t want to stay where you adjust them to. i’m going to have to use hot glue or super-glue to remedy that. great colors to choose from too.

  6. Kat

    Perfect bag

    I have had this bag for a few months now and i am obsessed. I bought it to replace the similar one I had bought from Instagram ads after the leather started to deteriorate and smell. This one is vegan leather so I don’t have to worry about that and I feel a lot more ethical. I am not easy on this bag. I load it down and toss it around and so far I haven’t had any damage or tears. I love all the zippered pockets and especially the arm strap for when I have Another backpack on. Would be great for travel or school or even a diaper bag although I use it as my every day bag

  7. kinzey frazier

    Great bag for the price!

    I have had this bag for a couple of weeks now and I’m loving it! I have not been into the backpack style of purse but I saw an ad for this and it immediately caught my eye. In seeing that it had good ratings and a decent price I decided to try it out. I am very pleased with the size and quality of the bag. I love the feel of the material and I have no complaints! The size is perfect for when you need to grab a book or planner to take with you but you don’t want to take an additional bag along with your purse. I love that the front pocket is big enough to put a wallet and checkbook in. No more getting lost at the bottom of a bigger purse under everything else! The side pockets are great for keys and cell phone. I also love the variety of straps. I was worried about clipping on the shoulder strap, that it would just get in the way if I didn’t want to use it. It is actually the perfect length, not too long or too short. Being a mom on the constant go, I can grab and carry however is most comfortable at the time! I am very particular when it comes to buying purses, lol. I have to say this is one of my favorites! It also arrived a couple of days ahead of the scheduled time! I am very pleased with this purchase!

  8. zskiberry

    Great backpack

    I have been using a backpack lately, as I have back problems and it distributes the weight more evenly than a purse. During the pandemic, I have been working partly at home and partly in the office so I have papers to carry back and forth and the middle part of the backpack is perfectly sized for that. Also has a variety of other pockets that keep things well organized. It is well made and looks nice…very happy with my purchase. Also price is much better than I was expecting :)

  9. Cheryl Cantrell

    Roomy and Well-organized!

    After searching a number of bags I settled on this one and was glad I did. I used this for a recent airline trip and liked the roominess of the bag. Held everything I needed it to…iPad, books, sweater, water bottle, and more. I also liked the size compared to others I was considering. I am short and did not want one that was too bulky or cumbersome, and this one, I felt, worked perfectly for me. I wanted the yellow two-tone color but had to order the oil wax version because the two tone yellow was not in stock at the time. While I’m very happy with the color, my personal preference on finish would not be the oil wax version.

  10. knaela

    Average backpack size

    This is a very cute backpack; however, it is the nearly the standard size of an actual backpack. If you’re anticipating a smaller version to be utilized as a purse, this is not it. I love the size and the fact that you can cram a bunch of stuff in it. Plus it has multiple compartments, two in the front and one large one. I love the fact that it has a shoulder strap, because that’s how I’m used to utilizing standard everyday purses. It fits nicely underneath the arm, but the shoulder strap cannot be adjusted to a preferred length. It is definitely a bag that you can utilize when you travel. Overall, if you like large purses, I would definitely recommend purchasing this one. I think I will definitely get a lot of use out of it.

  11. Geronimo Yells

    Perfect for work or personal travel with plenty of room!

    I absolutely LOVE this bag. I have it in black. My family and I didn’t know that Oakland, CA had a terrible rep for vehicle break-ins. Well, we were robbed. The perps took what they thought was all the cash from my bag BUT I stuck another $120 or so in another pocket that was zipped inside. I got the bag back (highly unusual) with cash safe and sound later that evening. This bag looks good, it’s large enough for all your stuff, and held up for multi-state summer travel. Now, I use it for daily work use. Perfect for students with laptops, personal/business travel, and etc. Like I said, I have it in black which simply looks classic. Wear it as a backpack or shoulder bag because it has a nice thick shoulder strap. TOP NOTCH.

  12. LiverMyLover

    An everyday purse & work bag. 2 toned brown.

    I don’t know where all the bad reviews come from. I’m assuming just faulty bags here and there? I was super worried about ordering this after hearing about the zippers and the straps. But I’m glad I realized that the bad reviews are so few and far between compared to the good ones. This bag is beautiful! Such a good material and looks so nice. Soo many pockets too! You don’t realize how heavy my bags are! I carry everything I would carry in my purse. Which is a lot of heavy items. Huge makeup bag, wallet, perfumes, lotions, first aid kit etc. All of that PLUS my work clothes and change of clothes to and from work every day. I put a strain on the bag and it’s still as sturdy as day one and it’s been months. My zippers work smoothly. Yes, just like ANY purse, make sure you don’t zip the lining or your stuff into the zipper. Like ..that can never be blamed on the makers, only the owner of a bag. I also like my “backpack” to hang low, so I can’t speak on whether it stays high or falls down or not. But this bag has been a lifesaver for my everyday normal and work stuff. And to be able to carry it multiple ways. Including by the coat hook strap at the top which I was scared to do at first. Now I do that at least once a day from my car into work or my house. Not a single stream has been stressed because of the weight.

  13. Rebecca

    My everyday bag

    Very practical. Small like a purse, but holds A LOT. I love all the different pockets so I can organize my stuff. I love the ability to wear it like a backpack because I don’t have broad shoulders so traditional purses are always sliding off my shoulder so I have to hold them on with one hand and can’t bend over, etc. With this backpack purse my hands are free to wrangle kids into car seats, tie shoes, wipe little noses, etc.

  14. Miss Moo

    Does not look like I am running away from home.

    I just opened the package and because I did not get a horrible smell from a factory I immediately loved it. Low standards these days people. The straps match the bag. No stitches are loose. It is clearly fake but not in your face fake. So far I am sold. Expect an update if it bombs later.

  15. Veronica Faithe

    Golden Nugget Bag

    First of all the color is beautiful! Secondly the leather is super soft to the touch! Love it! When it rain it roll off with smoothest easy! It is well put together but there are only two down side of this bag.

    First one is that it is so soft that it doesn’t really hold it true shape as displayed in the image.
    Everything goes to the bottom black hole inside of the bag. The next thing that happen me is that once I was trying to pull it over my shoulder the strap broken as I walking inside Disneyland Paris. It fell to the ground with a broken strap so I just pick it up then I proceeded to place it onto my back as a bookbag. Then the zipper copper is beautiful too but the very soft leather bag along with the bag causes the zippers to get caught to the inside of the bag. So of course I could get the zip to open when my cell phone was located so this busy mommy had to cut it open to get to mommy cell phone! I get a lot compliment because of the color but the company needs to improve the inside of the bag by making stronger (so that the shape will stay) and put in my better zippers

    I had received the same colored wallet as a gift but want I love sets of stuff so I found this bag online.

  16. J L

    NOT just for women

    Mine is black. It’s well made, tight stitching, loads of pockets most with a zip, center compartment is very roomy, nice piece of leather, very reasonable price for as nice as it is. The only DOWNSIDE is the sexist description as a “Backpack Purse for Women”; “.Ladies Shoulder Bags with Tassel”; I did remove the tassel, gave it to my granddaughter for her school bag. It’s NOT a bag just for women! I’m a guy (an old guy but a guy). It’s going to Europe with me as my carry-on. I didn’t notice a “man’s” version (I’d guess it has one less pocket but an additional attached pouch.) The improvement I’d make is padded shoulder straps or at least ones that can be removed or perhaps optional velcro pads; which I now have to create.

  17. Hailey


    I’ve been searching for a backpack for the last few weeks and ordered and returned a bunch. This one has eveything I need! Side pockets for a water bottle or phone, opens super wide, comfortable straps as a backpack or a shoulder bag, lots of inside pockets – some that zipper and some that don’t, nice size front pocket that zips (actually 2!) and it’s perfect for me! I have 3 kids – 2 are in diapers – so I wanted this bag as my everyday bag without being an ugly bulky diaper bag. It can hold my walllet, make up, masks, breastfeeding supplies, diapers, wipes, an extra shirt for each kid, and there’s still plenty of space!

  18. L. Canon


    I wondered why my daughter wanted this, but now I want one too. The quality is amazing. Beautiful materials and stitching. Roomy, fits well, nice weight. She is using it as a purse, for walks to the park to read, walking through nature trails with her dog and so much more. She can fit everything she needs. Best purchase and most versatile ever.

  19. Kelsie Renee

    Got for a second diaper bag for my toddler and love it!

    My toddler needed her own diaper bag for when I dropped her off with her grandma but kept my newborn with me and needed a diaper bag. It is absolutely perfect for a toddlers diaper/over night bag! My husband loves the matte brown leather color, as do I! It’s so stunning. I believe it has 9 pockets and we love how versatile the different straps are for carrying! I shared the link to this back with my sister and my best friend and told them to jump on it! Highly recommend! Would be great as a purse or for a laptop!

  20. Katy Merritt


    I love this bag, and I also get so many compliments on it. I love that there is 3 different ways to carry it and I probably use all those ways everyday.
    And SO MANY POCKETS! There’s 2 on the front, a flat one on the back, and FOUR pockets inside one. My personal favorite is they put 2 zipper pockets on one side on the inside and between those two is one that doesn’t have a zipper so you can put small items inside and not lose them so easy or have to fumble with a zipper inside the bag. I’m a bartender, so I decided to use that one for my note pad and pens. I may not have explained it the best the way the pocket is in there but once you see it you’ll get it!
    I’ll probably buy another in a different pattern because I love it so much and have a bit of a bag obsession

  21. Ceal


    OMG!, I absolutely love this bag!…..I bought the black color to use as my personal item for my upcoming trip (and have already packed it with my in-flight essentials) – it is nice and roomy, and lots of pockets for organization and the three different ways to carry it is so nice (backpack, handles and/or shoulder strap)….it is not heavy at all (but I do not have a laptop in it, so I’m sure if someone was to pack that, it probably would be)….I love it so much, I’m going to order another color….so just get it!

  22. E. Bisby

    Love this bag this is my second

    I love this leather bag. It is soft, roomy and has several pockets. It has a lot of room inside the main pocket, where you could pack a lot for traveling. I really love the extra strap that I can throw over my shoulder if I don’t want to use the backpack straps. I have a brown one that I’ve had for two years. The zipper is failing on the two year old one. I’m hoping this one lasts longer. The leather on the other one is still great even after two years, so I’m disappointed that the zipper has given out on the brown one. These backpacks are small enough you can use it as a large purse, which I do. I also do use it when I travel. It fits under an airplane seat very easily. I would definitely recommend. I’ll be buying another when they’re on sale.

  23. S.Daoud

    Love this bag!

    Loveeeee this bag! Was surprised the quality was as good as it was to be honest. Feels super sturdy and fits or without looking like
    It’s stuffed to the brim. I love the location of the zipper and now it goes down farther than the usual zippers. I’m using it as a diaper bag and I hate not being able to find things in a normal bag. It opens nice so i can see every thing with out digging around every thing in my bag. Only thing I will say, is the name of the bad is printed upside down. Oh well- can only see it up close and doesn’t interfere with the use so I’m good!

  24. JWells

    I was skeptical....and WRONG! Beautiful bag!

    I was skeptical at first…but I was wrong! This bag is well made, beautifully styled, and has an expensive soft leather feel, and not that cheap thin feel that faux leather/PU can have. It will definitely hold everything you could need and look good doing it. It’s the perfect size. I have the light gray and it’s VERY pretty!
    The only thing I’d be concerned about is the inner lining as is doesn’t feel very durable but only use over time will tell.
    If you’re considering this bag, buy it! You won’t be disappointed!

  25. Samantha J Flores

    Lots of room

    Absolutely love it. Use it as a diaper bag/purse because I don’t have a whole lot of my own belongings and I need to lug my kids things too. So I just stick a couple diapers and wipes, toys and books in the outside zipper pockets and then my wallet, keys in the big portion (which has more pockets to hold other things too) and my chapstick and smaller things in the side small pockets. And it has a conceal zipper pocket on the back part of it for my concealed item. And you carry it as a backpack or use it as a should bag with the strap. Can’t wrong with this bag. It’s also the perfect size, not too big or small and it gives me the option of having my kids things or my own.. I recommend👍

  26. Ash

    Broke after one month of use!

    Update!! After the return window closed, the zipper broke on my $55 bag. For this money I’d expect a little better quality. I absolutely loved the bag but now I’m stuck. They don’t even sell it anymore!

    I absolutely love this bag! The leather feels so nice. There’s so many pockets with a ton of space. And it’s so comfortable to wear! Not to mention I get so many compliments on how cute my bag is! Totally worth the money I’d say!

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Women Backpack Purse

Polyurethane lining

Zipper closure

[HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL]: This brown designer women’s backpack purse is made of high quality waterproof soft PU leather, metal hardware and fabric lining, which is stylish and durable.

[Dimensions and Weight]: (L) 11.8 x (W) 5.51 x (H) 13.4 inches, 1.1 lbs. It’s lightweight and comfortable to take anywhere.

[Well-Designed]: You can carry it as a shoulder bag or travel backpack because there is a detachable short shoulder strap. A waterproof backpack keeps your belongings from getting wet.

[Practical structure]: The rear zipper is closed, effective anti-theft design. 1 main zip compartment, 1 interior zip pocket and 1 interior slot pocket, 2 side pockets and 1 front zip pocket. Multiple pockets can hold your A4 book, iPad, phone, umbrella, keeping your everyday items organized.

[After-sale service]: We are committed to providing every customer with the highest standard of customer service and the best quality lady backpack, if you are not satisfied with our products or services for any reason, please feel free to contact us via email.

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(L) 11.8 x (W) 5.51 x (H) 13.4



Women Backpack Purse

Women Backpack Purse Designer Travel Shoulder Bags