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Women Backpack Purse Leather Shoulder Satchel Bags

(17 reviews)


bucket backpack This soft and durable brown women's leather bucket backpack is waterproof and anti-theft, and can be used as a tote, shoulder bag, Satchel Bags. HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Soft and dur... read more


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17 reviews for Women Backpack Purse Leather Shoulder Satchel Bags

  1. Jenna W

    Simple, Stylish and roomy

    I purchased this bag so that I could have something stylish, carry all the things I need on a daily basis, but that was also a little bigger than my regular purse. I needed a summer color and this pink is perfect, not too bright or barbie-like. I am surprised how much I don’t mind any major names on the bag as well. It has straps to wear on the back as well as 1 detachable strap to wear on one shoulder depending on how you want to wear it. It has a ton of room inside, a small zippered pocket on the inside as well as convenient side pockets where I can store my water bottle while on the go. This bag is exactly what I was looking for ! It’s a great item and would definitely recommend this to others.

  2. Kimmy P

    My Everyday Purse

    Love this backpack, I use it every day but believe it or not the over the shoulder strap is my favorite part because some times you are just running to and from and you can just throw it on your shoulder or if you are going to be walking around more throw it on your back. Super soft leather and seems to be holding up well. Great value.

  3. Stephanie M

    Lovely little bag! Very versatile!

    I wanted a bag that I could carry to a “business dress” event with my children, (think, straw cup, diapers, snacks, etc) without looking like I was carrying a diaper bag. This fit the bill for the entire week of events. From “family day” wearing jeans, to “business casual” dress, to the day of suits and ties. It complemented each style of dress nicely, and didn’t scream “DIAPER BAG”. I carry it now to work. I can shove my wallet and all daily necessities (snacks, anyone?) inside without an issue. I don’t use the top removable strap, only the backpack straps. It’s holding up nicely so far. I like the front zipper pocket and the two side pockets for things needed frequently that are smallish. My Samsung Galaxy S9 fits in either side pocket snug enough that it won’t fall out, but not tightly. At the fullest, I carried two 6oz straw cups, a full size package of wipes, about 15 diapers in a gallon sized ziplock bag, a nursing cover, two cans of little crunchies, hair brush, large cell phone, chap sticks, medium sized wallet, two bananas, a package of yogurt bites, and still had room for a few other things.. It’s safe to say I’ll continue to carry this bag, and will likely order in another color. The grey is a true grey. Not bluish, or greenish, but a very pretty grey.

  4. Sarah

    Sturdy, chic and so useful!

    I’ve had this bag for maybe two months now and I am IN LOVE. It has held up well against constant use as a purse. LOVE the three handle options — I use them all. The color is accurate to the picture. Most of all, it has given me incredible peace of mind to know my wallet, phone, keys are safe because the zipper is inaccessible when the bag is on my back. Not big enough for a laptop, but big enough for a tablet. The inside doesn’t have many pockets, but I have used small travel organizer bags to sort stuff and found that worked just as well. I receive tons of compliments and recommend this to everyone.

  5. MsGina926


    UPDATE 7/26/2020: I have been using this purse NONSTOP for two years straight! It still looks great! Sturdy! I’m amazed. This has to be one of the best purchases I’ve EVER made. The quality is great. Ive wiped it since we’ve been in the pandemic and it’s still fine. GET THIS BSG ASAP IF IT’S STILL AVAILABLE!!!

    I ordered this bag in three colors for vacation and beyond. I carried the black bag starting this past April when I went on my cruise. It’s the only bag I used on my entire cruise abs it’s the only bag I’ve used since and this is SEPTEMBER! I LOVE THIS BAG!! It’s CUTE and FUNCTIONAL and STURDY. BAM!!! Ilove how the main zipper/opening is on the inside facing my back instead of facing our to the public. That’s the MAIN reason I chose this bag over all the others. It’s roomy and I can ALL of my belongings in there including two wallets, umbrella, mail, lotion, makeup, etc, etc, etc. My only small negative is I wish the pocket on the inside compartment was able to be zipped or closed in some way but that’s a small thing compared to my absolute DELIGHT using this bag. Just buy it!

  6. Diana Monday

    Highly recommend!

    Am a bag snob.. . Looked at this for months before purchasing … now it’s the one I keep going back to even though it’s more of a summer color. This bag is light, easy to carry, very soft, and somewhat organized. I love it more than my Dooneys, Coach’s, Kors and others. This is just An everyday no brainer bag, don’t have to worry about ruining it… wipes right off. Can’t go wrong! I will probably get another color. Don’t miss out!

  7. jcain

    Smaller than expected, but overall pleased.

    I’ll have to say I was disappointed at first, thinking it opened from the front and back. It is also a lot smaller than I anticipated. All of this being said however, I am pleased with the overall purchase. It is very attractive in style and works as a smaller backpack. I originally purchased as a work bag. I’m a charge nurse that takes call, so I keep literally everything from wallet and planners to pens, dry shampoo and random medical items I empty from my pockets. I will say, if you traveled, this would be perfect because of the security zipper in the back, which again, is the only zipper, other than the smaller one on the front, which is big enough for maybe a phone charger and feminine products. I plan on updating after a few months. I highly doubt I use this as my main work bag.

  8. Bear

    No spilling out!

    Disclaimer: I have a lot of stuff in a typical “Woman Preparing for the Apocalypse” purse. Sorry not sorry! So, I needed something that would contain alllllllllll my stuff in my purse and took a chance on this. Ironically, I can find stuff easier AND store more in this purse/backpack combo than any of my purses. I guess b/c everything sinks to the bottom helps me cram whatever extra I need at the very top lol, thanks gravity. Previously, I’d have all kinds of items slip out of my purse. My phone would clatter to the concrete in my work parking lot too many times, get left in my car on the seat, etc. with other purses and I was sick of it. I love the single strap or backpack option and the color goes with anything. (I got the Oil Wax Khaki) I really like all the pockets this purse features and how the zipper is in the back. I wouldn’t keep anything valuable in the side pockets, but I like how nothing has spilled out of these pockets. Great features for a great backpack/purse combo!

  9. Jake Patterson

    Overall, great bag!

    I’ve been looking for a backpack purse that someone behind me couldn’t get into without me noticing. I ordered this on a whim and I really didn’t expect to like this as much as I do. The little front zipper pocket is great for my AirPods/portable Apple Watch charger, lip color, pen, and reusable straw. The back (main compartment) is really big. It fits a small Ipsy bag (with hand sanitizer, hand losh, little odds and ends) and my iPad, wallet, compact, snacks, and my glasses with so much room to spare. Side compartments are perfect for my mask, keys, water bottle, and sunnies.
    Overall, I’m really happy with this purchase! The strap sizing can adjust easily when you put it on which is a little annoying but not a big deal. Prob just bc nylon is smooth… you won’t regret buying it!

  10. Abby T


    I recently purchased this item in black for our daughter. I was amazed at the quality, size and comfort of this backpack so much that I order one for myself in the two tone brown color. At first I was skeptical of the ease to access the main compartment because of the anti-theft feature, the compartment access being in the back and not at the top or front. I actually found that its very easy to access. I guess it was just the concept of the compartment being backwards lol. Also I recently asked a question about how much weight this backpack could hold and some of the answers were hilarious. One answer was 1 lbs 2 oz. Another one was, anything you could fit into the backpack. Hmmm, honestly I could easily fit 4 stacked bricks into this bag but I’m sure it couldn’t handle the weight. Currently I have a small bag that holds loose objects such as medication, nail file, bandages, hair twisties etc, an essential oils bag that holds 10 bottles, a wallet, a passport book, keys, lip gloss and a few other items. I truly can’t believe how much room I have. There’s still room!!! Sunglasses are in a side pocket with the other side pocket still free. My bag is pretty heavy, at least thats what the kids say, and its holding up very well. I chose not to carry the back pack as a purse. So the extra strap that came with it was useless, until I had an idea. I actually cut the hooks off of both ends, attached a key ring to one of them and my hand sanitizer to the other end and hooked it onto the ring where the strap was supposed to go. Now I can access the sanitizer without digging around in the bag and spreading germs. MOMS, I’m a mother of 3 and would have loved to have owned this bag and used it as a diaper bag. Seriously, I absolutely LOVE this backpack and I’ve owned tons of purses and backpacks including Vera Bradley and The Sak purses. Hands down this is the best backpack out there. If this review helped you, great!!! Click like. If you’re still not sure, remember you can always return it for free. Buy one or 3. You’ll love it too.

  11. Zee S.

    OBSESSED with this bag!

    I can’t get over just how useful this bag is. It appears compact and fashionable. But it is small but mighty. I can’t believe how much I can fit in to this – A three inch hardcover book, a couple journals, a water bottle, wallet, travel liquids, a sandwich and other snacks all consistently go with me on frequent flights. You would never be able to tell by looking at it that it fits all that! It fits easily under the seats and is comfortable to wear while running through airports.

    It’s also nice to use for everyday wear. Very chic. Kinda wish I found this bag years ago.

  12. Sarah Horn

    I have multiple colors and regret nothing.

    I might be addicted to this bag. Is it a purse? Is it a backpack? The short answer is yes. I travel a lot and am vigilant about pickpocketing, I like to go about life using both hands, and I want a healthy spine. This has solved all 3 concerns! This bag is theft-proof for everyday pick-pocketers because the main compartment is facing your back when you wear it as a backpack or is facing your body if you choose the shoulder strap. The shoulder strap is super handy for those occasional annoying signs in some stores that say “no backpacks.” With the shoulder strap, POOF it’s no longer a backpack. When you wear a traditional purse, the weight is on one shoulder which can lead to spinal alignment issues or shoulder tightening to keep the strap on your shoulder. And if you have a traditional crossbody bag, it’s still prime for pickpocketers because of the zipper/opening. With this bag, I wear it as a backpack when I’m out and about and use the shoulder strap to briefly flip it around and get into the main pouch when I need to get something out. It also has two exposed side pockets where I tend to store a water bottle and my facemask. The small outer zipper is great for my chapstick and lip gloss. It’s perfect for theme parks and this bag is all I will ever take to Disneyland. I currently have a light pink one of these that I’ve almost completely worn out after using it every day for far too long and I decided to get a bag color that goes better with autumn and went for the houndstooth pattern. I will be buying more of these bags because there are other color options and I’m borderline obsessed. I’m less sad that not all my dresses have pockets and that women’s pants pockets are comically small because I have no storage concerns with this bag. It’s surprisingly roomy inside. I regularly carry my wallet, sunglasses, Covid vaccination card, mobile phone charger, and a zippered pouch full of miscellaneous things including a hairbrush and there’s still room for snacks! Who needs pockets when you have this bag? Not me. If you’re still reading, just get it. #TreatYourself

  13. Amanda

    Love this purse but access isn't quick

    I really like this purse and would definitely recommend it to others!

    The first day I wore it I had set it down at a family gathering. I walked back in the room later to a conversation between several ladies trying to figure out who that cute purse belonged to – it was mine!

    I’ve had it for about 2-3 months now and it’s holding up well to daily use.

    It did take some getting use to. The zipper access to the main part of the purse is in the back, underneath the backpack straps. So, it takes a second to get in there and it’s even harder when you’re in somewhat of a rush. (think checkout at the grocery store) However, I have gotten used to that. I guess it just goes to show that the security features are really there! It’s nice to know that someone can’t walk up behind me and access my bag.

    Again, I really like this purse. I was actually thinking about looking at getting another one in a different color for variety.

  14. Jackie Parr

    Great bag for a great price.

    I love this bag. I was looking for something that would balance my weight distribution from my purse a little better. For $50 this one can’t be beat. It looks nicer than $50 and is super functional. I love that the main pocket is accessed through the back, so if I’m wearing it, I’m not worried about it being opened without me knowing. I can fit everything I need with room to spare, and I’m packing for a 4 year old and a man, in addition to myself. Fantastic buy!

  15. MamaBear0326

    Great everyday bag

    I’m a mom with 2 little ones and this is a great handbag while I’m out with them and don’t need a full diaper bag. I can carry my stuff and theirs. The zipper is up against my back or side (depending how I’m carrying it) so it takes away the fear of someone reaching in it. It frees up my hands, is light weight, and comfortable to carry. I’d buy another one or two in different colors.

  16. Kristen

    Cute! Stylish!

    This was a mothers day gift for my mom and she loves it. She’s able to fit so many things in this bag. The side pocket is nice, a phone is able to fit or even keys for easy access. Everything is secure in this back, especially with the zipper in the back. The color is nice and sleek I purchased the grey, it matches most outfits. Overall I’m very happy with the quality, look, and feel of the bag. It’s very stylish and can be used as a purse for outings, a work bag, a school bag, or just a bag to hold certain things.

  17. NotKevin

    Wonderful purse

    I’ve used backpack-style purses for years, and this one does not disappoint. I actually prefer it over my WAY more expensive Dooney & Burke backpack purse. It has more compartments, is more comfortable to wear, and hasn’t bunched or faded or anything. I’ve had it for about 6 months now and it’s held up exceedingly well and still looks new.

    One of the features I cannot recommend highly enough is the fact that the main compartment is zippered on the BACK of the purse, which means when I wear it on, you know, my back/shoulders, I never have to worry about sticky fingers in crowded places.

    Cannot find a single flaw with this purse at all. It’s very stylish and I’ve received many compliments. I did purchase an insert for it to help me stay better organized. The 7x4x6 HOVOFO insert fits perfectly.

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bucket backpack

This soft and durable brown women’s leather bucket backpack is waterproof and anti-theft, and can be used as a tote, shoulder bag, Satchel Bags.

HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Soft and durable waterproof and scratch-resistant PU leather with waterproof and anti-theft features. A simple leather backpack with a fringed design, a cute and feminine medium-sized backpack, a super stylish bag for any season, any occasion.
Dimensions: (L) 12.2 x (W) 5.9 x (H) 14.6 inches, Weight: 2.1 lbs. Please pay more attention to the size reference on the picture before paying for your order.
Structure: 1 main zip compartment, 1 interior zip pocket and 2 interior slit pockets, 2 side pockets and 1 front zip pocket. Multiple pockets hold your 9.7″ iPad Pro, tablet or laptop up to 10″, phone, umbrella, water bottle, house keys and other small items.
3 Ways to Wear Convenient and Comfortable: Handbag, Shoulder Bag and Backpack to complement your outfit.
Application: Women’s Backpack is perfect for work, life, travel, college. Great gift for ladies on Valentine’s Day.

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(L) 12.2 x (W) 5.9 x (H) 14.6 inches



bucket backpack

Women Backpack Purse Leather Shoulder Satchel Bags